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PSC- Senior Police Advisor, Islamabad, Pakistan

Solicitation Number: PSC-14-022-INL
Agency: Department of State
Office: Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs
Location: Grants, Acquisitions, Procurement and Policy Division (INL/RM/GAPP)
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You have received this "Personal Services Contractor" (PSC) solicitation through the Department of State (DOS) Internet site. If you have any questions regarding this PSC, you may contact the DOS Official named in this solicitation. The Department is not responsible for any data and/or text not received when retrieving this document electronically. Amendments to solicitation documents generally contain information critical to the submission of an application.


Issuance Date: 03/11/2014
Closing Date: 04/13/2014

A solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (PSC), Department of State (DOS), Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)

The United States Government (USG), represented by the DOS, seeks applications from US citizens interested in providing PSC services as described in this solicitation.

Offeror's proposals shall be in accordance with the requirements stated in this solicitation at the place and time specified. A proposal will be determined non-responsive and ineligible for consideration unless all required documents and information are included in the submission. Offerors shall ensure their resume demonstrates their possession of the minimum qualifications outlined in this Solicitation, as well as their ability to fulfill all required duties.

Proposals must include the following:
1) Form OF-612 (Completed and signed)
2) Resume
3) Three letters of reference or three references, including contact information

Submit all proposals via e-mail to the attention of:
INL/Larry Parr

Direct questions regarding this solicitation to:
INL/Larry Parr

INL will not accept late proposals unless it can be determined DOS mishandled the proposal.

2. ISSUANCE DATE: 03/11/2014
3. CLOSING DATE: 04/13/2014
5. POSITION TITLE: Senior Police Advisor
6. MARKET VALUE: $81,535 - 119,737 (FS-02 Equivalent)
7. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: One year from date of award and four option years
7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Islamabad, Pakistan

Veteran's Preference is not applicable to this position.


The Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is responsible for the development, supervision, coordination, and implementation of international narcotics control and law enforcement assistance activities and international criminal justice issues for the Department of State (DOS). Since 2002, INL's Afghanistan/Pakistan Program Office (INL/AP) through its in-country presence at the U.S. Embassy Islamabad have managed several programs to build the capacity of the Government of Pakistan's (GOP) law enforcement and border security personnel through training, mentoring, equipping, and infrastructure assistance.

To date, these programs have built useful relationships and positive results across the country. Law enforcement personnel in Pakistan routinely face improvised explosive device bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, and other terrorism-related contingencies, in additional to standard criminality. Following the deterioration in security in Pakistan's northwest region in 2009, INL-Pakistan quickly and substantially enhanced its law enforcement effort in Pakistan, beginning with an effort to build the capacities of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police through technical support, training, equipping, and infrastructure assistance. Since then, the program has expanded to include police from the remaining provinces, levies in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Balochistan, and other federal law enforcement entities.

Position Elements

1) Supervisory Controls
The SPA reports to and receives broad policy guidance and general direction from the INL Director and his/her designate. The SPA is responsible for planning and implementing many aspects of organizational and project and logistical operations. The SPA coordinates and communicates with INL-Pakistan and the INL/AP Pakistan Team. The SPA's actions, decisions, and recommendations are reviewed on the basis of results achieved and conformance with appropriate laws and regulations. The SPA must depend in part on his/her own professional judgment to further the mission of INL.

2) Guidelines
The SPA is recognized as a substantive authority on overall management and/or interpretation of guidance on program and project planning and evaluation in a specialized area. Therefore, guidelines for this position consist of USG and DOS Acquisition Regulations, and accepted legal principles and theories. In addition, incumbent must be able to determine application of basic administrative policy statements concerning the issue or problem being studied. The incumbent must also consider and adhere to various other existing federal regulations, and the interaction between DOS policies, legislation, the Foreign Assistance Act, and other authorization and appropriations in the INL account, applicable National Security and Presidential Decision Directives, OMB Circulars, and Department of State financial operating procedures and policies.

3) Complexity
Develops detailed plans, goals, and objectives for the long-range implementation and administration of the program, and/or develops criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the program. Coordinating plans with various other groups including international donors, the U.S. Embassy, and the GOP can be complicated. Projects require dynamic leadership and expertise and complex innovation, strict adherence to high-level policy without lower level interpretive assistance, and the ability to single-handedly or in concert with a variety of other stakeholders resolve critical problems and achieve difficult goals that may affect other programs.

4) Scope and Effectiveness
The SPA completes extensive assignments in support of DOS, INL, and GOP priorities and activities. Assignments are broad in scope and complicated by many complex features and are technically, administratively, or politically sensitive in nature.

