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Solicitation Number: WC133F-09-RB-0008PWS
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Location: Eastern Region Acquisition Division-KC
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Presolicitation / Cancelled
Added: Jun 19, 2009 2:03 pm

PRESOLICITATION NOTICE: The U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Habitat Conservation, intends to issue a solicitation on FedBizOpps on or about July 6, 2009 to procure construction contractor services for Dredging for the Construction of the Pelican Island Restoration Project. The Pelican Island Restoration (BA-38-1) CWPPRA Project is an environmental restoration project and consists of the dredging and placement of either 2,000,000 cubic yards (Alternate A) or 2,300,000 cubic yards (Alternate B) of beach and dune fill to be borrowed from designated sites in the Gulf of Mexico. Project specifications require the construction of about 13,000 linear feet of dune to an elevation of +6 feet NAVD with a crest width of approximately 80 feet and placement of beach fill on the gulf side of the island. The gulf-side dune and beach slope is one (1) foot vertical to forty-five (45) feet horizontal and the bay-side dune slope is one (1) foot vertical to thirty (30) feet horizontal. The project also includes dredging to place approximately 892,000 cubic yards of marsh fill to construction of about 230 acres of marsh platform on the bay side of the island at an elevation of +2.6 feet NAVD. Project features also include the construction of about 14,900 feet of containment dikes, rehabilitation of a portion of the eastern Empire Waterway jetty using existing rock from the spur of the western Empire Waterway jetty, installation of 13,970 feet of sand fencing, and pre- and post-post construction surveys. In the event that a hopper dredge is used for any portion of the work, sea turtle protection measures shall be required.

The solicitation, including any amendments, shall establish the official opening and closing dates and times. Bids received in response to this solicitation will be evaluated in accordance with procedures outlined in Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 14 - Sealed Bidding. The government intends to award a firm-fixed price contract to the lowest responsive, responsible bid. A bid guarantee in accordance with FAR 52.228-1 Bid Guarantee will be required. This acquisition will be advertized as an unrestricted full and open competition. The estimated construction cost of this project is over $10 million. The NAICS Code is 237990 with a small business size standard of $20 million for Dredging. Note: To be considered small for purposes of Government procurement, a firm must perform at least 40 percent of the volume dredged with its own equipment or equipment owned by another small dredging concern.

A Pre-Bid conference will be held approximately 7-10 days following the issuance of the formal solicitation. Details regarding the time and place of the pre-bid conference will be available in the solicitation.

All responsible sources may submit an offer that will be considered by the agency.

Release of the solicitation is anticipated on or after July 6, 2009. A pre-bid conference will be held within two weeks of issuance of the solicitation. The pre-bid conference information will be included in the solicitation announcement.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR INTERESTED VENDORS: Please note that to be eligible for award of this project your company must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database at the CCR website at Additionally, you must complete your Online Representations and Certifications (ORCA) at the ORCA website at In order to register with the CCR and ORCA and become eligible to receive an award, all offerors must have a Dun & Bradstreet Number. A Dun & Bradstreet number may be acquired free of charge by contacting Dun & Bradstreet at or by phone at 800-333-0505.

To be registered as an interested vendor (similar to a bidders list for viewing by other potential prime or subcontractors), you must post your information through the Federal Business Opportunities Website. A separate bidders list shall not be maintained.  If you are not registered, the Government is not responsible with providing you with notification of any changes to this solicitation.

VETS - 100 Federal Contracting Program Reporting - In accordance with Title 38, United States Code, Section 4212(d), the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) collects and compiles data on the Federal Contractor Program Veterans' Employment Report (VETS-100 Report) from Federal contractors and subcontractors who receive Federal contracts that meet the threshold amount in excess of $100,000.00 are required by legislation (FAR 22.1310) to submit an annual VETS-100 Report on your employment of targeted veterans. Information on submitting your report may be obtained by calling 301-306-6752, accessing the internet site at , or via email at:

A Small Business Subcontracting Plan shall be required of all firms submitting a bid, which are other than small businesses. Specific subcontracting goals must be achieved during the performance of the contract or liquidated damages will be imposed. Affirmative action to insure equal employment opportunity is applicable to the resulting contract. Liquidated damages will be specified in the specifications for failure to complete project on schedule. Details will be provided in the solicitation.

Questions may be directed to: Pam Stichweh, Contracting Officer, Phone: (816) 426-2067, FAX (816) 274-6967, Email: or Jackie Smith, Procurement Technician, (816) 426-2068, Email:


Added: Dec 17, 2010 3:14 pm
See WC133F-11-RB-0004PWS presolicitation notice
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