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Education Specialist

Solicitation Number: 656-13-003
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Mozambique USAID-Maputo
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jun 03, 2013 10:27 am
ISSUANCE DATE: June 4, 2013
CLOSING DATE: June 21, 2013
5:00 P.M. Maputo local time

Subject: Solicitation No. 656-13-003 for Short Term U.S Citizens Personal Services Contractor (PSC) for Education Specialist position (Maputo/Mozambique)

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The United States Government, represented by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Mozambique) is seeking applications from qualified U.S. Citizens interested in providing Personal Services Contract (PSC) as described in this solicitation.

Submissions shall be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified. The position will be filled once funds become available. Submissions must include:

- Signed and completed federal form OF-612 or SF-171

- Most current curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé

- Three references, who are not family members or relatives, with telephones and e-mail contacts

Applications that are incomplete or are received without a handwritten signature will not be considered for the position.

USAID/Mozambique reserves the right to obtain from previous employers relevant information concerning the applicant's past performance and may consider such information in its evaluation.

Any questions on this solicitation may be directed in writing to Douglas Quiggle, Acting Executive Officer, USAID/Maputo, JAT Complex, Rua 1231, #41, Bairro Central "C" Maputo, Mozambique, who may be reached at FAX No. (258) 21 352034, or E-Mail address

Interested candidates should send the above via the fax, email, international mail, international courier or Department of State official mail to the attention of the Acting Executive Officer, Douglas Quiggle, at the addresses indicated below. To ensure that the application is considered for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number and title of position on your application and as the subject line in any cover letter. Please note that attachments to e-mail applications in zip format can not be received to this mailbox. Please make sure that you do not send any attachments in zip format. If the application is submitted by email or fax a hard copy must submitted by mail.:

If sent by international mail: If sent via courier: If sent from the U.S.*:
USAID/Maputo USAID/Maputo USAID/Maputo
P.O. Box 783 JAT Complex, 2nd Floor 2330 Maputo Place
Maputo, Mozambique Rua 1231, No. 41 Washington, D.C 20521
Attention: Douglas Quiggle Bairro Central "C" Attention: Douglas Quiggle
Acting Executive Officer Attention: Douglas Quiggle, Acting Executive Officer
Acting Executive Officer

Applicants are advised to retain a copy of all enclosures which accompany their applications for their records.

Late applications shall not be accepted, unless mishandling occurs after receipt at USAID/Maputo.
The submission deadline is 5:00 P.M. Maputo time, June 21, 2013.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications shall not be considered.

Phone calls or e-mail to any address other than the one specified in this solicitation will not be accepted.

*Please note that delivery times for the Department of State official pouch can vary, allow at least two weeks. USAID/Mozambique can not be responsible for any delays in delivery though the official pouch.

USAID IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: In selecting personnel there will be no discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, politics, marital status, physical handicap, HIV/AIDS status, age, or membership or non- membership in an employee organization.


Douglas Quiggle[Signed] Acting Executive Officer

Attachment: Solicitation No. 656-13-003








For a U.S. Personal Service Contractor (PSC) Education Specialist USAID/MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE


1. Solicitation Number: 656-13-003
2. Issuance Date: June 4, 2013
3. Closing date: June 21, 2013
4. Position Title: USPSC Education Specialist
5. Market Value: Annual salary ranging from $84,697.00 to $110,104.00 (equivalent to GS 14 level). The position is classified at the equivalent of a GS 14 range. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value based upon the candidate's past salary, work history, and education background. Salary is not negotiable beyond this range.

6. Who may apply: Applicant must be US Citizen (Offshore or Resident- hire U.S. Personal Services Contractor (USPSC)
7. Period of Performance: Six (6) months, July 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014, once necessary clearances are obtained.
8. Place of Performance: Maputo, Mozambique with frequent travel to target provinces of Zambezia and Nampula provinces.
9. Security Access: Employment Authorization
10.Direct Supervisor: Director, Education Office, USAID/Mozambique
11.Supervisory Controls: Medium. Regular contact with the Education Office Director and weekly staff meetings; however, incumbent is expected to demonstrate initiative to accomplish tasks with minimal direction.
12.Position Description: USPSC Education Specialist Attached.



