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Solicitation Number: HSCG80-11-P-Q-P45F30
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Location: USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) Procurement Branch 1
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Added: Dec 29, 2010 11:18 am
The U.S. Coast Guard is setting aside this acquisition for HUBZONE Small Business concerns. The Coast Guard intends to conduct this procurement in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 12, Acquisition of Commercial Items and FAR Subpart 13.5, Test Program for Certain Commercial Items. In accordance with FAR 52.232-18, the contract will be subject to the availability of appropriated funds. The NAICS Code is 336611 and the SIC is 3731. The acquisition is for drydock repairs to the USCGC SAWFISH (WPB-87357), an 87 FOOT PATROL BOAT, at the contractor's facility.

The simplified acquisition will be issued as a Best Value Request for Quotes (RFQ), on or about 10 January 2011 with quotes due on or about 31 January 2011 via the Federal Business Opportunities (FEDBIZOPPS) web page at This requirement will be evaluated using past performance as an evaluation factor. It is incumbent upon contractors to monitor the FEDBIZOPS web page for the RFQ release and all subsequent amendments. FEDBIZOPS also contains an option for automatic notification service. Hard copies of the specification and solicitation will not be issued.

A CD-ROM containing all applicable drawings is available free of charge to contractors upon request not later than three (3) days from the solicitation issuance. The CD-ROM(s) contain WINDOWS compliant raster/vector formats (e.g.*.DWF, etc).

The home pier of the vessel is 100 Trumbo Point Road, Key West, FL 33040. The vessel's availability is for Forty-five (45) calendar days, starting on or about 11 May 2011. This requirement is geographically restricted to a facility within 864 nautical miles, one-way or 1,728 nautical miles, round-trip of the vessels homeport of Key West, Florida.

The scope of this acquisition is for the dry docking, overhauling, cleaning and repairing of various items aboard the USCGC SAWFISH (WPB-87357). Provide all labor, material and equipment necessary to perform dry dock repairs, including but not limited to the following: Perform Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements, Perform Hull and Structural Plating Repairs in Various Compartments, Clean and Inspect Dirty Oil Tank, Clean and Inspect Oily Water Tank, Clean and Inspect Fuel Service Tanks, Clean and Inspect Grey Water Tank, Clean and Inspect Sewage Tank, Clean Grey Water Piping System, Clean Sewage Piping System, Inspect Pilothouse Deck, Inspect RHIB Notch Skid Pads, Renew RHIB Notch Skid Pad Studs, Realign Main Engine/Reduction Gear, Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Propeller Shafts, Repair Shaft, Straighten Shaft, Renew Intermediate Water Lubricated Shaft Bearing, Renew Aft Water Lubricated Shaft Bearing, Renew Intermediate Bearing Carrier, Renew Aft Bearing Carrier, Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Propellers, Perform Minor Repair and Recondition of Propeller, Renew Depth Indicating Transducer, Renew Sea Valves and Inspect Associated Piping and Strainers, Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Rudder Assemblies, Remove, Inspect, and Reinstall Stern Launch Door and Inspect Door Pivot Pins, Bushings, and Washers, Preserve Underwater Body - "Partial", Preserve Underwater Body - "100%", Preserve Stern Tubes, Modify and Renew Cathodic Protection System, Renew Transducer Fairing, Routine Drydocking, Provide Temporary Logistics, Relocate Main deck Appendage, Preserve Forward Fuel Locker Structure and Piping, Modify and Preserve Forepeak, Preserve Bilge Surfaces in the Lazarette, Preserve Mast, Preserve Freeboard - 100%, Preserve Main Deck Surfaces, Install Dirty Oil Tank Level Indicator, Renew 2" Section of Sewage Vent Piping, Composite Labor Rate, GFP report and Lay days.

All welding and brazing shall be accomplished by trained welders who have been certified by the applicable regulatory code performance qualifications procedures. For further information or questions regarding this solicitation or a copy of the CD -ROM, please contact Mr. Louis Romano at (757) 628-4651, or by e-mail to


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Solicitation 1

Posted Date:
January 20, 2011
300 East Main Street
Suite 600
Norfolk, Virginia 23510-9102
United States
This requirement is geographically restricted to a facility within 864 nautical miles, one-way or 1,728 nautical miles, round-trip of the vessels homeport of Key West, Florida.

United States
Louis J Romano,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (757)628-4651
Fax: (757)628-4676
Lori L. Ellis,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 757 628 4646
Fax: 757 628-4676/4675