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Solicitation Number: LCFRD12R0011
Agency: Library of Congress
Office: Contracts Services
Location: Contracts Services
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jul 19, 2012 12:02 pm
The purpose of this solicitation is to identify a contractor to conduct a multi-site process and outcome evaluation of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Program, currently under development
by OJJDP. OJJDP, a component of the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs (OJP), administers federal funds to state,
local, tribal, and private organizations. Through its grant programs and other initiatives, OJJDP provides federal leadership in developing
the Nation's capacity to prevent juvenile delinquency, improve juvenile justice systems, and increase knowledge and understanding
of juvenile delinquency prevention, intervention, and response.
This demonstration program aims to improve the effectiveness of mentoring programs by supporting collaborations of qualified, established
mentoring program sites through the systematic implementation of advocacy or teaching functions into mentors' roles by enhancing
(1) The matching of youth and mentors based on needs, skills, experiences, and interests; (2) Initial and ongoing training, and
(3) Ongoing mentor support. The enhancements were identified from a recent meta-analysis examining the moderators of mentoring
program effectiveness by Dubois et al. (2011), How Effective Are Mentoring Programs for Youth? A Systematic Assessment of the
For purposes of this program, advocacy or teaching roles/functions are defined as those in which the mentor offers active guidance to
the youth and seeks to facilitate the youth's relationships with peers and/or other supportive adults and to support engagement with appropriate
activities and resources.
This should not be confused with an overly directive or authoritarian approach, which has evidence of potential harmful outcomes in
youth mentoring. It is also not a therapeutic, counseling, informational/instructional, or explicit skill-building (such as a job-skills) approach.
It is, instead, a developmental approach to mentoring in which the mentor's role is to actively foster the development of the youth. The
mentor functions in a way that actively demonstrates concern with helping the youth reach his or her full potential. In doing so, the approach
focuses on building a close relationship with the youth in the context of providing appropriate guidance in combination with
enhancing the youth's access to key resources and supports outside of the relationship.
Programmatic awardees must enhance the advocacy and/or teaching functions of mentors by enhancing:
(1) The matching of youth and mentors based on needs, skills, experiences, and interests;
(2) Initial and ongoing training, and
(3) Ongoing mentor support.
OJJDP anticipates funding 10 coordinated programmatic awards in FY 2012 via a competitive grant solicitation
(, see attachment 1). Each programmatic award will consist of 3 - 5 program sites for a
total of 30 - 40 implementation sites serving approximately 75 - 100 youth per site. All programmatic site selections are anticipated
to be finalized by September 30, 2012. While the programmatic solicitation and implementation sites will be developed, funded, and
managed separately by OJJDP, OJJDP is seeking a contractor to conduct the process and outcome evaluation of this demonstration
The contractor under this award will evaluate the FY 2012 Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Program to determine if the enhancements
improved the effectiveness of the mentoring program and the quality of services provided. This evaluation will yield reliable
and valid findings regarding the extent to which the evidence-based mentoring demonstration practices provide benefits for mentoring
relationships and youth outcomes, including delinquency prevention, beyond those that are obtained with services as usual.
This contract will be managed through the Library of Congress Federal Research Division (LOC/FRD). There is a current IAA
between LOC/FRD (09-12-9699119-016) and OJJDP (2009-JUR-095) for the procurement of services from LOC/FRD to fulfill
OJJDP's requirement for research reports, translations, and other analytical studies related to OJJDP's three sponsored grant programs:
1. Juvenile Drug Courts/Reclaiming Futures; 2. Tribal Juvenile Detention and Reentry Green Demonstration Programs; and 3.
Strategic Enhancement of Mentoring Program. Funds transferred by OJJDP to LOC/FRD pursuant to the IAA have been allocated to
an evaluation of OJJDP's Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Program. LOC/FRD is seeking bids from applicants who can accomplish
this activity. LOC/FRD will be responsible for the overall contract management and will work with OJJDP to ensure that all
deliverables of this award meet OJJDP's expectations and needs.

The purpose of this contract is to conduct an evaluation of the OJJDP FY 2012 Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration Program. The objectives include the following:
1. Conduct an advisory assessment of programmatic implementation plans and materials from the OJJDP-funded Mentoring Enhancement
Demonstration programmatic sites;
2. Conduct a multi-site process and outcome evaluation of OJJDP-funded Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration programmatic
3. Provide training and technical assistance to Mentoring Enhancement Demonstration sites to ensure they have a full understanding
of the evaluation requirements and assist in the implementation of data collection processes;
4. Submit a series of interim and final documents for publication regarding the project, its progress, and findings for distribution
in multiple formats;
5. Complete "special request" communications designated as high priority by OJJDP;
6. Communicate progress to LOC/FRD and OJJDP on a regular basis; and
7. Comply with data sharing and transitioning of all data and materials to OJJDP.
All strategies, methodologies, and products developed under this contract are subject to the approval of OJJDP.

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