Title of Position: USPSC Education Specialist
Organizational Location of the Position: Education Office, USAID/Mozambique
Direct Supervisor: Supervisory Education Officer, USAID/Mozambique

A. Introduction

Following a long colonial period, a 10 year war for independence, and 16 years of civil war, Mozambique is rebuilding its education sector and strengthening capacity to provide quality educational services. The Government of Mozambique's (GOM) overall development plan (PARP, 2010) reflects a long-term vision for the development of education, emphasizing the crucial role of education and training in creating the necessary human capital for sustained social and economic development as well as for peace keeping and democracy. The rapid expansion in access to primary education since the end of the civil war in 1992, however, has placed immense pressure on the education system, and consequently, school quality and learning achievement related to the basic skills - reading and math, have significantly deteriorated. The current situation calls for more effective management of resources with an emphasis on improving learning outcomes in the early grades, 1-3. In particular, challenges related to the quantity as well as the quality of instructional hours, and school management have resulted in plummeting standardized achievement test scores in reading and math (SACMEQ, 2007), and stagnating primary school completion rates (MINED, 2010). Large disparities remain when it comes to gender equality; less than a third of girls complete primary school, with 54% of female pupils dropping out by 5th grade. Between 2008 and 2009, completion rates declined from 50.9% to 47.9%, and particularly for girls from 43.5% to 42.1%. If left unchecked, the current decline in education quality may threaten Mozambique's ability to capitalize on opportunities for significant employment generation as well as overall social stability and national unity.

The US Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) 2009-2014 identifies education as one of the priority goals "Expand opportunities for quality education and training." The Assistance Objective (AO) of the USAID/Mozambique Basic Education Program is responsive to this goal in that it aims to "improve learning outcomes through enhanced quality basic education services." This AO is premised on the hypothesis that USAID/Mozambique can best help the GOM enhance school quality in primary education by focusing on improving the quality and increasing the quantity of reading instruction, and by strengthening the GOM's institutional capacity to manage and provide quality early grade reading instruction in order to improve students' reading achievement. Underlying this hypothesis is research that has demonstrated that "early grade reading competency is critical for continued retention and success in future grades" (Patrinos and Velez, 2009), and that basic reading skills are a critical support that is especially relevant for vulnerable children from low-income families. "Children who do not attain reading skills at the primary level are on a lifetime trajectory of limited education progress and limited economic and development opportunity" (USAID Education Strategy, 2011).

During FY 2011, the final design of the education program was completed through a participatory assessment and design process. Relevant implementation and procurement actions were completed to ensure start-up and implementation in FY2012. Planned activities currently include the following:

• Early Grade Reading Assessment and School Management randomized control evaluation
• Training, coaching and support for in-service teachers and school directors to improve the quality and increase quantity of reading instruction.
• Strengthening community and civil society engagement in school management
• Identification and application of innovative approaches and appropriate communication technology for scaling up teacher training, school director professional development, and community engagement activities

B. Scope of Work

B.1. General Duties

The USPSC Education Specialist will have an important role within USAID/Mozambique to assist the Supervisory Education Development Officer in the implementation of the new Basic Education Program to expand opportunities for quality education and training. The USPSC Education Specialist will assist in managing USAID/Mozambique educational initiatives and a growing portfolio that has been approved as one of three pilot countries of education. The portfolio is expected to be in the range of $6-10 million per year. S/he will help to achieve Mission objectives in this area and will assist with organizing all strategic and critical programming for the education sector. The incumbent will expand relationships and lead coordination efforts with bilateral and multilateral partners in the education sector, civil society organizations, and private sector partners. The primary program-related responsibility of the USPSC Education Specialist is to provide assistance in developing, implementing, and monitoring the Basic Education Program that supports the Government of Mozambique's efforts to provide quality and equitable education services, and to harness and focus civil society and private sector participation in efforts to improve school quality and promote child protection and safe and healthy learning environments. The incumbent will also be responsible for liaising with the USAID/Mozambique Integrated Health Office, especially the Mission's Gender Advisor and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program Specialist. The incumbent will be expected to participate in education donor interest group and working group meetings on issues such as Basic Education, Teacher Training, School Management, Planning and Financial Management, Gender, HIV/AIDS, and vulnerable children. This position reports to the Supervisory Education Officer.

The incumbent will be initially posted to the USAID/Mozambique Education Office in Maputo; however, s/he will travel to education project target areas up to 75 percent of the time to manage and support local implementing partners in the field and to coordinate with other education stakeholders. To facilitate close monitoring of local partners' activities, this position may eventually be relocated to a field location in the project target area in the future, and the incumbent would need to be willing to be reassigned accordingly.

