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99--The purpose of this modification is to add the minimum essential characteristics.
This modification will further serve to extend the announcement closing date till July 7, 2011.

Solicitation Number: W81XWH11D0026
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
Location: U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
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Minimal Essential Characteristics - Animal Feed
Detailed Animal Feed Item Discriptions: These are the MECs for research animal feed.
A. Appropriate animal feed is necessary to provide animals with standard diets or diets specific to their medical condition. The USAMRIID is obligated to meet these requirements so must acquire services to deliver feed to the facility. Animal is supplied to many species of laboratory animals to provide for species specific needs, maintenance, breeding, special medical conditions or a combination thereof. The feed should not conflict with the researcher's scientific goals.
B. The contractor shall provide animal feed that meets the following requirements:
Nutritional product for a variety of laboratory animal species.
Uniform product quality from each manufactured batch to the next - to eliminate variables in the animal environments.Consistency that can be certified for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) research using strict ingredient lists. GLP Certification needs to include tests for Organophosphates, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Aflatoxins, and Heavy Metals. Certified diets for the following species: rabbits, guines pigs, old world primates, rodents, and rodents.
Products that can be autoclaved/irradiated Manufactured via a quality assurance program that is audited by an outside agency, such as ISO 9002 (International Organization for Standardization).Fixed formula diest (decases-old formulations) for the following species: mouse/rat (7022 NIH-07), guinea pig (7006, 7006C), rabbit (8630, 8630C), and new world primate (8794).Additional natural ingredients diets with minimal to moderate phytoestrogen levels for the following species: Rabbit (16% protein, 3% fat), guines pig (18% protein, 3% fat, fortified with stabilized vitamin C), old world primates (20% protein, 4% fat), rodents (18% protein, 6% fat)Sterilizable feed for rodents (19% protein), guinea pig (18% protein)USAMRIID RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REVIEW ALL POTENTIAL OFFERS AND MAY REQUEST SAMPLES.C.Facility Sanitation: Due to the laboratory research conditions under which most of these products are used, it is extremely important that all products be manufactured and stored in clean and dry facilities. Facility sanitation will be measured against industry standards. USAMRIID RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DO AN ONSITE VISIT TO THE BIDDERS LOCATION TO DETERMINE IF THE FACILITY MEETS THIS REQUIREMENT.
The following conditions apply to both the manufacturer and distributor servicing this Contract.Facilities are to be reasonably clean (in accordance of industry standards)and free of dirt, trash, and other foreign matter that could contaminate feed being processed or stored. Floors, walls, ceilings, overhead beams and piping shall be free of all contaminating material such as rodent and bird droppings. Manufacturing and product storage areas are to be effectively rodent and bird proofed. These areas are to be reasonably free (in accordance with industry standards) of insects, rodents and birds at all times. Apparatus used for preparation of this feed shall not be used for manufacturing or storing any products which rodenticides, insecticides, hormones, germicides, antibiotics, bactericides or fumigants have been added as these substances may leave residues on the feed product. Product quality assurance: Must not be contaminated by bacteria, viruses, fungi, resins, distilled oils or by toxic substances such as aflatoxins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, mycotoxins or heavy metals. Must provide a quarterly report on quality assurance analysis. (Analysis to include testing for, heavy metals, aflatoxins, chlorinated hydrocarbons and foreign objects as well as any other contaminants). Market Research/ Potential products:
Harlan Teklad Laboratory Animal Diets

US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity, ATTN: MCMR-AAA, 820 Chandler Street, Frederick, MD 21702-5014
US Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity ATTN: MCMR-AAA, 820 Chandler Street Frederick MD
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