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Evaluation of Belted and Unbelted Safety Requirements

Solicitation Number: DTNH22-13-R-00567
Agency: Department of Transportation
Office: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
Location: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration HQ
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            Synopsis for Solicitation DTNH22-13-R-00716

 Evaluation of Belted and Unbelted Safety Requirements


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) mission is to save lives, prevent injuries and reduce traffic-related health care and other economic costs.  The agency develops, promotes and implements effective educational, engineering and enforcement programs with the goal of ending vehicle crash tragedies and reducing economic costs associated with vehicle use and highway travel. 

This is a synopsis in accordance with FAR 5.203(a) to issue a 15 day public notification prior to the issuance of a solicitation DTNH22-13-R-00716. NHTSA intends to issue a solicitation for a Full and Open Competition to provide research on seat belt interlocks.

NTHSA intends to award a Cost plus Fixed Fee contract in accordance with FAR16.306. The applicable NAICS code and size standard for this application is 541720 and not greater than $19.0M.  The anticipated period of performance is 60 months.  The solicitation will be issued on or about May 13, 2013.


This research project is part of a broader research program on seat belt interlocks.  This project intends to use occupant restraint simulation models to understand the safety implications for optimizing occupant compartments and restraint systems for belted only regulatory requirements as compared to existing belted and unbelted requirements.  These simulation models will be utilized in conjunction with appropriate optimization software to optimize occupant safety in regulated and consumer information frontal crash conditions.  Optimized solutions both subject to and free from constraints of meeting unbelted compliance test requirements will be compared to consider the implications of permitting the use of interlock systems in lieu of unbelted occupant safety tests.  This research task is not intended to define the performance of interlock systems, but will evaluate the relative safety of occupant restraints that are optimized for belted only occupants.  Neither will this research consider the various interlock strategies, their effective at achieving belt use, and the implications of these and other human factors considerations on the overall effectiveness of interlocks as a regulatory strategy.


The objective includes developing baseline crash simulation model(s) for occupant compartment and restraints.  The baseline model(s) shall be optimized to meet all belted and unbelted regulatory performance requirements and achieve the highest frontal rating in both government and non-government consumer rating programs.   A second occupant model shall be optimized without the constraints of the unbelted requirements.  The safety performance of the optimized models shall be evaluated by simulating a series of real-world vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-object crash conditions.


Offerors may be required to have an approved accounting system to be eligible for award of Cost Type contract.

The solicitation will be released electronically via this Government Point of Entry (GPE) otherwise known as Federal Business Opportunities or  As such, no written, telephonic or other type of request for an advance copy of the solicitation will be entertained at this time. Potential offerors/vendors are encouraged to register on to receive any further information in reference to the subject action nclusive of any announcements, and/or amendments to the solicitation after its release.


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