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FMCSA Safety Audits and Corrective Action Plan Reviews

Solicitation Number: DTMC75-11-RFI-0001
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
Location: Headquarters FMCSA
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Added: Jul 12, 2011 2:18 pm

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Office of Enforcement and Compliance (MC-ECE) is responsible for developing policy for truck and bus safety oversight.  The enforcement of these policies is enacted through a comprehensive review of the motor carrier's safety management plan and through roadside inspections.  FMCSA conducts comprehensive safety audit on each new entrant motor carrier (new trucking or bus company) who apply for a United States DOT identification number.  The identification number is required in order to initiate operations in interstate commerce.

 Each year approximately 35,000 motor carriers request a US DOT number to operate in interstate commerce and enter the new entrant program.  All new entrant carriers must receive a new entrant safety audit within 18 months of the motor carrier satisfying all applicable pre-operational requirements to operate in interstate commerce.  Additional personnel are required to conduct safety audits ensuring each new entrant carrier is educated and audited as soon as practicable to ensure public safety.

 A safety audit must be completed for each new entrant motor carrier within 18 months of FMCSA granting the new entrant motor carrier a U.S. DOT number.  If the new entrant motor carrier passes the safety audit, it retains its new entrant registration and remains subject to the new entrant safety monitoring system for the remainder of the safety monitoring period.  If the new entrant motor carrier fails the safety audit, its new entrant registration will be revoked and its operations placed out-of-service unless it provides evidence of adequate corrective action to the Service Center Director for the FMCSA Service Center where the NE's principal place of business is located.

 Since December 2009, approximately 15,000 New Entrant (NE) motor carriers have failed their Safety Audit (SA).  In order to continue operating in interstate commerce, the NE motor carrier is required to submit an acceptable Corrective Action Plan (CAP).  Of the 15,000 failed SA, approximately 13,000 NE have submitted a CAP.  FMCSA has made a decision on about 9,614 CAPs.  Approximately 3,888 unresolved CAPs exists which require a decision of acceptable or unacceptable to be made.  Additional personnel are required to review and provide technical support services in determining the sufficiency of these CAPs and responding to the NE motor carrier. 

 Audits will generally be conducted on carriers after they have been in operation for a minimum of three months, allowing carriers sufficient time to accumulate the documents and materials to be reviewed during the audit.  The contractor is responsible for scheduling and conducting safety audits as soon as possible upon assignment by the FMCSA.  The personnel hired for this position must have knowledge of the federal motor carrier safety regulations and be familiar with the motor carrier industry.  At least a five week training period will be required for these individuals to be qualified to conduct safety audits. 

 The FMCSA is conducting market research to identify firms that can provide the personnel and services to accomplish the two objectives listed below at the FMCSA service centers located in Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, California, and Florida.  A successful contractor must be able to recruit and train all personnel, including providing clerical and administrative support, to meet the objectives listed.  Personnel will be trained in DOT/FMCSA regulations, inspection procedures, auditing necessary to review the corrective action plans received, and methods of data accumulation and storage used by the agency.

 The first objective of this contract is for the recruitment and training of twenty (20) individuals to conduct New Entrant Safety Audits throughout the United States. 

 The second objective of this contract is for the contractor to conduct one-thousand safety audits throughout the United States.

 The FMCSA anticipates issuing a solicitation in the near future to acquire the services of a firm capable of providing the personnel and services required.  The anticipated period of performance will be for one year with up to 4 option periods of 12 months each. Funding is available for an acquisition in FY 2011 prior to September 30, 2011.

 All interested parties should submit a capability statement, and up to 3 past performance references showing experience in similar types of work, along with contact information.  This is not a request for proposals and no proposals will be evaluated at this time.  All interested parties will be included in the mailing list for the future solicitation.

 Interested parties should send the requested information to Mrs. Rubie King at by COB July 18, 2011 for consideration. No facsimile transmissions will be accepted. For informational purposes, Mrs. King can be reached on 202-336-0518.  Thank you for your interest in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Washington, District of Columbia 20590
United States
Rubie B. King,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 2023660518