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14--MK 41 Vertical Launching Systems (VLS) Canister Q&A's

Solicitation Number: N0002412R5314
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Naval Sea Systems Command
Location: NAVSEA HQ
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Q1: Can the TDP be made available before the RFP is released?

A1: The Government intends to release the TDP prior to the RFP release.

Q2: Will the Government provide a list of GFP (including mfg and test fixtures) currently used by the Incumbent? Will the all offerors have access to the same GFP and if so will the Government provide availability dates for this GFP?

A2: The RFP will include a GFP list. The Government does not intend to grant access to the GFP to offerors prior to contract award.

Q3: Will potential offerors be allowed to inspect GFE Tooling & Test Equipment to assess equipment condition and the need for additional tooling and test equipment prior to the RFP?

A3: The Government currently does not plan on providing offerors the opportunity to inspect GFE tooling & test equipment prior to the RFP.

Q4: Will there be a contract requirement for drop tests, hydrostatic tests, restrained firing, or flyout tests resulting from a contract award to an offeror who is not the incumbent?

A4: At this time, the Government does not intend to require drop tests, restrained firing tests, or fly-out tests. However, the Government currently intends to require hydrostatic tests. The final RFP will govern all requirements.

Q5: Is the Government willing to comment on whether quantities are expected to become more closely aligned with the publicly available numbers resulting from the 2013 President's budget?

A5: No.

Q6: Are there canisters available for refurbishment or modification available to offerors to help reduce government costs? If so, what types and quantities?

A6: At this time, the Government intends to provide canisters for refurbishment; the final RFP will address this concern.

Q7: Would the government consider splitting the purchase and awarding multiple contracts for different canister types to multiple competitors?

A7: No.

Q8: Will the evaluated pricing include costs for shipping the canisters from manufacturing facility to missile assembly facility?

A8: Yes.

The Government currently intends for offerors to include costs of shipping the canister from the manufacturing facility to the missile assembly facility. However, the final RFP will govern all requirements.

Q9: Would the Government consider the total acquisition benefits made available through having the round provider take responsibility for the integrated interceptor and canister?

A9: No.

Q10: Will the government provide a list of current sub-contractors and assemblies?

A10: No.

Q11: Will there be a requirement for small and disadvantaged business utilization?

A11: Yes.

NOTE: All responses convey the Government’s current intent with respect to the Government’s notional requirements; however, the final solicitation will govern all requirements.
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