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Broad Agency Announcement for Innovative Technologies and Methodologies for Reducing Various Environmental Problems

Solicitation Number: AFCECBAA-13-002
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: AFICA
Location: AFICA- CONUS
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: May 06, 2013 2:53 pm
• This is the second solicitation to FY13 BAA announcement. If an Offeror has submitted to previous AFCEC BAA solicitations and would like to be reconsidered under this announcement, the Offeror will need to re-submit a new or revised pre-proposal/white paper as stated below.

• Please review all past AFCECBAA-11-001 Complete Questions and Answers (attached) before submitting a question to the Contracting Officer (CO).

This solicitation constitutes a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), Environmental Quality Technical Support Branch (CZTQ) under FAR 6.102(d)(2). This announcement seeks out proposals that demonstrate and validate innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective technologies and/or methodologies that will lead to more efficient and effective solutions for environmental compliance concerns across the Air Force and serve the Air Force's future environmental needs. Validated technologies and methodologies must comply with all applicable regulatory requirements, policies and guidance in the Environmental Compliance and Pollution Prevention Programs. This solicitation is not to test theoretical concepts or technologies and methodologies that currently exist solely in a laboratory research and development (R&D) phase or that have already been tested and validated multiple times in the field (i.e., a service). The Environmental Quality Program areas of need for this announcement are:

a. Hazardous Materials: Proposals should identify new or innovative technologies or methodologies to remove or treat Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) from Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF). The Air Force has excess AFFF stockpiles that contains between 3 to 6% PFOA/PFOS. Proposals need to develop a cost effective mechanism to remove or treat PFOA/PFOS from the AFFF to reduce disposal costs for the Air Force while transitioning to new formations of AFFF that do not contain PFOA or PFOS. Current destruction of AFFF is through incineration which is expensive to the Air Force.

b. Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Proposals should identify new or innovative industrial wastewater treatment technologies for recalcitrant organics in industrial wastewater treatment plants. Example installations are Robbins AFB and Hill AFB.

c. Stormwater Modeling Techniques: Proposals should identify installation-wide watershed modeling approaches that enable base facility engineers to maintain compliance with Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) section 438. Each base has industrial stormwater permit that requires best management practices to eliminate illicit discharges to waters of the United States. Example of best management practices include but not limited to use energy efficient low maintenance technologies to reuse stormwater from roofs, parking lots, runways and other impervious surfaces. Additionally, mission requirements identify and manage the reduction of flooding conditions. Air Force does not want to build retention and detention systems for projects. Priority will be given to proposals that do not use continuous simulation techniques.

Eligible Offeror/Applicants: This requirement is restricted to US - companies, academic institutions, non-profit institutions, and/or government agencies. Foreign participants and/or individuals may participate as subcontractors to the extent that such participants comply with any necessary Non-Disclosure Agreements, Security Regulations, Export Control Laws, and other governing statutes applicable under the circumstances.

Acquisition Overview: The AFCEC BAA is a two-step process that includes two phases of proposal submittals:

Phase I - submit a 2 page online form (white paper/pre-proposal) at

Phase II - if invited, submit a full proposal that details the technology, the demonstration, and validation approach, and the costs for the proposed effort.

Relevant forms, samples and guides are found on FedBizOps and the AFCEC BAA Website. Evaluation criteria for Phase I are included in the proposal instruction document provided in this announcement. The anticipated award of AFCECBAA-13-002 is Fiscal Year 13, 4th Quarter.

How to Apply: All Phase I white papers/pre-proposals must be submitted as an online form and can be accessed through AFCEC's website ( Each electronic submission shall address only one area of need and shall be in accordance with this announcement. PHASE I SUBMITTALS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM CST, 01JUNE 2013. Phase I submittals received after 01 June 2013will be handled according to the rules under FAR52.215-1(c)(3).

Evaluation/Notification: Phase I white papers/pre-proposals are evaluated by the Air Force's Technical Evaluation Board (TEB) using the evaluation criteria included with the proposal instructions. It is critical that proposals convey the requested information accurately and concisely to facilitate their review. Offerors whose proposals are judged innovative and that meet Air Force needs (as indicated in the Phase I evaluation criteria) are notified electronically via email to submit a proposal to Phase II (request for proposal); those not selected are notified accordingly. Offerors invited to submit a Phase II proposal are sent to key personnel contact information listed in Phase I white paper/pre-proposal along with a Request for Proposal (RFP) Package, Phase II instructions, how and when Phase II proposals are to be submitted to the Air Force. To be eligible for an award, submission of Phase I is required.

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BAA documents-instructions
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May 6, 2013
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