B.2. Specific Duties

a) Technical Leadership in Strategic Planning and Program Development, Implementation and Evaluation (40%)
• On the Education Team, provide strategic, technical, and organizational leadership and input on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of education program activities, particularly in the areas of early grade reading (EGR), school management, gender, inclusiveness, orphans, vulnerable populations, and child protection. Serve as a key advisor in managing and implementing mission education interventions, working closely with GOM officials, implementing partners, civil society, and the private sector.
• Maintain collaborative, professional relationships with mid- and senior-level GOM central and local level officials, civil society, bilateral and multilateral partners in the education sector, corporate philanthropic foundations, international and local organizations, private sector companies, and leading education research institutions to ensure effective coordination of USAID activities.
• Represent the education team to USAID stakeholders and external development partners in a wide variety of events, including conferences, workshops and other relevant forums on education. Assist in negotiating with GOM on project design, implementation and evaluation, ensuring that GOM officials are apprised of program progress. The incumbent must demonstrate highly-developed professional judgment and provide technical direction and management oversight.
• Play a lead role in identifying and developing local public-private partnerships in order to complement USAID's efforts to improve the quality of education in Mozambique.
• Play a lead role in public outreach and communications for the education program, especially on issues such as EGR, school management, girls' education, community engagement, inclusiveness, orphans, and child protection.

b) Program/Project Management and Administration (60%)
• Oversee the implementation of education programs and projects, and serve as Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR), or Activity Manager for one or more implementing mechanisms. The incumbent will be assigned as the lead for activities related to gender equality, inclusiveness, child protection, school council strengthening, community engagement in EGR, local capacity development, etc.
• Conduct regular assessment and site visits to monitor program progress and implementing partner performance at the local, district, and provincial levels.
• Provide technical advice and direction to local and international implementing partners, and interface as needed with MINED to ensure program effectiveness.
• Prepare all necessary internal USAID program implementation documentation, including Program Implementation Letters (PILs), Project Appraisal Documents (PAD), Statements of Work (SOW), Program Descriptions, and other required reporting. Draft/amend Requests for Application (RFAs), Request for Proposals (RFPs), Task Orders, and other procurement mechanisms consistent with USAID's goals and policies.
• Manage financial matters related to program activities such as providing administrative approval of vouchers, planning and preparing for annual incremental funding amendments and other administrative activities as needed to ensure that fiscal needs of the recipient GOM, U.S. and local implementing partners are met in a timely manner.
• Prepare and submit the annual evaluation of the implementing partners' performance to USAID/Washington for inclusion in their central database.
• Ensure effective coordination and integration with other USAID-funded activities in the same geographic areas, especially those working in the areas of gender equality, inclusiveness, orphans and vulnerable children, life skills, and livelihoods.
• Ensure effective coordination and integration with other USG-funded activities in the education sector.
• Ensure that all activities are appropriately documented in required reports and through regular updates given to USAID stakeholders and external development partners, including the Operational Plan, Performance and Planning Report, Portfolio Reviews, annual budget and pipeline analyses, Congressional Budget Justifications, briefs and talking points. Review annual work plans and negotiate program and activity agreements with host country government counterparts and civil society.
• Ensure indicators to measure program performance and impact are appropriate, tracked accurately, and used to revise the Basic Education Program strategy as necessary.

C. Supervisory Relationship

The USPSC Education Specialist will work under the general supervision of the Supervisory Education Officer, USAID/Mozambique. The Supervisory Education Officer or his/her designee will review and approve the Education Specialists deliverables. Supervision will be generally confined to weekly meetings and scheduled consultations.

D. Period of Performance

Services will be required for approximately 120 work days (depending on clearances from 15 July 2013 to 15 January 2014).

E. Required Qualifications and Selection Criteria

1. Education (20 points):
a) A graduate degree directly related to education, curriculum and instruction, teacher training, education administration or international education is required.

2. Experience (40 points):
a) A minimum of seven to ten years work experience in educational research and curriculum development, including field work in developing countries' educational systems at the school, district, or provincial level is required.
b) Experience in teacher training institutes in the US or in a developing country is a plus.
c) Experience working and networking among the government and non-government partners active in the education sector in a developing country is preferred.
d) Experience identifying and describing the technical, socio-cultural, institutional and political issues involved in education development at the community, district, provincial and national levels in a developing country is highly desirable.
e) Experience identifying opportunities and gaps in the education service delivery system is a must.
f) Experience maintaining an aggressive work pace, balancing competing needs of field work teams, USAID/W staff and the demands and timetable of the Mission for completion of tasks is highly desirable.
g) Experience and familiarity with the socio-cultural, and economic aspects bearing on education in developing countries especially with respect to reading, school management, gender and out of school youth is desirable.
h) Knowledge of USAID program development and monitoring systems is preferred.

