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R--Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLogss) Program Restricted 8(a)Small Business Suite

Solicitation Number: M6700410R0013
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM)
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Added: Mar 03, 2010 10:37 am
The United States Marine Corps Logistics Command, Albany, GA's Contracts Department, Special Projects Support Contracting Division, Marine Corps Logistics Support Contracting Branch Restricted 8(a) Small Business Suite solicitation covering Information Technology, Daily Operations logistics support services under the Marine Corps Logistics Support Services (MCLogss) program. The Restricted 8(a) Small Business Suite includes the service code D: Automated Data Processing and Telecommunications services for Information Technology, Daily Operations support under and over $100,000.00.

Location: The predominance of required services will take place at the Marine Corps Logistics Command, Albany, GA (LOGCOM) or it's subordinate command locations to include the Blount Island Command (BIC), Maritime, Pre-positioning Ships Program, Jacksonville, FL; Maintenance Center Albany, GA (MCA) and Maintenance Center Barstow, CA (MCB); LOGCOM Forward locations overseas or any other USMC locations throughout the Continental United States (CONUS) with up to 25 or more additional USMC sites, i.e., Ft. Worth TX, Indian Head, MD, Washington D.C., Norfolk, VA, New Orleans, LA, Parris Island, SC; Jacksonville, NC, San Diego, CA and other designated locations having a USMC presence as required within CONUS. Additionally, various locations as required located Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) up to 10 or more sites may include Hawaii, Okinawa, Japan, Guam, Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere as required by the USMC. Interested contractors must be able to provide support in all of these current and any potential sites.

The types of services to be acquired under this solicitation identified as the Restricted Small Business 8(a) Suite for non-personal services in Task Area 3 no matter the dollar estimated amount for Information Technology, Daily Operations, are reserved for Small Business 8(a) Prime Contractors.

All facilities are government owned locations.

A limited amount of equipment will be provided as government furnished property. Such as Computers, etc.

The proposed NAICS Code for this acquisition is 541614 - , Size Standard is $7.0M. The Government intends to include FAR Clause 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting, in any resultant contract.

The Government anticipates releasing a draft RFP on or before 30 April 2010 followed by a Pre-Solicitation Conference in the May-June 2010 time frame. The Government anticipates releasing the Final RFP in the 3rd Quarter FY10 with proposals due in the 4th Quarter FY10. The anticipated award date is anticipated no later than the 4th Quarter FY 11. The projected period of performance will be a one year base period with four one year option periods for a total 5 year multiple award contracts of 3 - 5 indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contracts resulting from this solicitation. Each contract award will have a minimum order guarantee of $10,000.00.

Submit Questions, via e-mail to or by Fax to 229-639-6722

Additional Sol attachments will be loaded to the MCLogss webpage within 15 business days
Predominance of required to take place at MCLC, 875 Radford Blvd or at subordinate commands or other USMC locations, Albany, GA
Gerald Byrd 229-639-8114 Procuring Contracting Officer: Susan Wilson; PH: 229-639-6741

MCLogss Contract Org-email Address