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Children's Mental Health Social Marketing Technical Assistance

Solicitation Number: 283-14-0430
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Location: Choke Cherry
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Added: Feb 27, 2014 3:19 pm
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), is soliciting proposals on a full and open competitive basis to increase capacity and effectiveness of the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch (CAFB) of the Division of Service and Systems Improvement by acquiring technical assistance support to help the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program, otherwise known as the Children's Mental Health Initiative (CMHI). IMPORTANT NOTE: Section 565(b)(2) of the Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) establishes the statutory authority for the provision of technical assistance for grants authorized under Section 561(a) of the PHS Act. Section 565(b) provides that the Secretary, DHHS, may provide technical assistance directly or through grants to, or contracts with, public and non-profit private entities. Accordingly, in order to be considered eligible to compete for this procurement, offerors and must be either PUBLIC or NON-PROFIT PRIVATE ENTITIES. The Project is Subject to Availability of Funds.

The anticipated period of performance for this contract is a base period of 12 months, plus four (4) 12-month option periods.

The purpose of this contract is to support communities, states, territories and tribes funded by the CMHI by providing social marketing and communication technical assistance for the grantees to help them to develop, expand and sustain the system of care model. (a) The Contractor shall assist CMHI grantees to develop and implement a strategic communications plan for their system of care. (b) The Contractor shall also provide training and technical assistance addressing such topics as traditional and new media outreach, crisis communication, partnership development and other communication skills, (c) The Contractor shall conduct a situational analysis to identify social marketing technical assistance needs to help grantees effectively outreach to underserved communities of children, youth and young adults with mental health challenges and their families. (d) Each year, the Contractor shall assist grantees in developing National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day activities throughout the country as well as assist SAMHSA in conducting a national event to support the efforts of the grantees. There are over 135 national organizations and federal programs participating in National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day as well as over 1100 communities participating throughout the country.

This solicitation may be obtained in any of three (3) ways: by mail; picked up in person at 1 Choke Cherry Road, Room 7-1051, Rockville, MD 20857; or, through FedBizOpps. If you have a continuing interest in the RFP, notify the individual identified below that you wish to have copies of amendments to the RFP (if any) sent to you, or check FedBizOpps regularly for amendments. Note: If you rely on FedBizOpps for obtaining amendments, SAMHSA has no way to assure, and therefore assumes no responsibility for assuring, that you have downloaded these amendments. All requests for copies of the RFP must be made in writing. Fax requests will be accepted at (240) 276-1510, but please confirm by phone that your fax request has been received. Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis until the supply is exhausted; however, there is no assurance that copies requested after the twentieth (20th) day will reach the requestor before the due date for receipt of proposals. Requests should be forwarded to the attention of:

Shana Freno
Contract Specialist
Division of Contracts Management, OPS, SAMHSA
1 Choke Cherry Road, Room 7-1051
Rockville, Maryland 20857

Electronic mail (e-mail) and telephone requests will not be honored.

Point of Contact

Shana Freno, Contract Specialist, Phone 240-276-1519, FAX 240-276-1510, Email

Lynn Tantardini, Contracting Officer, Phone 240-276-1508, FAX 240-276-1510, Email



Added: Mar 13, 2014 3:11 pm
The correct Soliciation Number is 280-14-0430
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Solicitation 1

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March 13, 2014
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Amendment 1

Posted Date:
March 25, 2014
Description: Amendment No. 1: Answers to Clarification Questions

Amendment 2

Posted Date:
March 27, 2014
Description: Amendment No. 2
1 Choke Cherry Road
Room 7-1051
Rockville, Maryland 20857
Shana Freno,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 2402761519
Lynn M Tantardini,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 240-276-1508