3. Knowledge and Abilities (25 points):
a) Demonstrated ability to function with minimal supervision to complete assigned tasks is required.
b) Demonstrated skills in project planning, management, monitoring and evaluation.
c) Demonstrated analytical and independent decision-making skills.
d) Ability to engage in discussions with government officials, other donors, international implementers, non-governmental organizations, U.S. Embassy, Peace Corps, and USAID officials.

4. Language and Communication Skills (15 points)
a) Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, including Microsoft Office Suite required, and data analysis software a plus.
b) Knowledge of the history and culture of Mozambique is a plus.
c) Must be fluent in English.
d) A professional working level in Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian is highly preferable.

USAID will not pay for any expenses associated with the interviews.

Professional references and academic credentials will be evaluated for all applicants selected for an interview.

The applicant's interview performance and academic and professional reference checks will be utilized to supplement the findings in the initial review.


The term of the contract will be for six (6) months. Start date: Immediately, once necessary clearances are obtained and after written notice from the Contracting Officer that all clearances have been received, unless another date is specified by the Contracting Officer in writing, the incumbent shall proceed to Maputo to perform the above services.


The Contractor will be required to obtain a medical clearance from State M/MED prior to service overseas. Also, a temporary security clearance must be obtained prior to travel to post of duty. Until a final adjudication of a secret clearance is received, the contractor shall:

• have no access to classified or administratively controlled materials,
• travel to post by himself/herself only, and
• be authorized no entitlements other than those normally authorized for short-term (less than a year) employees at post.

If the contractor fails to receive a security clearance or employment authorization, the contract will be immediately terminated.

14 . PSC Contractor Benefits (As Allowable and applicable regulations)

As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, an individual meeting the requirements of offshore hire USPSC is normally authorized the following benefits. [NOTE: A contractor meeting the definition of a U.S. Resident Hire PSC shall be subject to US Federal Income Tax (including differentials and allowances), but shall not be eligible for any fringe benefits except contributions for FICA, health insurance, and life insurance].

(i) Employee's FICA Contribution
(ii) Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance
--72% of Health Insurance Annual Premium (not to exceed $20,339.00 for a family and $7,266.00 for employees without dependents)
--50% of Life Insurance Annual Premium (not to exceed $500)
(iii) Medical Evacuation (Medevac) Insurance: 100% Medical Evacuation Insurance annual premium for contractor with family will be reimbursed to the contractor, if not covered by Health Insurance.
(iv) Pay Comparability Adjustment--Annual across the board salary increase for US Government employees and US Personal Services Contractors. Currently this Pay Comparability Adjustment is frozen until further notice.
(v) Eligibility for Worker's Compensation
(vi) Vacation & Sick Leave
2. ALLOWANCES* (If Applicable): As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, an offshore/ USPSC is normally authorized the following allowances:
a. Post Differential (Section 500)
b. Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130)
c. Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120)
d. Post Allowance (COLA)(Section 220)
e. Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230)
f. Payments During Evacuation (Section 600)
g. Education Allowance (Section 270)
h. Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260)
i. Danger Pay (Section 650)
j. Educational Travel (Section 280)

* Dept. of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) (Government Civilians Foreign Areas).

3. Other Benefits: Additional benefits are available for individuals hired from outside Maputo in accordance with the AIDAR, Federal Travel Regulations and Standardized Regulations, e.g., international airfare from place of residence, R&R, international shipment of personal effects, unaccompanied baggage allowance, POV Shipment, Repatriation Travel, furnished housing and educational allowances for dependent children

4. Federal Taxes: USPSCs are not exempt from payment of Federal Income taxes.


1. Application for Federal Employment (SF-171) or Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612). Applicants shall sign the application form. Unsigned OF-612 or SF-171 forms shall not be accepted and therefore applicants shall not be considered for the advertise position
2. Contractor Physical Examination (DS-1843 and DS-1622) **
3. Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86) **, or
4. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85) **
5. Finger Print Card (FD-258) (available from the requirement office) **

** Forms 2 through 5 shall be completed only upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the position. Forms 1 through 4 can found at:


