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Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability Program

Solicitation Number: SOL-492-12-000038
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Philippines USAID-Manila
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Added: Oct 02, 2012 10:56 pm
 The purpose of this notice is to comply with the synopses and pre-solicitation notice requirements of FAR 5.2 - Synopses of Proposed Contract Actions. Any solicitation resulting from this notice will be handled in accordance with FAR 5.102(d); This solicitation will be issued in electronic format only. Paper copies of this solicitation will not be available. Other methods of requesting a package will not be honored.

Subject to the availability of funds, the United States Agency for International Development Mission to the Philippines (USAID/Philippines) plans to issue a request for proposal (RFP) in order to select a contractor as primary implementer of the four-year Water Security for Resilient Economic Growth and Stability Program. 

Water Secure Program expected outcomes are: (a) increased access to improved water supply and wastewater services; (b) strengthened enabling environment for sustainable water and wastewater service delivery; (c) reduced hydrological risks and climate change vulnerability at the sub-national level; (d) strengthened analysis, communication and use of water resources and climate data.

 An incrementally funded cost plus fixed fee completion contract with a ceiling of $15-20M is planned. 

Amer Emb/Manila
USAID #8115
APO, 96440

Elviradela Cruz,
Acquisition & Assistance Specialist
Phone: 632-552-9928
May Bringula,
Office Secretary
Phone: 632-552-9920