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C-130J MATS Training Systems Sustainment Re-Compete

Solicitation Number: RFIC130JTrainingSustainmentRe-Compete
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Force Material Command
Location: AFLCMC/PK - WPAFB (includes PZ, WL, WW, WI, WN, WK, LP, WF, WK)
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Sources Sought
Added: Sep 13, 2011 9:53 am
This sources sought announcement is not a request for competitive proposals. The purpose of this announcement is to determine if any competitive sources exist and to notify industry of the impending action so that possible contracting and subcontracting activities may be pursued to meet the sustainment requirements of the current C-130J MATS Program. The Simulators Division (ASC/WNS), WPAFB, OH, anticipates awarding a sustainment contract for five years on the Training Systems Acquisition III contract. The estimated contract period of performance is FY14 through FYF18. The sustainment requirements of the contract consist of Contract Logistics Support (CLS), Aircrew and Maintenance Engine Run Instruction to pilots, loadmasters and maintenance technicians for the C-130J training systems. The CLS and Aircrew Instruction functions will be required at both Little Rock and Keesler Air Force Bases with expansion to Dyess Air Force Base, Ramstein and potentially Yokota Air Bases.

This sources sought is issued for planning purposes in accordance with FAR 15.201(e) and 52.215-3. Responses to this sources sought notice are not considered offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. Contractors/Institutions participating in this market research are advised their participation in this survey may not ensure participation in future solicitations or contract awards. Further, the Government will not reimburse participants for any expenses associated with the preparation or participation in this survey. Security clearance level is Secret US only.


1. Below is a short description of the C-130J Training Systems Sustainment requirement, a request for your business information, and a Contractor Capability Survey which allows you to provide your company's capabilities.
2. If, after reviewing these documents, you desire to participate in this research, you should provide documentation that supports your company's capabilities in meeting these requirements. Failure to provide documentation may result in the Government being unable to adequately assess your capabilities.
3. Both large and small businesses are encouraged to participate in this Market Research, Joint Ventures or teaming arrangements are encouraged and up to each industry partner.


The C-130J MATS mission includes training C-130J aircrews and maintaining C-130J maintenance and aircrew devices. The C-130J MATS users are represented by Air Mobility Command (AMC), Air Education Training Command (AETC), Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), Air National Guard (ANG), United States Coast Guard (USCG) and potential international students. This contract currently supports fielded USAF C-130J MATS listed below.
• USAF C-130J Training Devices

• Little Rock AFB, AR
 4 Weapon System Trainers (WST)
 1 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)
 1 Avionics Systems Maintenance Trainer (ASMT)
 2 Fuselage Trainers (FuT)
 2 Loadmaster Part Task Trainers (LMPTT)
 1 Engine Propeller Trainer (EPT)
 1 Flight Control Trainer (FCT)
 Various Training Aids
 6 Virtual Flight Decks
 2 Enhanced Cargo Handling Systems
• Keesler AFB, MS
 1 WST
• Dyess AFB, TX
 1 WST (Approx. Jan 14 RFT)
 1 Loadmaster Part Task Trainer (LMPTT)
 Virtual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Training (VTRAT)
• Ramstein AB, Germany
 1 WST (approx. Sep 14 RFT)
 1 Loadmaster Part Task Trainer (LMPTT) on call maintenance only
• Yokota AB, Japan
 1 WST (TBD)
 1 Loadmaster Part Task Trainer (LMPTT) on call maintenance only

The total effort will entail:
Aircrew and Engine Run Maintenance Training
1. Provide Initial, continuation and transition training for both C-130J Pilots and Loadmasters at designated C-130J bases
2. Provide Engine Run training to the maintenance technicians at designated C-130J bases

USAF Maintenance
1. Provide operational/maintenance support for the USAF Aircrew Training Devices to support guaranteed student throughput, aircraft accident investigations, simulator certification, and other Air Force usage time.
2. Provide operation/maintenance support for the USAF Maintenance Training Devices
3. Adhere to the Information Assurance Requirements and documentation for USAF devices.
4. Provide, manage, and maintain a support package to include: initial and replenishment spares, support/test equipment and technical data required to sustain the C-130J MATS.
5. Perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for all C-130J MATS training equipment, to include Computer Based Training (CBT) as required, to ensure the C-130J MATS achieves its throughput requirement (including surge), guaranteed student qualification requirements and levels of training to ensure certification at the "3c GO" level.
6. Each training device will be need to be maintained to support required to be ready for C-130J aircrew and maintenance training up to 20 hours per day seven days per week.
7. Provide Contractor Logistics Support to include, but not limited to, the following:
a. Site inventory management
b. Inventory storage and control
c. Distribution and management of supportability assets
d. Logistics analysis and supportability assessment issues
e. Disposition and disposal of obsolete and condemned support assets using the Plant Clearance Automated Screening System (PCARSS)
f. Execution of supportability quality audits
g. Development and management of logistics data as a result of engineering sustainment or part obsolescence replacement
h. Testing of ATDs, MTDs and other training aids by the USAF for Simulator Certification (SIMCERT) and MTD evaluation
i. Visual system Mylar repair or replacement
j. Provide support for VTRAT
8. All major modifications and Block Upgrades will be performed under another existing contract. The selected C-130J MATS sustainment contractor will be expected to coordinate and cooperate collaboratively with the simulator prime contractor during installs to minimally impact aircrew and maintenance training.
9. The selected C-130J contractor may be required to enter into an Associate Contractor Agreement with C-130J aircraft (Lockheed Martin Aero), simulator prime contractor (Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics) and subcontractors.