5) Personal Contacts
The SPA works closely with the INL Director, Deputy Director, INL staff (including third-party contractors and locally hired staff), and embassy personnel. It is imperative that the SPA coordinate closely with other SG law enforcement entities at Embassy Islamabad, including the Department of Justice. In addition, the SPA maintains contact with host government officials, other law enforcement agencies as needed, and international and non-governmental organizations. The SPA works closely with INL/AP in Washington DC as well.

6) Travel
Frequent travel in and around Pakistan is required with other occasional international travel.

7) Work Environment
Primarily, work is conducted in an office setting and sedentary in nature, but the SPA is expected to frequently conduct meetings at and visit with host government offices and facilities in Islamabad and throughout Pakistan. The security situation in Pakistan is fragile and dynamic and conditions outside of Islamabad can be challenging. The position is located at U.S. Embassy Islamabad.

8) Level of Effort
The level of effort required over the period of this contract is 100%. The position is full-time, with a minimum of 40 hours per week and based on the core hours of the US Embassy Islamabad. Occasional work on weekends or after regular work hours is required.



The Senior Police Advisor (SPA) will serve as the senior, in-country advisor responsible for implementing INL's civilian law enforcement assistance efforts. The SPA will work within Embassy Islamabad under the direct supervision of the INL Director and his/her designate. The SPA will provide expertise to INL-Pakistan on all law enforcement matters, coordinating efforts as they relate to mission objectives, the size and structure of the international police presence, USG roles and responsibilities for civilian policing, developing Pakistani law enforcement capacities and institutions, USG police assistance, and training plans.

The SPA will provide technical expertise in a wide variety of settings, including internal Embassy meetings, international donor events, and meetings with GOP officials. The SPA will interface with the Embassy Islamabad Country Team, the Office of the Defense Representative-Pakistan (ODRP), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), DOS's Bureau for Diplomatic Security/Office of Anti-Terrorism Assistance (DS/ATA), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Department of Justice/International Criminal Investigative Training Program (DOJ/ICITAP) and host country representatives, including entities within Pakistan's Ministry of Interior (MOI). In particular, the SPA is expected to coordinate and work closely with DOJ/ICITAP, DS/ATA, and other interagency partners closely involved with law enforcement reform.

In close coordination with INL-Pakistan and Peshawar staff, the SPA shall perform the following duties:


1) Manage law enforcement projects under the guidance and direction of the INL Director and his/her designate, and keep the Director informed of the details of such implementation, progress, challenges, and recommended solutions, elements include coordination with relevant Pakistani authorities, management of police training, curriculum development, training center and police station construction and operation, logistical and security planning, vendor/contractor coordination, and commodity provision to host nation law enforcement entities
2) Ensure budget for law enforcement programs remain within authorized levels and that funds are being spent in an appropriate, efficient, and effective manner
3) Provide direction and supervision, under the guidance of the INL Director, to the Deputy Senior Police Advisor, Provincial Police Advisors, locally-employed staff (LES), and subject matter experts/instructors hired under this program
4) Ensure programming complies with USG requirements and legal restrictions, including Leahy vetting, and is coordinated with related USG police, criminal justice, rule of law, and corrections assistance and programs
5) Assist with recruitment of law enforcement advisors and trainers for the INL-Pakistan program
6) Oversee production of a written weekly report on the status of INL-Pakistan police efforts for dissemination to INL/AP and relevant members of Country Team. The report shall include activities, progress, challenges, and proposed solutions

Strategic Planning and Advice

1) Serve as the senior police subject matter expert within the INL Section and advisor on such matters to the INL Director
2) Develop a detailed implementation plan and timeline for law enforcement assistance programs, efforts include project execution from study period and development, through acquisition, and implementation, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, monitoring, and coordination among vendors, contractors, and Pakistani Government officials
3) Provide policy analysis and program guidance/reporting to the INL staff and the INL Front Office upon request on law enforcement aspects of current program efforts as well as those in planning or evaluation stages, guidance includes mission objectives, size and structure of the international police training presence in Pakistan, rules of engagement for international police trainers, coordination other Embassy sections, budgeting, development of Pakistani policing capacities and institutions, practical measures to improve US and international capacities to provide police assistance, and training plans
4) Participate in and/or lead assessments of current program efforts in regards to law enforcement capacities and structures in Pakistan; routinely conduct assessments of the impact and effectiveness of ongoing programs; brief senior INL and other Department and interagency officials on assessment outcomes; and, on the basis of those assessments, propose future activities and/or remedial actions


1) Coordinate all law enforcement efforts with members the Country Team, including ODRP, FBI, DS/ATA, DHS, DOJ/ICITAP, etc., as well as with international donors; the SPA will not have a supervisory role over these members of the Country Team, but will coordinate with all USG law enforcement efforts in Pakistan
2) Represent INL at senior-level meetings, briefings, seminars, and exercises with USG, Host Nation, and international representatives to develop plans/programs for implementation of police assistance and improve INL capacities to respond quickly and effectively when new mission initiatives emerge
3) Serves as a designated interlocutor with federal and provincial GOP officials and law enforcement leadership
4) Participate in INL-Pakistan office meetings


