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Y--Design-Build Contract, P-502 Combat Aircraft Loading Area, P-943 Eastern Taxiway Extension, and P-220 Ammunition Supply Point

Solicitation Number: N6247012R2008
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Location: NAVFAC Atlantic,
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Award Notice
September 10, 2012
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CH2M HILL - METAG Joint Venture
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This is a two-step design/build construction project that will construct three separate projects on adjoining sites at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti Africa.

MILCON project P-943 constructs an extension of the taxiway (~ 930 linear meters, 23 meters wide, with 7.5 meter shoulders on each side) parallel to the south side of Runway 09-27 at the Djibouti-Ambouli Airport. The extension consists of an asphalt taxiway, shoulders, and dust control treatments. The pavement shall support medium-load aircraft. Pavement design should anticipate 100,000 passes of an 81,000 pound aircraft with a single tricycle gear configuration. This taxiway will connect the existing parallel taxiway to the P-502 Combat Aircraft Loading Area access taxiway.

The project includes: airfield pavement markings, airfield lighting, signage, required site preparation and site drainage. Significant amounts of fill are required to increase the elevation of the site. Other scope requirements include demolition of existing buildings and reconstruction of those facilities.

MILCON project P-502 constructs a Portland concrete Combat Aircraft Loading Area (CALA), trim pad, arm/de-arm pads, parking aprons (~185,000 SM) and asphalt shoulders. Airfield pavements shall be capable of supporting a variety of aircraft in support of munitions operations, as well as parking for aircrafts. Pavement design should anticipate 150,000 passes of an 81,000 pound aircraft with a single tricycle gear configuration.

The scope also includes the installation of modular expeditionary operations alert facilities, a modular expeditionary maintenance facility and three tension fabric aircraft hangars (~1,500 SM each). Facilities shall include, and be complete with: all required site preparation, utilities, foundations, slabs on grade, communications, interior lighting, power and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). The project scope also includes the construction of an asphalt taxiway (~ 375 linear meters, 23 meters wide, with 7.5 meter shoulders on each side) connecting the CALA to the runway, the P-943 taxiway extension, and an asphalt tow way (approximately 370 linear meters, 11 meters wide, with 3.75 meters shoulders on each side) connecting the CALA to the aircraft hangars.

MILCON project P-220 Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) constructs four reinforced Portland concrete, earth covered modular storage magazines (MSM), a Weapons Assembly Area (WAA) consisting of a Receive/Segregate/Storage/Issue (RSSI) facility and concrete pad (~1,104 SM), and an ASP facility.

Design/Bid/Build construction plans and specification were developed for P-220 by Benham Architects & Engineers ( now Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)). The original site design is now encumbered by the P502 CALA site. The offeror shall site adapt the P-220 design, including utilities, based on the CALA/ASP site plan.

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