Part A. Business Information. Please provide the following information for your company/institution and for any teaming or joint venture partners:

1. Company/Institute name
2. Address
3. Point of Contact
4. Cage Code
5. DUNS Number
6. Phone Number
7. E-mail Address
8. Web page URL
9. Size of business pursuant to North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 611512. Based on the above NAICS Code, state whether your company qualifies as a:

a. Small Business (Yes/No)
b. Woman Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
c. Small Disadvantaged Business (Yes/No)
d. 8(a) Certified (Yes/No)
e. HUB Zone Certified (Yes/No)
f. Veteran Owned Small Business (Yes/No)
g. Service Disabled Small Business (Yes/No)
h. Central Contractor Registration (Yes/No)
i. Statement as to whether your company is domestically or foreign owned (if foreign owned, please indicate country of ownership).

Part B. Capability Survey Questions.
General Capability Questions:
1. Describe briefly the capabilities of your company and the nature of the goods and/or services you provide. Include a description of your staff composition and management structure.
2. Describe your company's past experience (no more than five examples) on previous projects similar in complexity to this requirement. Include contract numbers, a brief description of the work performed, period of performance, agency/organization supported, and individual points of contact (Contracting Officer or Program Manager).
3. What experience do you have managing training devices technical data, engineering drawings, manuals and source code/media?
4. Describe your experience of site activation/startup for setting up and beginning training at a new site.
5. Describe your company's experience at working collaboratively with another prime contractor.
6. Describe your experience with Information Assurance and associated documentation. Describe your company's capabilities for generating, handling, updating, processing, and storing classified material and data.
7. Describe your company's capabilities and experiences in the worldwide deployment and support of complex training systems at multiple locations at the same time. Is the experience CLS-only, modifications efforts, or both?
8. What data will you require of the government to assemble a proposal for this effort?
9. Describe the top five risks you foresee in executing a maintenance effort of this scope. What steps would you likely take to mitigate the risks?
10. If you were to rely on subcontractors for this effort, what subcontractors would you use to do what percentage of which portions, what are their experiences and do you already have a relationship with the subcontractor(s)?
11. Describe your company's approach and capabilities in obtaining and retaining qualified and experienced instructors. Assuming a contract award in October 2013, how soon could your company secure qualified training resources?
12. Describe your company's experience in classroom instruction and simulator instruction. Describe the top five risks your company's perception in the execution classroom instruction and simulator instruction.
13. Describe your process for maintaining inventory records and reporting on hand/in work balances and repair status to your customer.

Part C. Financial Capability Questions:
1. Describe your financial capabilities to successfully perform this contract.

2. Describe any other relevant topics, concerns, and information that will help the Government in forming an acquisition strategy.
Respondents should indicate which portions of their responses are proprietary and should mark them accordingly. Marketing material is considered an insufficient response to this RFI. Please limit responses to no more than 20 pages. Formal Written responses, no facsimiles or e-mails please, must be received no later than close of business Monday, 3 October 2011. Please mail two (2) copies of your response to this RFI to: ASC/WNSK Attn: Stacey Talbott, Bldg 32, 2300 D Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7249. Technical questions regarding this RFI should be directed to Mr. Dan Annett, Program Manager, ASC/WNS, 2300 D Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433.
RESPONSE DATE:____3 Oct 2011___
NAIC CODE: 611512

Contracting Office Address:
2300 D Street, Bldg 32
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7249

2275 D Street
Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-7218
Place of Performance:
Little Rock AFB, AR
Keesler AFB, MS
Dyess AFB, TX
Ramstein AB, Germany
Yokota AB, Japan

United States
James G Batchelor
Phone: (937) 904-6775
Stacey L. Talbott,
Phone: 937-904-7499