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USPSC Senior Development Transition Specialist, USAID/Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek

Solicitation Number: 24-2013
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Kazakhstan USAID-Almaty
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: May 30, 2013 8:00 am
ISSUANCE DATE: 05/30/2013
CLOSING DATE: 06/14/2013


SUBJECT: Solicitation for Personal Services Contractor (PSC) No. 24-2013
USPSC Senior Development Transition Specialist, USAID/Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking proposals (Optional Form 612) from persons interested in the PSC services described in the attached.

Submissions shall be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified.

Any questions may be directed to Markus Dausses, Contracting Officer, and Tatiana Rossova, Personnel Specialist, who may be reached at FAX No. 7-727-250-76-34/35/36,
or e-mail

Offerors should retain for their records copies of all enclosures which accompany their proposals.



Markus Dausses
Contracting Officer


2. ISSUANCE DATE: 05/30/2013
FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: 06/14/2013 (6 p.m. Almaty Time)
4. POSITION TITLE: USPSC Senior Development Transition Specialist
5. MARKET VALUE: $84,697-$110,104 per annum (GS-14 equivalent) with 25% Post Differential (currently)
7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: USAID/Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic


The USAID Kyrgyz Republic Mission (USAID/KR) is headquartered in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic with a sub-office in Osh, Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz Republic is bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China. The Kyrgyz Republic is an emerging parliamentary democracy still recovering from a violent political transition in 2010. Because it serves as a potential model for democracy in the region, and because of its proximity to South Asia and its potential to contribute to stability in nearby Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Kyrgyz Republic is of considerable geopolitical and strategic interest to the United States.

USAID/KR is responsible for management of a development program of over $50 million, of which approximately $25 million are dedicated to economic development activities spread across several sub-sectors: macro-economic policy, trade and investment, private sector development, agriculture, and clean energy. In addition to the Mission Director, the Mission is staffed with three direct hires, three U.S. Personal Service Contractors (USPSCs), and 17 Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs).

USAID/Kyrgyz Republic (USAID/KR) is seeking highly motivated, highly qualified individuals to manage a complex portfolio of flexible programs designed to assist the continuing transition to a peaceful society with a capable system of governance in the Kyrgyz Republic. USAID/KR works with Kyrgyz partners, and local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supporting the development of the private sector, agriculture, basic and higher education, improved healthcare, rule of law, protecting human rights, combating corruption, strengthening political competition and civil society, the media, and enhancing the quality of governance. The mission is also responsible for management of conflict reduction programs.

The Senior Development Transition Specialist (Specialist) is a member of the USAID/Kyrgyz Republic Mission. S/he serves as a Mission expert and coordinator in providing intellectual leadership and technical support for cross-cutting issues related to the ongoing development transition in the Kyrgyz Republic. This is a cross-cutting program that will include elements of Democracy and Governance programming such as civil society, governance, media, rule of law, and human rights as well as economic development and social services activities. The incumbent will provide technical assistance and substantive input in the design, implementation and monitoring of projects in areas related to improving local and national governance, increasing economic opportunities, increasing the level of inclusiveness within and integration between different regions of the Kyrgyz Republic, and reducing the risk of conflict. S/he reports to the USAID/KR Mission Director, and supervises one USPSC and at least two FSN staff. Due to the cross-cutting nature of the portfolio, the incumbent advises all Mission staff on issues pertaining to conflict management. S/he will play a role in strategic planning and donor coordination, report writing, as well as in managing resources and working with implementing partner.

The range of responsibilities and functions are outlined below.


Under the direct supervision of the USAID/KR Mission Director, the Specialist has the following duties and responsibilities:

1) Provides analytic and advisory support, including but not limited to:

- Conceptualize and design program strategies and objectives in close coordination USAID personnel, U.S. Embassy, other donors, Host Government, and local civil society officials, based on political analysis and U.S. Government policy. When necessary, refine strategic objectives and advocate on behalf of new programmatic approaches in country, linked to neighboring country programs, where appropriate.

