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69--Special Operations Forces Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Training, Operations and Rehearsal III (SOF RAPTOR III)

Solicitation Number: W900KK-12-SR3
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC - Orlando
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Sources Sought
Added: Nov 23, 2011 2:13 pm
Sources Sought for Special Operations Forces Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Training, Operations and Rehearsal III (SOF RAPTOR III)

Solicitation Number: W900KK-12-SR3
Notice Type: Sources Sought
Title: Special Operations Forces Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Training, Operations and Rehearsal III (SOF RAPTOR III)
Contractor Vehicle: TBD
Closing Date: December 23, 2011

Brief Summary: The U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI), Product Manager for Special Operations Forces (SOF) Training Systems (PM STS) is conducting market research to determine interested sources and technology capabilities vendors for a new contract which would replace and expand the existing Special Operations Forces Requirements Analysis, Prototyping, Training, Operations and Rehearsal II (SOF RAPTOR II) contract. SOF RAPTOR II supports numerous efforts in support of the objectives of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) programs and Component Commands. The new SOF RAPTOR III procurement is intended to support not only the objectives of USSOCOM programs but to support the objectives of the joint SOF community that USSOCOM interfaces with to conduct operations.

Program Description: PM STS has a need for a contract vehicle to replace the existing SOF RAPTOR II contract which is close to reaching its ceiling. The SOF RAPTOR II contract, awarded in April 2009 with a ceiling of $48.9M, is a single award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle. This contract vehicle provides the means for conducting training requirements analysis, concept exploration, prototyping, advanced concept exploration, rapid prototype development, and operation and maintenance functions to support USSOCOM and USSOCOM Component Command training, simulator and simulation requirements. SOF RAPTOR III will provide a vehicle that incorporates the scope of the SOF RAPTOR II contract and will be refined to include scope and tasks that will support all elements of mission preparedness and mission training. Mission preparedness, rehearsal, and training includes primarily SOF tasks and includes the joint community that USSOCOM operates and interfaces with such as the NATO Special Forces partners and other Government agencies.

The SOF RAPTOR III requirements include, but are not limited to:

a) Conducting requirements analysis and concept exploration which may consist of Analysis of Alternative (AoA), new technology concept exploration, market surveys, feasibility studies, specifications, and generation of white papers.

b) Designing, developing and delivering prototype systems and/or subsystems to users. This includes rapid and quick reaction prototyping.

c) Providing system support to include: the labor, planning, and integration efforts necessary to support, maintain, and operate the SOF systems; maintenance support for SOF hardware; transportation of any items to and from an off-site facility for repair; software life cycle support for SOF programs, databases, and software; providing consumables and expendables used in the maintenance, servicing, and utilization of SOF hardware, and used in the administrative and operational support of SOF sites.

d) Design, develop, fabricate, integrate, deliver, install, and test simulator and simulation system enhancements and modifications.

e) Support identification and installation of concurrency changes for SOF equipment and aircraft. Monitor, record, and track aircraft and combat system configuration changes and provide impact statement pertaining to the system modifications.

f) Provide support for selected exercises, demonstrations, experiments, planning, and rehearsal and execution events.

g) Develop courseware and training modules including program of instruction, lesson plans, practical exercises, and a train-the-trainer package to accommodate new equipment training, sustainment training, and training of testers and evaluators. Provide system operation and maintenance familiarization training through a combination of classroom, written instructions, and/or hands-on operation.

h) Provide instructors for individual, team, and joint missions training. Provide operators for SOF systems and training.

i) Provide various types of systems management support necessary to support, maintain, and operate the SOF systems including: logistics management functions; configuration management; quality assurance and control and data management functions; maintain an Information Assurance (IA) process to guide management decisions and design actions.

j) Support networking and networked exercises within SOF locations and between USSOCOM and the USSOCOM joint community locations. Integrate, operate, and maintain distributed simulation-based architectures. This includes both commercial and DoD simulation standards required to support interoperability across live, virtual, and constructive domains.

k) Provide facility interface support which includes analyses of facility structural, mechanical and electrical subsystems; and participate in site surveys, site preparation, trainer facility design reviews, and device installation.

l) Conduct verification, validation, and certification of systems and products, including data collection, analysis, and documentation.

m) Provide mission training to Warfighters at their home-station, in-the-field, ranges, or at locations around the world. This includes basic training through mission preparation and rehearsal.

n) Assist SOF customers with geospatial database issues, including rapidly creating and compiling geospatial databases, and enhancing existing geospatial databases. Providing or modifying 3D models that are used in mission training.

Acquisition Approach: The Government is currently developing an acquisition strategy for SOF RAPTOR III. Your responses to this posting will assist the Government with the development of the acquisition strategy.

Quantities: Refer to the information provided above.

Estimated Dollar Value: $100-120M

Response Content: PEO STRI is issuing a Sources Sought Notice so that vendors may indicate their interest in the future acquisition as well as provide a capabilities document. The cover page of the response should include the Company Name, Address, and Point of Contact(s) including phone number and email address. The capabilities document should address the following:

a) Provide your business size (large, small, socio-economic category, etc) under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 541330: Engineering Services.

b) If you are a small business and are expecting to submit a response as a prime contractor for this effort, state how you will meet the limitations of subcontracting stated in FAR 52.219-14.

c) Describe and list the types of contracts (include contract numbers) that your company has been awarded in the last three years.

d) Describe and list contracts (include contract numbers) that your company has supported with the following commands: USSOCOM, United States Army Special Operations Command, Naval Special Warfare Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Marine Special Operations Command and Joint Special Forces Command.

***Please note that the information requested in reference to paragraph (d) is for informational purposes only. While experience working directly with the SOF community is obviously important, a lack of this specific experience by a vendor does not affect your overall past performance rating favorably or unfavorably, in accordance with FAR 15.305(2)(iv). ***

e) Delineate your software development capabilities and processes, including experience with a product line.

f) Describe your experience with development and delivery of systems and modifications/enhancements to systems. Briefly describe your experience with rapid and quick reaction prototyping.

g) Delineate your experience with networking, interoperability, and supporting network training on the JTEN and/or STEN.

h) Describe your experiences with providing basic training, mission training, mission preparedness, and mission rehearsal to SOF Warfighters and the background for the personnel who conducted the training.

i) State if you have the in-house capabilities to support geospatial database and 3D model development or enhancement.

j) Describe your ability to provide personnel cleared to the TS/SCI level.

k) The SOF RAPTOR II contract has traditionally seen a surge in requirements toward the end of each fiscal year. Describe how your company would/and has handled these type of quick turnaround and surge requirements in a rapid manner.

Response Required: Vendors interested in this opportunity are requested to email their response no later than 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 23, 2011 to both the Contract Specialist Mr. Brian Serra ( and the Project Director, Mr. Norbert Granchi ( Contractors are requested to provide a white paper not exceeding twenty (20) pages, including the cover sheet. Font size shall not be smaller than industry standard word processor 12-point Times New Roman in a MS Word document.

Disclaimer: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products or services nor will the Government reimburse any parties for costs associated with this request.

Contracting Office Address: PEO STRI Acquisition Center 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando FL 32826-3276

Place of Performance: PEO STRI Acquisition Center 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3276

Point(s) of Contact:
PCO: Lovisa Parks 407-208-3476
Contract Specialist: Brian Serra 407-208-3357
PD: Norbert Granchi 407-384-5387
PEO STRI Acquisition Center, 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826-3276
PEO STRI Acquisition Center 12350 Research Parkway, Orlando FL
Brian Serra, 407-208-3357

PEO STRI Acquisition Center