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Launch & Test Range System (LTRS) Integrated Support Contract (LISC)

Solicitation Number: 09-49
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Space Command
Location: SMC - Space and Missile Systems Center
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Sources Sought
Added: Jul 28, 2009 4:51 pm

1. In partnership with the 30th and 45th Space Wings, the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), Launch and Range Systems Wing (LRSW), Los Angeles Air Force Base, California is seeking to identify qualified prime contractors for a long-term, follow-on contract to the existing Spacelift Range System Contract (SLRSC), which ends 31 October 2010. The Government intends to consolidate the SLRSC follow-on Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) effort with the effort of the two existing Eastern Range (ER) & Western Range (WR) support contracts (Eastern Range Technical Services (ERTS) & Western Range Operation Communications and Information Contracts (WROCI)) into a single "Launch and Test Range System (LTRS) Integrated Support Contract (LISC)" to meet the HQ AFSPC vision of improving LTRS efficiency and effectiveness while continuing ER & WR mission success to include keeping the ranges "green" (operational) today and in the future. The proposed LISC effort is scheduled to commence in August 2010.

2. The LTRS consists of the ER, headquartered at Patrick AFB in Florida, and the WR, headquartered at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The LTRS is comprised of a network of equipment within 12 different subsystems which must function in concert to fulfill mission requirements. These 12 subsystems are: Command Destruct, Communications, Data Handling, Range Safety, Optics, Planning & Scheduling, Radar, Surveillance, Timing & Sequencing, Telemetry, Weather, and Modeling and Simulation. It is envisioned that the LISC would improve efficiencies and reduce Operating and Maintenance (O&M) costs, leveraging the advantages of a single responsible contractor (does not preclude joint ventures, partnerships or other arrangements) approach to LTRS (ER & WR) support and management, e.g., seamless, problem-free transitions of products (including training, certifications, and associated technical data) from modifications phase to include operational acceptance to the operations and support phase to include disposal. Public safety, mission success, assured access to space as well as improving operational and test support are of prime interest to the Government. Following OSD & AFSPC guidance, the LISC shall implement Performance Based Logistics for Space (PBL-S), contract incentives and an award fee structure that: 1) ensure ER & WR are "green" (operational) throughout each "launch and test campaign" at the lowest price over time, and 2) ensure rigorous and objective LTRS reliability, maintainability, and availability (RMA) data preparation, measurements, collection, and reporting. Moreover, the LISC contemplates a contract structure that is immediately responsive to LTRS dynamics, such as LTRS assets decommissions, relocations, and additions.

3. The contemplated LISC would provide the Government with a single prime contractor responsible and accountable for complete and integrated LTRS operations, organizational level maintenance, depot level maintenance, logistics management, sustaining engineering, modifications, integration management and test, downrange Base Operating Support, and mission support communications services at both ER & WR. Organizational and depot maintenance responsibilities will be consistent with USAF & AFSPC 2-level maintenance policies.

4. Qualified sources will submit an unclassified Statement of Capability (SOC) as directed in the attached Sources Sought Synopsis.

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LISC Sources Sought Synopsis

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LISC Sources Sought Synopsis
Posted Date:
July 28, 2009
Description: LISC Sources Sought Synopsis
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El Segundo, California 90245-2808
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United States
Senah N. Williams,
Contracting Officer
Phone: (310) 653-2487
Jasem R. Fleming,
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