- Monitor local and regional political developments and regularly brief USG and partner staff on their potential programmatic impact.

- Review, update and expand as appropriate the Mission's analysis of transition-related issues in the Kyrgyz Republic. Advise Mission management on the implications of this analysis for development programming.

- Develop lessons learned and best practices on USAID transition programming particularly in situations which may be applicable to the Kyrgyz Republic; also, as needed, keep current on approaches related to cross-cutting issues (e.g. youth, media) and related sectors (e.g. education, economic growth).

- Analyze and present results-oriented reporting to facilitate Mission decisions on future program direction and budget levels.

- Develop strategies, effective reporting and activity design, including writing scopes of work, program descriptions, assessments, etc.

- Prepare briefings for USAID, State Department, and Congressional delegations on USAID conflict programming in the Kyrgyz Republic as needed.

- In consultation with Mission management, engage host country counterparts, implementing partners and other donors in discussions on issues related to sector-specific and general conflict management programming.

- Participate in public outreach function, as needed.

- Establish and maintain regular collaborative relationships with key Embassy and other interagency counterparts. Participate in Mission activities and initiatives, conferences and workshops as appropriate. As needed, direct activities that may include research to assist the Mission in advancing the state-of-the-art and in improving approaches for conflict management and risk reduction.

- Prepare briefings and strategic program materials for senior staff as needed.

2) Manages staff and programs, including grants, cooperative agreements and contracts through the following tasks:

- Manage existing and new grants, cooperative agreements and contracts that may cover extended periods of time and involve substantial funds, assuming general program management oversight of various projects developed. Collaborate and coordinate closely with interagency counterparts.

- May serve as Contacting Officer's Representative (COR) and/or Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR) on transition-related programs. In so doing, s/he would be solely responsible for providing technical direction; monitoring and evaluating the delivery of assigned activities in compliance with the terms of cooperative agreements and contracts; submits reports on activities progress, including professional analyses of related problems and recommendations for corrective action to improve implementing organizations or contractor performance; and advises and assists grantees in the development of detailed designs, plans, and cost estimates for assigned activities.

- May serve as Alternate COR and/or Alternate AOR for multiple awards. This means that the individual would be required to temporarily undertake all COR/AOR responsibilities on behalf of another team member in her/his absence.

- Analyze proposals to ensure compliance with USAID and United State Government (USG) policy, technical, cost/financial, and legal requirements as well as all applicable Federal regulations, Directives and Executive Orders.

- Define criteria for evaluating the merits of individual projects.

- As appropriate conduct site visits to evaluate recipient performance and provide advice and programmatic support.

- Supervise Foreign Service National staff responsible for managing transition-related programing.

- May serve as Acting Mission Director. This means that the individual would be required to temporarily undertake all responsibilities and delegations of authority normally managed by the Mission Director.

- Participate in planning, scheduling and control of annual cycles of program and funding activity.

- Other duties as required.


1) Supervision received: The incumbent will work under the general policy and technical guidance of the USAID/KR Mission Director or his/her designee. The Supervisor will set overall objectives. The employee and the supervisor together will develop deadlines, projects, and work to be accomplished. The incumbent is expected to take initiative, act independently, and manage his/her tasks with minimal supervision.

2) Supervision Exercised: The Specialist will supervise one USPSC and two FSN Project Management Specialists. Together they will develop deadlines, projects, and work to be accomplished.

3) Available Guidelines: USAID Automated Directives (ADS), USAID Acquisition Regulations (AIDAR), State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM), strategic and other general program documents, and contact with contracting and financial management specialists.

