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Mexico Promoting Justice Project (PROJUST)

Solicitation Number: SOL-523-12-000003
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: El Salvador USAID-San Salvador
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Added: Oct 03, 2012 6:06 pm
USAID/Mexico will be launching a new program entitled the "Mexico Promoting Justice Project" (PROJUST). PROJUST aims to provide customized direct or indirect support at the state and federal level for the final push towards the 2016 reform deadlines, assisting selected Mexican states to pass the "point of no return" on their justice system reforms, and therefore contribute to broader USG and GOM efforts to mitigate conflict, reduce impunity, and promote a more transparent and efficient justice system.

PROJUST contributes to and is supported under the Merida Initiative, an historic program of cooperation that acknowledges the shared responsibilities of the United States and Mexico to counter the drug-fueled violence that has threatened citizens on both sides of the border. Specifically, PROJUST contributes to the achievement of Pillar II of the Merida Initiative, which focuses on institutionalizing capacity to sustain rule of law. Within Pillar II, PROJUST will support comprehensive criminal justice reform that adheres to Mexican and international human rights standards implemented at state and federal levels. PROJUST will be the USAID flagship project to achieve the following results:

1) Legislative framework enacted for criminal justice reform; and
2) Strengthened institutional and human capacity to implement criminal justice reform.

A cost reimbursement completion contract, with a 5-year period, is contemplated. The expected start date for the program is o/a July 2013.

Amer Emb/El Salvador
Unit #3110
APO, 34023
Beatriz Chinchilla,
Acquisition & Assistance Specialist
Maritza C. Sarmiento,
Acquisition & Assistance Specialist