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Intent to Sole Source (FAR 13.5), Generator Requirement

Solicitation Number: SOL-674-11-000077
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: South Africa USAID-Pretoria
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Added: Sep 07, 2011 2:24 am
1. Qualification: All offerors must offer the product and service specifications below, in their entirety, in order to be eligible for award. No additional qualification information is required, as the product and service specifications below are fully explanatory.

2. Description of requirement, including product and service specifications, quantity of units required, and cost estimate: The requirement is for product and service specifications described as follows: The diesel generator sets shall be complete with sound attenuated canopies, with extended capacity fuel tank for minimum 24-hours operation and outer catch tank with indication for inner tank leakage. This must comply with USG environmental requirements. The diesel engines shall be fitted with electronic governors giving maximum 1% permanent speed variation. The sets shall include the NEXYS control system with external adjustment pots for frequency and voltage. The sets shall include suitably rated Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) - Verso type change over switch mounted into a IP54 enclosure and included a 63A mains isolation/protection circuit breaker rated for 600V. The requirement shall include all supplies, warehousing, delivery and positioning on site, and complete installation including concrete plinth (foundation). In addition, the J33 model must include a single ATS installation, and the J110 model must include installation of four 63A ATS switches as detailed above. For the J165KVA installation must include 5 Automatic Transfer Switch change over panels with Junction box for multiple terminations. This includes 500 meters of power cabling with BCEW, auxiliary cabling for mains sensing and battery charger. It also includes PVC sleeves where required and the lifting and repair of paving for the installation of the cabling. Installation of all unit three models (J33, J110 and J165) shall include required cabling, lifting, paving, commissioning and testing. A C.O.C. will be issued on completion.

10 each
Estimated Cost - $30,000.00 each

3 each
Estimated Cost - $60.000.00 each

1 each
Estimated Cost - $110,000.00 each

These cost estimates do not include 14% VAT.

3. Destination information: Delivery, including installation, to to-be-identified plots in the Pretoria, South Africa metropolitan area. A list of address may be provided in advance if required.

4. Delivery schedule: Deliveries will be made directly to the required Pretoria residences, as instructed by the Technical Representative, over a 12 month period. Timing of the instruction for delivery will be based on readiness of residential compounds as determined by the USG Housing Coordinator. A two week notice will be provided to schedule a date for delivery of individual units and related services.

5. Duration of the contract period: 12 months.

6. Description of the procedures to be used in awarding the contract: Pursuant to the test procedures in FAR 13.5, this procurement will use the procedures set forth in FAR 13. Therefore, notice and award will follow the procedures described in FAR 13.501.

7. Sole source justification: The circumstances of the contract action deem only one source reasonably available. USAID intends to purchase the generators from the vendor that filled the previous USG requirement. The previous USG requirement was filled pursuant to a competitive bid, where only one supplier was able to provide units with the specifications required. Our market research shows that vendors have not changed the nature of their stocks from this previous bid. That is, no other vendor carries generator units that meet the specifications required for security and administrative considerations, including for example, the specialized controller separating frequency and voltage, fuel tanks allowing the unit to run for an extended period of time, double-walled steel tanks (the standard is normally plastic), and the mechanical regulator. The intended source for this requirement is Generator and Plant Hire (SA) Pty Ltd, Johannesburg, South Africa.

8. All responsible sources may submit a quotation which shall be considered by the agency. Interested sources may obtain a copy of the solicitation by making an email request on or before September 14, 2011, 11:59 pm Pretoria local time, to Dana Rose at As per FAR 5.203(a)(1), the Government intends to solicit and negotiate for the acquisition of these commercial items 8 days after notice appears on the GPE. Any requests received after this date will be considered untimely for consideration.

Dept of State
Washington, District of Columbia 20521-6120
Various USG Residences

Pretoria, Non-U.S.
South Africa
Dana H Rose,
Regional Contracting Officer
Phone: +012-452-2000
Martha N. Zhou,
Acquisition and Assistance Specialist
Phone: +012-452-2000
Fax: 27-12-460-3177