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Pentagon Memorial Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Solicitation Number: HQ0034-13-R-0123
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Washington Headquarters Services
Location: WHS, Acquisition Directorate
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Solicitation # HQ0034-13-R-0123: Pentagon Memorial Facilities Operations and Maintenance


NAICS Code: 561210 – Facilities Support Services

This is a synopsis for commercial services in accordance with FAR Part 19.  This solicitation will be issued as a Request For Proposal (RFP) number HQ0034-13-R-0123.  This is a Total Small Business set-a-side in the basis of competition. The solicitation will be a Base, plus Four, One (1) Year Option Periods, based on  Firm-Fixed Priced CLINs. Major and minor repairs which will be issed via firm-fixed Task Orders as  follows:


This is a combination fixed price and indefinite quantity contract to provide operation and maintenance services including repairs for the Pentagon Memorial located on the Pentagon Reservation.  The Pentagon Memorial is a site dedicated to the 184 victims of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.  The focus of the Pentagon Memorial park is the one hundred eighty four (184) memorial units. Each memorial unit is dedicated to an individual victim.  The memorial units are arranged as a timeline of the victim's ages, from 3 to 71. The western edge of the site is defined with an "age wall" that grows an inch in height relative to the age represented by the rows of memorial units.  The memorial includes extensive landscaping. The contract management for this effort will be accomplished by the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Program of the Pentagon Building Management Office (PBMO). The PBMO is the field office for the Federal Facilities Division (FFD), Facilities Services Directorate (FSD) of the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS). PBMO’s O&M Program will serve as the primary Government point of contact for this contract and will provide a Contracting Officer Representative (COR).



-          Overview.  This contract encompasses all activities associated with the operations, maintenance and repairs of the two-acre Pentagon Memorial.  The inventory is illustrative of the types of equipment and systems to be maintained under this contract.  During the life of the contract, individual pieces of equipment or complete systems may be replaced.  The Contractor is responsible for replacement of equipment and systems.  The Pentagon Memorial is a unique structure serving as a work of art, a memorial of significant emotional power, and a functioning park with landscaping and moving water features.  Each of these aspects presents major challenges to the performance of this contract.  In combination, they require considerable orchestration of contractor resources coupled with a deep sensitivity to the significance of the memorial and the concerns of victims’ families and the general public.

-          As a work of art, the maintenance and repair requirements demand special care because of the construction materials, e.g., granite, stainless steel.

-          As a memorial, the site must be kept in an “Exceptional Appearance” condition during Standard Hours of Operation; hours based on Eastern Standard Time (8:00am-8:00pm) or Daylight Savings Time (8:00am-10:00pm), 365 days per year (includes all holidays and weekends). The same conditions shall be met for special events regardless of time.

-          As a park, the mechanical systems, electrical systems, illumination system, water flow systems, and landscaping present further challenges as a consequence of the design recognition the memorial gives to each of the 184 individual units.  Given the patriotic and emotional significance and the high public visibility of this memorial, special care is required to assure all that aspects of the memorial function with a high degree of mechanical reliability and visual presentation.

-          Mechanical and electrical system maintenance.  The most visible memorial systems, and consequently those requiring the most intensive management, are the fountain system including: water pumps, filter system, water treatment system and ancillary components that assure quality water flow through the individual memorial units and the memorial park illumination system. 

-          The nature of the required services is well within the abilities of typical maintenance and repair journeymen electricians, plumbers, and other mechanical tradesmen.  However, the performance of this contract requires additional expertise and extensive experience maintaining and fine-tuning illuminated fountain systems. 

-          Essentially, this is a memorial with 184 “fountains” in the sense that each individual memorial unit houses illumination and a pool of circulating water.  In addition, there are landscape irrigation systems as well, but these are not of unusual design. 

-          The central maintenance issue is the sheer number of separate, yet functionally related, individual memorial units to be maintained.  In addition, the memorial’s systems are vulnerable to a variety of visitor and natural disruptions.  For example, there are 184 pools with two water jets each to sustain the motion of the water across the pool.  The jets are vulnerable to clogging, the pools are susceptible to the collection of debris and algae growth, the water basins are subject to staining, non-functioning light bulbs require replacement, and natural debris as well as visitor memento items may clog drains and filters.

