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Solicitation Number: N0002412R4300
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Sea Systems Command
Location: NAVSEA HQ
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Sources Sought
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This announcement is being posted to both the Federal BusinessOpportunities (FBO Page located at http:/// and the Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO) located at .

This is a sources sought announcement in accordance with FAR 15.201 and inanticipation of a potential future procurement program. The Naval SeaSystems Command is conducting market research to determine industrycapability and interest in performing drydocking and non-dry-dockingmaintenance, repair, and alterations of CVN 68 Class Aircraft Carriers homeported and visiting the Puget Sound, Washington area. The Naval Sea SystemsCommand is especially interested in determining small business capabilityand interest in performing non dry-docking maintenance, repair, andalterations of CVN 68 Class Aircraft Carriers home ported and visiting thePuget Sound, Washington area.
The Government is seeking responses from sources that can performdrydocking and non-drydocking maintenance, repair, and alterations of CVN 68Class Aircraft Carriers home ported and visiting the Puget Sound, Washingtonarea, beginning at contract award (anticipated late Fall 2012) andcontinuing for a period of performance of 5 years. NAVSEA intends to procureexecution planning, ship repair, modernization, and inter-availabilitymaintenance (continuous and emergent maintenance) of CVN 68 Class AircraftCarriers in the homeports of Bremerton and Everett, Washington, utilizingMulti-Ship Multi-Option (MSMO) contracting. Work will be performed atGovernment facilities. MSMO contracts target efficient and effectivemaintenance practices.
These contracts allow the executing agency the ability to better plan itswork and take advantage of best repair capabilities. MSMO contracts willprovide long-term vendor relationships throughout ships training/deployment/ maintenance/ modernization cycles. In order to reduce coststhrough the benefits of advanced planning, MSMO contracts allow thecontractor to respond to continuous and emergent maintenance requirements onshort notice, and as the contractor is intimately involved with both theplanning and execution, less time is spent evaluating prospective jobs. TheMSMO contractor can also respond on short notice to voyage repairs requiredon deployed ships, giving the Navy the option of using the homeport basedcontractors vice a foreign source, if needed.
MSMO contracts will be repair and overhaul contracts for an entire shipclass awarded to a prime contractor for a base plus several option years.The MSMO contract provides continuity for planning and maintenance processesfor Navy ships and private sector teams awarded the work. The Government hasprovided the following information as attachments to this sources soughtannouncement:

1. The draft solicitation statement of work.

2. A typical notional CVN availability work package with standard itemscompleted under past CVN 68 Class Aircraft Carrier availabilities.

3. Summary of notional work package item estimated man-days and CFMestimates.

Interested companies should submit, on company letterhead, a notice ofinterest including the name, telephone number, mailing address, and e-mailaddress of one point of contact to Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command,Attn: Angela Butler-Franco SEA 024.
Please scan your letter of interest and e-mail it and

with Pacific Northwest CVN MSMO Sources Sought Response in the subjectfield. The notice of interest should include a brief description of yourcompany and its capabilities as they relate to the requirements set forth onthis announcement, and answers to the following specific questions.

1. Is your company a small or large business as defined by the SmallBusiness Administration (SBA)?

2. How many employees does your company have?

3. Does your company have a website? If so, what is your companys websiteaddress?

4. Is your company a NAVSEA certified Master Ship Repair Contractor (MSRA)?

5. Is your company a NAVSEA certified Boat Repair Contractor (ABR)?

6. Strategic Planning/Program Management. Strategic Planning/ProgramManagement plays a critical role in MSMO contracts due the overlapping ofexecution planning events, conducting Planned IncrementalAvailabilities/Docking Planned Incremental availabilities (PIAs/DPIAs),inter-availabilities (both CM/EM) and visiting CVNs that could potentiallyrequire repair/maintenance at a moments notice. The MSMO prime plays animportant role in the maintenance and modernization of the surface Navybecause the MSMO contract is considered a partnership between the Navy andthe prime. The MSMO prime is expected to become subject matter experts onthe CVNs in the homeport.
What is your companys experience/strategy in managing/executing severalcomprehensive/technically challenging maintenance and repair activitiessimultaneously?
What specific CVN repair experience does your company have? Please define interms of scope of work and complexity. What is your companys strategy tomeet the needs of simultaneous emergent repairs and CVN availability work inBremerton and Everett? Does your companys management structure account forthis contingency? What is your companys management strategy and structure tomanage CVN Availability planning and execution efforts?

7. Surge Capacity. The MSMO prime is expected to have surge capacity due toflex in operational schedules of the Navy.
On short notice, any ship could require repair/maintenance and the MSMOprime would be expected to be there and support. It is not uncommon for MSMOprimes to have teaming partners to handle such needs. In other words,management responsiveness is essential for success as MSMO
Prime. What is your companys strategy for surge/emergent requirements?

