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IT Consulting

Solicitation Number: LCOIG14R0002
Agency: Library of Congress
Office: Contracts Services
Location: Contracts Services
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Added: May 05, 2014 9:17 am
The Inspector General (IG) and the Assistant Inspector General Audits (AIGA) along with the consultation of senior Library officials prepare an annual audit plan. At times the IG and AIGA determine that certain projects on the annual audit plan require special subject matter expertise beyond resident OIG staff capabilities. In those cases OIG management will search out the required expertise to conduct the entire project through the Library's procurement function. Also for projects that the resident staff will conduct, audit senior staff determines staffing needs and at times will conclude that specialists and/or additional support staff will be required to successfully accomplish segments of the planned engagement. In those cases OIG will also obtain the required assistance through the Library's procurement function.

The Library OIG plans to award IDIQ contracts to at least two qualified firms for IT Consulting services on a Task Order basis. OIG anticipates that the Task Order subject matter will involve an agency-wide range of information technology (IT) business issues such as (including but not limited to) IT: strategic planning, governance, management, operations, security, internal controls, hosting environments, applications, enterprise architecture, system conversions, information assurance, system life cycle development, web development, digitization, business solutions, continuity of pperations, cloud computing, virtualization, and best practices.

101 Independence Ave SE
Washington, District of Columbia 20540-9411
101 Independence Avenue SE
Washington, District of Columbia 20540
United States
Jake von Reyn ,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 202-707-0589
Fax: 202-707-8611
Vidya Vish,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 202-707-9394
Fax: 202-707-8611