-          Illumination is a key architectural aspect of the memorial and, as such, requires constant surveillance to assure all lighting fixtures are functioning properly. 

-          All system disruptions and visual blemishes must be addressed in a timely manner in order to preserve the overall “Exceptional Appearance” of the memorial as envisioned by its designers and expected by the victims’ families and the public. 

-          In addition, an underground equipment control center (ECC) contains circulation pumps, sump pumps, electrical distribution systems, air-conditioning units, water heaters, water treatment system, controls system and a large water reservoir.  Maintaining these systems requires a preventive maintenance program, predictive maintenance programs and repair capabilities.

-          Aesthetics.  The nature of the work required to maintain memorial cleanliness and orderliness are well within the abilities of the typical laborer.  Principle duties are keeping the park free of litter, raking the gravel areas to ensure smoothness and desired thickness, removal of gravel from unit pools, polishing metal surfaces, cleaning stone faces, cleaning pavers and assuring the pools remain clean and clear.  However, again, the sheer size, number, and physical arrangement of these areas present a supervisory and quality control challenge.  Maintaining an “Exceptional Appearance” condition of the memorial presents the most immediate and continuous contractor objective.  The contractor effort is further complicated by the requirement to honor the privacy of visitors to the memorial.  To that end, while considerable effort must be ongoing, it must be accomplished in as unobtrusive manner as possible.  Therefore, the contractor must balance the urgent requirement to perform maintenance, repair, and cleaning tasks with the equal need to maintain the lowest possible profile so as not to disturb the solemnity of visitors to the site.  It goes without saying that the conduct of the workforce must be ever mindful of the emotional significance of the memorial and the sensitivity of visitors, especially family members.

-          Landscaping.  This contract also requires the skills of the landscaping trades.  Each item of landscaping was selected and placed to enhance the overall design of the memorial.  For example, there are 86 crape myrtle trees of varying sizes throughout the Memorial Park.  This contract requires the landscaping aesthetics be preserved through routine landscaping maintenance activities and replacements as required.  Landscaping is also an integral part of the structural boundary walls.  The landscaping responsibilities include: irrigation of all landscaped areas; irrigation system maintenance and repair; soil analysis, remediation and maintenance of soil chemistry; complete maintenance of all turf areas including mowing, edging, and fertilizing; tree maintenance, pruning, fertilizing and new tree planting; dead tree removal; complete plant bed maintenance including new planting, plant replacement, pruning, trimming, weeding, mulching, and fertilizing; and exterior pest and weed control.  

-          Fountain Water Treatment System.  The most important aspect of the 184 “fountains” requiring the most intensive management is the water treatment system.  The treatment initiated must be one that has been specifically formulated for each system and performed by a qualified Water Treatment Specialist in compliance with Groundwater, Storm water and Fountain Systems Operation and Maintenance Manuals and the terms and conditions of the EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit.

-          Cleaning Precautions.  As a unique artistic structure, aspects of this memorial require specialized maintenance and repair techniques.  Certain cleaning materials may permanently damage or mar surfaces.  The design itself will present unique maintenance and repair challenges, e.g., the large number of memorial units.  The cleaning and maintenance of the granite surfaces and the stainless steel surfaces require special products and techniques. The contractor’s proactive supervision of these key tasks is essential to avoid expensive damage to the memorial. Following contract award the Government will provide the Contractor with the current warranty information, safety data, approved cleaning lists, methods, and materials to include the Pentagon Memorial System Operations and Maintenance Manual (SOMM) as provided to the Government by the construction contractor.

-          Access.  Vehicle access to the Pentagon Memorial is restricted.  The requirement to pass through security checkpoints may introduce significant contractor delays in accessing the work site.  The contractor will be allotted 1 parking slot for a standard sized work vehicle on the Pentagon Reservation.  Temporary parking requests to support scheduled events will be handled by the COR on a case-by-case basis. These two considerations may significantly impact contractor work planning. The Contractor shall contact the COR 7 days in advance and provide landscaping or other truck and employee information so temporary access can be arranged as needed.