8. Integration. Integration strategy is a key role of the MSMO prime. TheMSMO prime is expected to work with many different vendors, sub contractorsand customers to ensure a successful availability and ability to provide ahigh quality product through sound Engineering practices, technicalexpertise and PM. Also, the Prime Contractor will coordinate all work withthe NSA, PSNS&IMF, to ensure that the proper integration plan is inplace in order to prevent the violation of nuclear work boundaries.
The MSMO prime will need to integrate schedules with customers such asType Commander (TYCOM), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Ships Force, andI-level work etc. All work must be properly integrated, scheduled andmanaged. The Prime Contractor needs to have a sound plan for managingsubcontracts as well. What is your companys integration strategy in regardto managing sub-contractors? What is your companys specific experience inworking with the Public Shipyard and meeting the requirements of Puget SoundNaval Shipyard for working in the Controlled Industrial Area? What is yourcompanys specific experience with integrating non-nuclear work with PugetSound Naval Shipyards managed Integrated Master Schedule? What is yourcompanys specific experience working on nuclear powered vessels and managingnuclear interfaces to prevent the violation of nuclear work boundaries?

9. Accounting Methodology. Sound financial tools and practices such as acertified accounting system, EVMS reporting, interface/approval with DCAAand approved purchasing systems are required to adequately provide properbilling to the Navy. The accounting system would show the breakout ofdirect, indirect and overhead charges. In addition, the accounting systemwould used to manage the business with vendors as required. While it isimportant to have an integrated schedule; it is equally important to havecost controls in place. The MSMO will submit timely invoices/vouchers to theNavy by Contract Line Item (CLIN), Contract Subline Item (SLIN), and ACRNlevel. Cost of performance shall be segregated, accumulated, and invoiced tothe appropriate ACRN categories.
What accounting system and other best practice accounting methodology doesyour company currently use?

10. Logistic Support/Sustainment. The MSMO prime needs to understandLogistic Support/Sustainment. All repairs, maintenance and modernizationhave Integrated Logistic Support (ILS). This means the ship and Navyreceives the proper technical documents after upgrades have occurred andrespond accurately and timely to the volume of Contractor Data RequirementsList (CDRLs). What is your companys experience with ILS with respect tomeeting the Governments requirements for CDRLs?

11. Given the complexity of the work described in this sources sought,including attachments 1 and 2, please describe your companys historicalexperience completing work of this complexity or describe how your companywould be capable of meeting the requirements described herein as of contractaward.
Please focus your response on the meeting the magnitude of scope of a CVNPIA/DPIA work package and include your ability to acquire sufficientfinancial resources.

12. Given the complexity of the work described in this sources sought, doesyour company plan to submit a proposal in response to the anticipatedsolicitation for drydocking and non-dry-docking maintenance, repair, andalterations of CVN 68 Class vessels home ported and visiting the PugetSound, Washington area? Information provided shall be treated as BusinessSensitive or confidential to the responder, and shall be subject to theprocess for exemption from public release under the Freedom of InformationAct. All information shall be provided free of charge to the Government.
NAVSEA may request further information regarding the capabilities ofrespondents to meet the requirements set forth in the Announcement. Thissources sought announcement is not a request for proposal. The purpose ofthis sources sought announcement is to gather information from the marketplace. Information provided in response to this sources sought announcementwill not be considered an Offer by the responding contractor and cannot beaccepted by the Government to form a binding contract. No telephone inquireswill be accepted and requests for solicitation packages will not be granted,as a solicitation has not been prepared at this time.
When to Submit: Responses are requested by 2PM Eastern Standard Time, 23 Nov2011.

Notice Regarding Solicitation: Please note that this synopsis is forinformation purposes and to identify potential sources. This notice does notconstitute an Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal, and is not to beconstrued as a commitment by the Government of any kind. Other: TheGovernment will not pay for any effort expended or any material provided inresponse to this announcement or any follow up information requests, norwill the Government return any data provided.

Future information, if any, will be posted at the website for FBO and NECO,the same sites where this announcement is posted.

Contracting Officer Address:
N00024 NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND, DC 1333 Isaac Hull Ave SE, Washington NavyYard, DC
Points of Contact
Angela Butler-Franco, SEA 024 Contracting Officer,
Rana Movahed, SEA 024 Contract Specialist,
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Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Posted Date:
November 2, 2011
Description: N0002412R4300_Section_C-NWRMC_Spiral_2_Revised_DRAFT.pdf
Description: N0002412R4300_WORK_ITEM_SUMMARY.pdf
N00024 NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND, DC 1333 Isaac Hull Avenue S.E.Washington Navy Yard, DC
Rana Movahed 202-781-1998 Angela Butler-Franco

Rana Movahed