Required Qualifications

1) U.S. citizenship; Applicants must be physically located in the U.S. and possess the capability to provide a U.S. address for contractual purposes at the time of contract award
2) Ability to obtain and maintain DOS Top Secret security and medical clearances as well as a visa for Pakistan.
3) Minimum of ten (10) years experience in U.S. police operations, management, organizational development, planning and/or training
4) Bachelor of Science or Arts Degree from an accredited institution or minimum of twenty (20) years of related experience in the fields of law enforcement, criminal justice, international development, international relations, and/or public administration
5) Demonstrated experience in other international civilian policing missions in active-insurgency, conflict, and/or post-conflict environments
6) Proven excellent oral and written communication skills
7) Proven superior negotiation, interpersonal, and managerial skills
8) Demonstrated experience in planning, implementing, monitoring, and reporting on projects
9) Proven ability to work well with others
10) Minimum of five (5) years supervisory experience in a police organization
11) Proficient in Microsoft Suite

Preferred Qualifications

1) Master's Degree or professional certification from an accredited institution in project management, public administration, law enforcement, criminal justice, international relations, or related field
2) Demonstrated experience working in international civilian policing missions in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or another overseas conflict/post-conflict environment.
3) Demonstrated extensive experience in program development, implementation, and management, including preparation of budgets, procurement of goods and services, and monitoring and evaluation, preferably involving law enforcement and training initiatives
4) Demonstrated experience managing large US assistance programs
5) Experience successfully working with and building consensus among high-level contacts
6) Experience working and coordinating closely with (without dictating to) other relevant U.S. government agencies (e.g., Departments of Justice and Defense, USAID).


Factor 1 International Program Development and Management (23 points)
Demonstrated experience in developing, implementing, and overseeing US police assistance programs abroad, including training, equipment, and infrastructure support

Factor 2 Interpersonal Skills (19 points)
Demonstrated experience developing close, forward-leaning working relationships with host-government interlocutors and working with them in a constructive and respectful manner

Factor 3 Subject Area Expertise (13 points)
Ability to provide expert police subject matter and policy guidance to senior level policy makers within the Embassy and INL

Factor 4 Liaison and Negotiation Skills (13 points)
Demonstrated ability to liaise with members of relevant USG agencies (including but not limited to members of an Embassy Country Team), Host National representatives, and the international community in developing and coordinating police programs, as well as to represent INL in these forums

Factor 5 Communication Skills (9 points)
Ability to communicate complex issues in a timely and concise manner, both orally and in written form

Factor 6 Personnel/Team Management (9 points)
Ability to effectively lead and supervise others and promote teamwork

Factor 7 International Experience (5 points)
Experience in working in an overseas high-threat environment

Factor 8 Past Performance (9 points)
Evaluation of applicant's ability to perform under the contract
(In conducting the evaluation, the USG reserves the right to utilize all evaluation information available at the time of evaluation, whether provided by the applicant or obtained from other sources.)

Pre-Award Ethical Responsibilities of PSC (JUN 2011)
This solicitation may result in the award of one or more personal services contracts as defined in FAR 2.101. Prior to contract award, all offerors or quotes must advise the cognizant Contracting Officer if they have a personal conflict of interest, such as a financial conflict, that would prevent them from either meeting the requirements of the clause entitled, "Post-Award Ethical Responsibilities of Personal Services Contractors," or otherwise objectively performing their contractual duties upon contract award.

For award, INL will negotiate for this contract based on the following:
• Entry-level salary is at Step 1 of the grade range assigned to solicitation
• Consideration given for experience relevant specifically to the solicitation requirements
• Level and extent of experience dictates the salary level within the grade range



• Employee's FICA Contribution
• Contribution toward Health and Life Insurance
• Pay Comparability Adjustment (is applicable)
• Annual Increase
• Eligibility for Worker's Compensation
• Annual & Sick Leave
• 401K Plan
• Offerors Representations and Certifications

• Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)
• Post Allowance (COLA)
• Supplemental Post Allowance
• Separate Maintenance Allowance
• Education Allowance
• Education Travel
• Post Differential
• Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure
• Danger Pay
• R&R and Home Leave


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OF-612 Application form

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
OF-612 Application form
Posted Date:
March 11, 2014
Description: Application form

OF-612 Application form

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
OF-612 Application form
Posted Date:
March 11, 2014
Description: Application form

OF-612 application

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
OF-612 application
Posted Date:
March 14, 2014
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