4) Exercise of Judgment: In instances not clearly covered by written guidelines, the incumbent will use his own personal, well informed judgment in devising innovative approaches to resolving technical, administrative, managerial and/or policy problems. Excellent (balanced) judgment must be exercised in setting priorities. The use of initiative, discretion and patience is expected in dealing with Mission personnel as well as representatives from other donor organizations to resolve problems that arise during the course of work for which there is often no clear or immediate solution. In addition, considerable judgment is required in working effectively with officials in the government and the private sector, in overseeing contractor activities and coordinating multi-sector efforts in support of USAID/KR development objectives, and in collecting, analyzing and reporting on progress of activities and recommending project actions. The incumbent will also be required to follow and adhere to the Agency's Code of Ethics and Conduct.

5) Levels of Contacts: The Incumbent actively engages in official personal contacts with Host-Country high ranking officials, different U.S. Agencies, international organizations, private groups, U.S. or foreign private groups, etc. It is expected that personal contacts will include, but not be limited to, the following:

- Prime Minister and Vice Prime Ministers
- Ministers and Deputy Ministers, Parliamentarians, and staff in the Ministries of Economics, Finance, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Education, etc.
- U.S. Ambassador and other members of the Country Team members
- Counterpart Host Country Officials responsible for assistance matters
- Non-U.S. Ambassadors in the Kyrgyz Republic supporting development initiatives
- Chiefs of Party of USAID contractors/grantees engaged in development initiatives in the Kyrgyz Republic
- Senior officials and executives from the U.S. headquarters of USAID-funded contractors/grantees
- Institutional contractors, NGOs, PVOs working on related matters
- International donors operating in the Kyrgyz Republic
- USAID/Central Asian Republics and USAID/Kyrgyz Republic Office Directors
- USAID/Washington


1) General: Must be a U.S. citizen, must be able to obtain a U.S. Government "SECRET" security clearance. Must be able to secure a medical clearance to serve in Central Asia. Must be willing to travel throughout the five Central Asian Republics.

2) Prior Work Experience: This position requires maturity and a minimum of seven years of progressively responsible professional experience demonstrating technical expertise and programmatic skills in international development in transition-related programs in developing countries, preferably related to transitions in governance or recovery from complex crises.
Specifically, this should include experience in the design and development of programs, management and technical guidance in program implementation, and monitoring and evaluating program progress and effectiveness. At least two years of successful leadership experience in a team environment.

Current knowledge of best practices, and current research and development trends in economic growth and democracy and governance. Professional experience working with governments, international donors, private sector and NGO implementers in the conflict management sector. Specific USAID experience in program planning, project design, budgeting, implementation oversight and/or reporting systems and procedures is preferred. Experience managing programs in Central Asia and the Kyrgyz Republic specifically is preferred.

3) Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Superior intellectual skills and subject matter expertise to develop strategies to overcome development challenges and resolve implementation obstacles to conflict prevention as information and devise creative and appropriate solutions to implementation challenges. Demonstrated technical expertise and leadership skills in transition-related programs, in the context of developing countries. Demonstrated strategic, analytic skills and current knowledge of international development management trends and best practices. Demonstrated project management skills, including effective oversight of people, programs, and financial resources to implement programs contributing to international development. Strong analytical and writing skills as evidenced by previous experience and a writing sample, along with demonstrated ability to gather and convey information, make concise oral and written presentations and prepare reports, correspondence and other written materials.

Demonstrated history of experience in a multicultural team environment working with a wide range of individuals and organizations to address development transition challenges. Proven ability to reach consensus with diverse groups, and inspire coalitions of interest. Strong interpersonal skills including a record of effective collegial/team relations and demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a range of professional counterparts at all levels, including those from host-country government, NGOs, USAID missions, other USG agencies and international donors. Demonstrated the capacity to professionally represent USAID.

Demonstrated persuasiveness, cross-cultural sensitivity, tact and poise to successfully advocate practices, approaches and policies with a range of audiences in an intercultural context. The ability to meet tight deadlines with concise documents. Strong computer skills and proficiency in MS Office software.

