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Field Operational Experiment and Data Analysis

Solicitation Number: DTRT57-12-R-20013
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Office of the Secretary (OST) Administration Secretariate
Location: Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
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Added: Mar 30, 2012 2:31 pm
The U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (Volpe Center), Cambridge, MA, intends to issue a solicitation to acquire professional services to obtain data collection and analysis from a field operational experiment (FOE), to assess driver adaptation to vehicle-based crash warning and avoidance products based on long-term exposure in a naturalistic driving environment. The primary objectives of the FOE are to assess the safety impact and determine driver acceptance of crash warning and avoidance systems. Participants in the FOE will be recruited to drive instrumented vehicles equipped with crash warning and avoidance products in place of their personal cars, driving wherever, whenever, and however they choose. The driving is thereby largely unmanaged by the Contractor and derives, instead, from the personal mobility needs of the individual participants. The primary deliverables from the FOE will be a dataset that captures driver-vehicle performance and the driving environment, and an analysis of this dataset.

Objective and subjective data will need to be collected and analyzed to meet the FOE objectives. Objective data are obtained based on observable evidence, undistorted by emotion or personal bias of the FOE participants. Objective data generally consist of numerical and video data that capture host vehicle states and maneuvers, surrounding traffic, system operation, and driver behavior. The Contractor will acquire/lease the vehicles and will provide and install data acquisition systems to collect numerical and video data.

Subjective data are collected to obtain driver background information before participation in the FOE, and to assess driver perception and opinion of the crash warning and avoidance products in terms of ease of use and learning, willingness to use, and safety impact after their participation in the FOE.
This will be a Full and Open competitive acquisition conducted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15, Contracting by Negotiation.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code is 541712 for this acquisition with a small business size standard of 500 for the number of employees. The estimated release date of the solicitation will be on or about May 15, 2012. Proposals will be due approximately 30 days following the issuance of the solicitation. The solicitation will be issued utilizing the following contract types: Firm-Fixed-Price and Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee.
The performance period of this contract will be sixteen months from date of contract award. The contract will include a twelve month option period if exercised by the Government, which will extend the performance period to twenty-eight months from date of contract award.

The Volpe Center uses electronic commerce to issue Request for Proposals (RFP) and amendments to RFPs. Paper copies of the RFP or amendments will not be available. The solicitation and any documents related to this procurement will be available in electronic format only from the Government-wide Point of Entry at the Federal Business Opportunities website at the following address: Potential offerors desiring to receive electronic notification of the solicitations posting and availability for downloading must register at the FedBizOpps site. Contractors are warned that when they register to receive solicitation amendments and other notices, the responsibility for providing the Government with an accurate and complete e-mail address lies with the contractor. The Government will make no additional efforts to deliver information when the system indicates that transmissions cannot be delivered to the email address provided. No hard copies of the solicitation will be mailed. For questions concerning the acquisition, contact the contracting official in writing by email at ANY INQUIRIES VIA TELEPHONE WILL NOT BE HONORED. All contractors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) in order to receive an award from a DOT Agency. Contractors may access the site at to register and/or obtain information about the registration process. Additionally, solicitation Representation and Certifications are no longer provided within the solicitation and must be submitted online through the Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA). ORCA is a web-based system that centralizes and standardizes the collection, storage and viewing of the Representations and Certifications required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations. Potential offerors are highly encouraged to complete the online provisions within the Representations and Certifications at the earliest, at This notice is for informational purposes for Minority, Women-owned, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs); The Department of Transportation (DOT), Short-Term Lending Program (STLP) offers working capital financing in the form of lines of credit to finance accounts receivable for transportation related contracts. Maximum line of credit is $750,000. For further information, call (800) 532-1169. Internet address:

Added: Aug 03, 2012 11:08 am
Amendment No. A0001 to Solicitation No. DTRT57-12-R-20013
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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
July 10, 2012
Description: Field Operational Experiment and Data Analysis of Driver Adaption to Crash Warning and Avoidance Products

Amendment 1

Posted Date:
August 3, 2012
Description: Amendment No. A0001 to Solicitation No. DTRT57-12-R-20013

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Posted Date:
August 7, 2012
Description: Amendment No. A0002 to Solicitation No. DTRT57-12-R-20013
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Contracting Officer
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