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BioHazard Waste removal Services needed

Solicitation Number: ON-11-OJCA-Biohazard_Waste_Removal-2011
Agency: Department of Labor
Office: Employment Training Administration
Location: Oneonta Job Corps Center
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Jun 06, 2011 3:48 pm
                               Scope of Work

 The center biological waste removal services subcontractor, referred to henceforth as the Subcontractor, agrees to provide the Oneonta Job Corps Academy, referred to henceforth as the center, with the services stated herein. Services will be provided as authorized by the OJCA Administrative Services Director or his/her representative. Remuneration for services rendered will be at the fee-for-services price. The period of performance for this subcontract will be from 1 July 2011 through 31 May 2012. Services will be provided on a previously scheduled basis.

Successful vendor will provide services as detailed herein and according to the previously agreed upon schedule of services provided by the center as follows:

  • Subcontractor will provide disposal services for sharps containers and bio-hazard (medical) waste bagged materials on a monthly basis in accordance with all applicable New York State & Federal guidelines

  • Subcontractor will provide secondary containment device for center to be housed on the center loading dock no less than 36 cubic foot minimum

  • Subcontractor will provide shipping and final destination manifest information for center record keeping purposes for each service period

 *A detailed scope of work is provided with the bid packet.

*Contact the purchasing department to obtain a bid packet @

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Bid packet/Scope of work

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Bid packet/Scope of work
Posted Date:
June 6, 2011
Description: Bid packet/Scope of work
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21 Homer Folks Ave
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