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Cyber Anomaly Detection Services

Solicitation Number: M00264-13-RFI-0118
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: United States Marine Corps
Location: MCB Quantico - National Capital Region (NCR)
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Added: Sep 05, 2013 3:11 pm
Subject: Request for Information Synopsis for Cyber Anomaly Detection and Analysis Support Services

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is an effort to conduct market research for use in formulating an acquisition plan/strategy to obtain Intelligence Analysis Support Services for Marine Forces Cyber Command (MARFORCYBER). This RFI allows potential contractors to submit a non-binding statement of interest and documentation demonstrating their corporate capabilities and suggestions that will allow the Government to refine its potential course of action. The RFI effort is intended to assess industry service capabilities and solicit feedback for acquisition planning purposes. The Regional Contracting Office is requesting responses from all concerns. The qualifying code for this effort is NAICS 541712.

MARFORCYBER is located in the Washington National Capital Region (which would be the primary location for services), and conducts cyberspace planning and operations as the USMC service component of USCYBERCOM in support of Department of Defense (DoD) operations, to include Marine forces, worldwide. MARFORCYBER is seeking support to detect, leverage and exploit anomalies and irregularities in cyberspace that form unorthodox structures and constructs on networks, software, hardware, and information technology processes.

Threat activity within cyberspace continues essentially unchecked within the global realm. Cyber attacks are a known threat mechanism directed against the US military, industrial, and financial complex. This threat is a complex issue that expands in size and scope and spans geographic regions. As new cyber elites take shape, these relationships - both in the US and other foreign governments - must be understood. MARFORCYBER requires support to distill the massive amounts of data to determine key actors, groups, salient issues in order to develop an understanding of the interplay of elite cyber nations. The analysis of the cyber mechanisms of the specific countries of interest will support the detailed planning and preparation of OPLANs, CONPLANs, and strategic assessments of the organization.

The Contractor will be required to possess a TS//SCI clearance with a counter intelligence polygraph, and many deliverables will classified.


Cyber Anomaly Detection Services:
Requirement Overview: MARFORCYBER requires research and analysis of cyberspace dynamics with specific countries of interest (COI's). Studies will include recent changes as a result of the known, persistent, and ever-increasing threat mechanism of cyberspace attacks directed against the military complex. Studies will also include personalities of interest, leadership, and country-to-country interplay and regional analysis. The contactor will conduct an analysis of the elite dynamics of cyberspace COIs. Initially, the analysis should focus on interactions between military, political, technology, and financial aspects and developments within the COIs. The selection of specific COIs will be based upon threat assessments.


1. Develop a picture of the current stage of development and integration for cyber related technologies.

2. Analyze available data sets to determine collusion among the various scientific and technical networks of critical importance and developing lines of research.

3. Provide the Government with precise information regarding COIs, to include locations, groups, and operational signatures likely to be of specific interest for future operations.

4. Participate in various meetings to include: coordination discussions, working groups, planning efforts, and technical exchanges.

5. Provide overall project findings on how the Government may use research results.

6. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and statutes.

INSTRUCTIONS: Responses to this RFI shall not exceed 15 pages, including cover letter and contact information. Subject response must contain: (1) Capability statement sufficient to demonstrate performance acumen directly related to the objectives listed above; (2) Current commercial pricing sampling for like or similar items (not included in page count); (3) Three (3) customer citations of any current or past performance related to the objectives (i.e., within the past two (2) years) to include contract number, point of contact telephone number or e-mail address; (4) Link to the respondent's General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, or attached file of same, if services are covered under the responder's schedule (not included in page count) and (5) other material relevant to establishing core competencies of the firm. Please identify business size; point of contact; phone number; fax number; e-mail address; taxpayer identification number; DUNS Number; and CAGE code.

Response is due by 2:00 P.M. EST on 24 September 2013. Please submit e-mail responses to Wanda S. Wichmann, at email address:

NOTES: Issuance of this notice does not constitute any obligation whatsoever on the part of the Government to procure these services; issue a solicitation; nor notify respondents of the results of this RFI. No solicitation documents exist at this time. The Marine Corps is neither seeking proposals nor accepting unsolicited proposals, and responses to this notice cannot be accepted as offers. Any information the vendor considers proprietary should be clearly marked as such.

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