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Solicitation Number: 360-2-4660-02
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Location: Office of Acquisition and Grants Management
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Mar 08, 2012 10:25 am
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) intends to award on a sole source basis, under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures in accordance with FAR Part 13 (Dollar Threshold of $150,000) a firm -fixed purchase order to Ms. Karen Milgate, 727Chespeake Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910. The contractor shall assist the Center for Strategic Planning (CSP) in ensuring the successful development and coordination of initiatives related to maximizing access to CMS data. One specific initiative to which the contractor will provide particular consultation and advice is the Oak Ridge National Laboratory project. Further, the contractor will make recommendations, advise, and assist in the design and development of other related project initiatives upon request. In early 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order calling for greater transparency in federal programs. As a part of that directive and because of initiatives already underway at CMS, the CTO of HHS has worked closely with CMS to identify develop, and implement initiatives that further those goals. A variety of projects are underway, whose active coordination will ensure a better outcome. One key initiative is being managed by the CSP whereby the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is creating visualization tools, advanced analytics and a variety of prototypes for data delivery and structure. It is the intent of these ORNL projects that they assist CMS in maximizing use of its data more efficiently both internally and externally. Further, as CMS is developing numerous initiatives to innovate in health care, it needs assistance with critical analysis and strategic thinking to ensure maximum effectiveness of these innovations. The contractor shall work with CSP, OIS, the COO's office and the CTO of HHS to ensure active coordination and effective progress on CMS data access projects. Assist with 1) developing a strategic framework and work plan and 2) monitoring the identified projects within the framework. This task will include weekly meetings with affected CMS parties and the CTO, planning meetings with the CTO and other meetings as necessary to ensure effective progress within and across projects. Advise ORNL on use of CMS data, CMS program specifics and provide coordination between CMS and ORNL on specific questions. Meet regularly with ORNL, including 5 face-to-face 2 day meetings and weekly by phone. Meet regularly with involved CMS components to ensure ORNL projects are as effective as possible. Provide advice, critical analysis and strategic planning guidance on innovation initiatives planned by the agency. This ad hoc-style task would allow CMS to utilize the significant knowledge of the contractor on CMS programs and operations on an as-needed, but limited basis for the next critical 6-month period. The consultant's expertise is critical to successfully completing this project. All three tasks require significant knowledge of the operations and data analytics of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Ms. Milgate in her work at CMS and in previous positions has been seen a leader in the field of data analytics, data visualization and policy analysis related to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Her knowledge and skills in these areas are critical for assisting CMS and the CTO of HHS with whom she has worked closely in successful implementation of an overall CMS data strategy. Regarding the ORNL project, Ms. Milgate's knowledge of the Medicare program and Medicare data is critical to provide the staff at ORNL with the knowledge necessary to successfully create the pilots and prototypes envisioned by CMS. This work needs to be provided by Ms. Milgate because she fully understands the parameters of both of these projects, combines deep knowledge of the program and data analytics in a way that no one else can provide. Related to coordination CMS data access projects, Ms. Milgate has worked within CMS to initiate, develop, and impellent several of these projects within CSP and was relied on by other agency component for technical advice for many of the others. She has an ongoing and active relationship with the CTO of HHS, assisting him in pulling together data for the flagship project for HHS - Health Indicator Warehouse. This work within CMS will build on and expand upon that project. Related to ORNL project, Ms. Milgate's expertise is particularly important and because the ORNL staff have little knowledge of health care, Medicare, Medicaid, or underlying data for these programs. Ms. Milgate's unique knowledge of these programs will successfully complement the technology and analytic skills of the CMS ORNL partners. All responsible sources may submit capability statements in consideration to the Agency at the above address and must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) System. CMS program officer shall make a determination of what would constitute equivalent expertise. The period of performance is May 2 - September 30, 2012. The NAICS code is 541611.



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