-          Restrooms.  Currently, there are no permanent restroom facilities at the site. New permanent restrooms may be constructed in the future under a separate contract for the Security Access Lane (SAL) project which is located just outside the perimeter of the memorial.  Until these facilities are constructed, the Contractor shall provide, install and maintain a temporary ADA compliant restroom trailer with separate facilities for men and women.  The Contractor shall coordinate with the preceding memorial maintenance contractor for installation of the temporary restroom trailer to ensure a transition with no more than two days of down time.  The Contractor shall maintain the current landscape screening around the temporary restroom and make any necessary repairs due to the installation of the temporary restroom.  The Contractor shall maintain the landscape screening and immediately replace any screening material that dies, becomes diseased or otherwise unsightly.  The Contractor shall remove the temporary restrooms and return the area to its original condition at the end of the contract or if required for permanent restroom construction.  The Contractor shall provide utility connections to the temporary restrooms from a designated demarcation point provided by PBMO at the designated trailer location. The temporary restrooms shall meet the following requirements: Luxury quality finishes; separate male and female entrances; women’s restroom with two sinks and four toilets; men’s restroom with two toilets, two sinks and two urinals; ADA restroom with one toilet and one sink; exterior lighting; interior lighting; HVAC; hot water; mirrors.  The product shall meet the Johnny on the Spot, Presidential standard or equivalent.  The Contractor shall submit their recommended temporary restroom with their proposal.  The Contractor shall install a non-freeze faucet on the outside of the temporary restroom trailer to be utilized for watering of the sod and planting materials adjacent to the restroom trailer.

-          Restroom Maintenance and Service.  The Contractor shall provide a full range of janitorial services including vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, scrubbing, floor maintenance, and toilet cleaning of the restroom facilities as well as repairs. The restrooms shall be maintained and cleaned to achieve an “Exceptional Appearance” condition throughout the Standard Hours of Operation. The Contractor shall unlock the restrooms at the start of each day.  The Contractor shall close and secure the restrooms at the end of each day.  The Contractor shall provide pumping services for the restroom sewage tanks as required for operation.

-          Mementoes.  It is anticipated that visitors will leave mementoes at the site or at a specific memorial unit.  These mementoes are to be collected daily, archived, tagged if associated with a specific unit, and stored by the contractor off site up to 30 days until turned over to the COR for final disposition.  The Contractor shall dispose of unwanted mementoes. 

-          Coins.  Visitors may deposit coins at individual memorial units, especially in the pools.  These should be removed at frequent intervals so as to preserve the artistic integrity of the memorial and to avoid plumbing issues.  The coins are to be archived, secured and turned over to the COR for disposition.

-          Special Event Support.  When notified by the COR, the contractor is required to ensure that the memorial is functionally and visually ready to accommodate scheduled special events. Depending upon the amount of advance notice, this may require a surge in contractor effort.  In addition, the contractor shall support up to four scheduled wreath laying ceremonies per day. The contractor is responsible for providing and maintaining a podium, wreath stands and 20 folding chairs.  Special events will generally occur in the same location and set up and take down of chairs, podium and other items in support of special events shall be accomplished daily (chairs and other items cannot remain set up overnight).

-          Repairs.  The cost of performing minor repairs is included in the fixed price.  Minor repairs are defined as individual repairs that do not exceed $2,000.00 (labor plus materials). Major repairs and minor construction may be ordered under the indefinite quantity portion of the contract.

-          Indefinite Quantity Work.  Single repairs and minor construction from $2,000.00 to $100,000.00 may be ordered under the indefinite quantity portion of this contract.

-          Memorial Modifications.  As a work in progress, the memorial may undergo significant modifications such as the retrofit of memorial unit lighting units during the performance period of this contract.  Operation and maintenance of new or modified equipment is considered within scope of this contract.  

-          Visitors.  Although difficult to predict, visitor volume may range from individuals to several bus loads arriving at one time.  The most frequent period of visitation is anticipated to be during Standard Hours of Operation.  During this period, it is paramount that the memorial’s appearance is “Exceptional” and all systems function as designed.

-          Snow Removal.  The contractor shall provide snow removal services at the memorial.  Generally, this will encompass keeping pedestrian areas cleared and removal of snow from seating areas.

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