AAPD10-03 AIDAR, Appendix D: Implementing Benefits for Same-Sex Domestic Partners of USPSCs -- 04/12/10
AAPD 10-01 Changes in USG Reimbursement Amounts for Health Insurance and Physical Examination Costs - Personal Services Contracts ("PSC") with U.S. Citizen
AAPD 06-11 Home Leave and Revised General Provision 5, Leave and Holidays
AAPD 06-10 PSC Medical expense payment responsibility
AAPD 06-07 AIDAR, Appendix D: Contract budget, salary determination and salary increase
AAPD 06-01 Medical evacuation insurance
CIB 01-10 Revision of medical clearance process - PSC with U.S. Citizens
CIB 01-07 Clarification of the extension/renewal policy regarding PSCs
CIB 01-05 Clarification of the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) policy regarding Third Country Nationals (TCNs)
CIB 00-08 Revision of Competitive Process - PSCs with U.S. Citizens
CIB 00-03 FICA & Medicare Tax Rates for Personal Services Contracts
CIB 99-22 PSC Policy
CIB 98-23 Guidance regarding Classified Contract Security and Contractor Personnel Security Requirements
CIB 98-16 Annual Salary Increase for USPSCs
CIB 98-14 Change in Required Application Form for USPSCs
CIB 98-11 Determining a Market Value for Personal Services Contractors Hired under Appendix D.
CIB 97-17 PSC's with U.S. Citizens or U.S. resident aliens
CIB 97-16 Class Justification for use of Other Than Full and Open Competition for Personal Services Contracts with U.S. Citizens Contracted with Locally, with CCNs and TCNs Subject to the Local Compensation Plan, and for Overseas Contracts of $250,000 or less
CIB 96-23 Unauthorized Provision in Personal Services Contracts
CIB 94-09 Sunday Pay for U.S. Personal Services Contractors
CIB 93-17 Financial Disclosure requirements under a Personal Services Contract
CIB 89-29 Use of Government Bill of Lading for Transportation of Personal Service Contractor (PSC) Household Effects, Unaccompanied Baggage and Privately Owned Vehicles

Various Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) pertain to Personal Services Contracts can be found at:

Additionally, AIDAR Appendixes D or J also applies to PSCs can be found at:


Qualified applicants are requested to submit an application for Federal Employment (SF-171) available at the USAID website, htt://, or Optional Application for Federal Employment (OF-612) and a Resume containing the following information:

1) Personal Information: Full name, mailing address (with zip code), email address, day and evening phone numbers, social security number, country of citizenship, highest federal civilian grade held (also give job series and dates held);

2) Education: high school, name, city and state, date of diploma or GED; colleges and universities, name, city and state, majors, type and year of any degrees received (if no degree, show total credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours);

3) Work Experience: provide the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience related to the job for which you are applying (do not send job descriptions); job title (include series and grade if federal job), duties, and accomplishments, employer's name and address, supervisor's name and phone number, starting and ending dates (month and year), hours per week, salary. Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor;

4) Other Qualifications: Other pertinent information related to the qualifications required for the position, as noted above including job-related training courses (title & year), job-related skills; for example, other languages, computer software/hardware, tools, machinery, typing speed, job-related certificates and licenses (current only), job-related honors, awards, and special accomplishments, for example, publications, memberships in professional or honor societies, leadership, activities, public speaking and performance awards (give dates but do not send documents unless requested).

5) Applicants are required to provide three references with complete contact information including email address and telephone numbers.

Interested candidates should send the above via the fax, email, international mail, international courier or Department of State official mail to the attention of the Sup. Executive Officer, Doug Quiggle, at the addresses indicated below. Please note that attachments to e-mail applications in zip format cannot be received to this mailbox. Please make sure that you do not send any attachments in zip format. To ensure that the application is considered for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number and title of position on your application and in the subject line of any cover letter. If the application is submitted by email or fax, hard copy must submitted by mail.

Applications must be received by fax, e-mail or separate post by closing date and time specified in the cover letter and should be submitted to Mr. Douglas Quiggle on e-mail: or the following addresses:

Attn: Douglas Quiggle
Acting. Executive Officer
P.O. Box 783
Maputo, Mozambique

If sent via courier:
JAT Complex, 2nd Floor
Rua 1231, No. 41
Bairro Central "C"
Maputo, Mozambique
Fax: (258-21) 35 20 34
Telephone: 258-21-352000

If sent from the U.S. Official Mail/Pouch:
2330 Maputo Place
Washington, D.C. 20521
Attention: Douglas Quiggle
Acting Executive Officer

Please note that delivery times for the official pouch can vary, allow at least two weeks. USAID/Maputo cannot be responsible for any delays in delivery through the official pouch.


Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.

SOL 656-13-003

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
SOL 656-13-003
Posted Date:
June 3, 2013
Description: Solicitation for Personal Services Contractor (USPSC Education Specialist; Maputo; Mozambique)
Dept of State
Washington, District of Columbia 20521-2170
JAT Complex
Rua 1231 #41
Bairro Central "C"
Maputo, Non-U.S. 258
Nelly Mahanjane,
Contracting Specialist
Phone: 25821352134
MariaJose Matos,
HR Specialist
Phone: 00258-1352032
Fax: 00258-1-352130