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Polaris Industries "Special" tool kit

Solicitation Number: 6FLS-D2-Polaris
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Federal Acquisition Service (FAS)
Location: FMHAC & HSOC
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Special Notice
Added: Apr 08, 2008 3:53 pm
Seeking request for quantity one, Polaris Industries "Special" Tool Kit #2857058.

Polaris Industries "Special" Tool Kit #2857058. This is the top-level part number and is comprised of the following numbers indicated below, quantity one each:

2871293-A Slotted Nut Socket

PA-44995 Water Pump Seal Installer

PA-45401 Water Pump Seal Saver

8700225 CV Clamp Pliers

2872608 Roll Pin Remover Tool

PP-46969 Pro Series Clutch Inst.

2870338 Clutch Spider Nut Socket

2870341 Clutch Spider Installer/Remover

2870506 Drive Clutch Puller

2870507 Clutch Pin Punch

2870576 Tapered Drive Clutch Reamer

2870888 Hillard Clutch Button Remover

2201379 Rushing Replacer Kit

900103A Drive Clutch Button Remover

2871173 Primary Clutch Compression Tool

2871226 Clutch Bushing Replacement Kit

2870654 Clutch offset Alignment

2871358 Clutch Holding Fixture

2872292 Clutch Alignment Tool-EBS

8700220 Clutch Compression Tool

2870623 Shock Absorber Spring Tool

2871573 LH Strut Compressor Tool

2871574 RH Strut Spring Compressor

9314177-A Clutch Holder Wrench

PA-44689 Clutch Holder Wrench

PA-46821-A CV Boot Tool Kit

2870975 Pressure Test Tool

PU-45419 Strap Wrench

2872105 Water Pump Seal Puller

PU-43527 Oil Filter Wrench

2200634 Valve Seat Reconditioning Kit

2871043 Flywheel Puller

2871283 Crank Shaft Install Kit

5131135 Water Pump Install Kit

2870872 Shock Spanner Wrench

2871226 Clutch Bushing Kit

2871199 Seal Sleave Install Kit

2870772 1 3/4 Straight Wrench

2872608 Roller Pin Removal Tool

8700226 CV Boot Clamp Pliers

2871710 10" Center Distance Tool

2460761 Hall Sensor Probe Harness

2870303 Hone Kit

2870305 Stone Replacement Kit

2870588 Hone Oil

PV-35667-A Cylinder Leak Down Test

2871282 Bearing/Seal Driver

Please submit your completed response by 4PM , Central Time, April 10, 2008.Your response should include pricing, delivery days ARO, FOB, country of origin, Duns #, shipping cost if applicable, warranty information if applicable, package weight and dimensions. Product will ship to Fort Campbell, KY 42223.

1500 East Bannister Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64131
Ship to 5th Special Forces
46th & Tennessee
Fort Campbell KY 42223
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223
United States
Sybil R Weiss,
Contract Specialist (Contractor)
Phone: (816) 926-1817
Fax: (816) 823-5474