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Data Analytics and Data Management Services Request for Information

Solicitation Number: 6HQOIG-14-A-0008
Agency: United States Postal Service
Office: Supplies and Services Purchasing
Location: OIG
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Sources Sought
Added: Dec 30, 2013 9:52 am
In the fast-paced ever-evolving data analytics and data management industries, this Request for Information (RFI) seeks to gather market research and information around vendor services and capabilities, industry standards, and best practices for two areas:

Data Analytics Services
Data Management Services

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Request for Information (RFI)

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Request for Information (RFI)
Posted Date:
December 30, 2013
Description: Please see the attached RFI
US Postal Service - Office of the Inspector General
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Arlington, Virginia 22209-2020
Millie Abdi
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