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Solicitation Number: BBGCON1806S6149
Agency: Broadcasting Board of Governors
Office: Director, Office of Contracts
Location: Office of Contracts (CON)
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Added: May 5, 2006
The Broadcasting Board of Governors/ International Broadcasting Bureau (BBG/IBB), Office of Contracts, (M/CON) intends to negotiate and award a contract on a sole source basis with Moria Research Labs, 1558 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 24, Cambridge, MA 02138. The statutory authority which permits other than full and open competition that is applicable to this procurement is, as stated in FAR 6.302-1, under the authority of 41 U.S.C. 253 (c)(1) which permits other than full and open competition when the supplies or services acquired by the Agency are available from only one responsible source and no other type of supplies or services will satisfy the Agency's requirement. The North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS) for this effort is 518210. Moria Research Labs has the proprietary software the agency needs to enhance the existing open source Tor software package that the agency requires to circumvent the censorship of US Government-sponsored Internet news sites by foreign governments. As the Internet censorship capabilities of foreign governments continue to improve, they render many of our current anti-censorship techniques ineffective. Moria Research labs demonstrate the ability to upgrade the agency’s capabilities immediately to overcome these new censorship methods. Interested sources may identify their capability to perform the above to the Contracting Officer. Sources who are interested must ensure that their submissions are received by April 22, 2006. Any information received from interested firms responding to this notice shall be sufficient in detail to be evaluated without the need for additional documentation. As the information received will be considered solely for the purposes of determination whether to consider a competitive procurement. A determination by the government not to compete this proposed contract based on any responses to the notice is solely within the discretion of the government. This Public Notice of the BBG's intent to non-competitively contract with Moria Research Labs. is not a RFP, IFB, or RFQ.
Broadcasting Board of Governors, Associate Director for Management, Office of Contracts (M/CON), 330 C Street, SW, Room 2500, Washington, DC, 20237
Washington, DC
Wayne Greene, Contracting Officer, Phone 202-619-2339, Fax 202-205-1921, Email - Herman Shaw, Contracting Officer , Phone 202-205--8412, Fax 202-260-0855, Email