Exceptional interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work in a collegial and persuasive fashion in a team environment, exercise discretion, judgment, and personal responsibility. The Specialist must be a team player, able to prioritize and follow up on their own actions without prompting, while also assisting a busy supervisor and fellow colleagues to track and respond to incoming requests and routine tasks, filling in gaps as needed to ensure the responsiveness of the team. The Specialist must also have a strong sense of responsibility, pay close attention to detail, be able to complete administrative tasks with minimal guidance, and be service-oriented, highly organized, and able to receive and respond to constructive criticism in a professional manner. The Specialist must be a strategic thinker, articulate innovative ideas, present solutions, and serve as a positive role model for colleagues both in and outside of USAID.

Completion of a writing sample is mandatory for consideration to this position.

4) Education and Language Proficiency: Minimum of a master's degree in international development, international relations, law, public administration, or a related field. Minimum Level IV (Fluent) English and proven ability to communicate quickly, clearly, and concisely, demonstrating a high degree of articulateness both orally and in writing, including technical reports. Given the level of interaction with host-country counterparts required by this position, strong command of Russian or Kyrgyz is also desirable.


Applicants will be evaluated against the following criteria:

International Development Experience: 40 points
Management and Team Leadership Skills and Experience: 20 points
Writing and Communication Skills: 30 points
Education and Language Proficiency: 10 points

Notice to Applicants: The USAID reserves the right to obtain from previous employers relevant information concerning the applicant's past performance and may consider such information in its evaluation.


Qualified individuals are requested to submit a Optional Application for Federal Employment OF-612 including experience, salary history, list of references, and recent sample of his/her written work (maximum 1-3 pages, i.e. policy memo) no later than COB (6 p.m. Almaty time) June 14, 2013. The form is available at the USAID website, or Applications, recent supervisor reference and three (3) personal references, and writing sample may be submitted by e-mail, fax, DHL or FedEx air courier by the closing date, above, to:

Tatiana Rossova
Personnel Specialist
Personnel Office
41 Kazibek Bi Street
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Fax: 7 727 2507634/35/36

Email or faxed documentation is preferred as mail delivery may be untimely. To ensure consideration of applications for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number on your application, and as the subject line in any cover letter.

USAID/CAR expects to award a personal services contract for an off-shore US Citizen for two-year period commencing o/a September 01, 2013 (or earlier), subject to security and medical clearances and funds availability. The duty post for this contract is Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

10. Benefits include post differential, housing, and other benefits per USAID regulations. Basic household furnishings will be available in quarters to be provided by USG.

11. For more information about USAID/Kyrgyz Republic see Mission's website

Attachment 3


Employer's FICA Contribution
Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance
Pay Comparability Adjustment
Annual Increase
Eligibility for Worker's Compensation
Annual & Sick Leave
Eligibility for 401(k)

2. ALLOWANCES (if Applicable).
(A) Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120).
(B) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130).
(C) Post Allowance (Section 220).
(D) Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230).
(E) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260).
(F) Education Allowance (Section 270).
(G) Education Travel (Section 280).
(H) Post Differential (Chapter 500).
(I) Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600), and
(J) Danger Pay (Section 650).


1. Optional Form 612.
**2. Medical History and Examination (DS-1843) or Contractor Physical Examination (AID Form 1420-62).
**3. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security) (SF-86), or
**4. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85).
**5. Finger Print Card (FD-258).

NOTE: Form 5 is available from the requirements office.

* Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas).
** The forms listed 2 through 5 shall only be completed upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the job.


a) ACQUISITION AND ASSISTANCE POLICY DIRECTIVES (AAPDs) and CONTRACT INFORMATION BULLETINS (CIBs) contain changes to USAID policy and General Provisions in USAID regulations and contracts. Please refer to this website to determine which AAPDs and CIBs apply to this contract.

b) AIDAR: The Agency for International Development Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR) Appendix D - Direct USAID Contracts With U.S. Citizens or U.S. Residents for Personal Services Abroad found at: is the primary regulation governing USPSCs for USAID.

Dept. of State
Washington, District of Columbia 20521-7030
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Damira Sagyrbayeva
Phone: 77272507612