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Fire Protection Surveys

Solicitation Number: GS-09P-11-NQ-M-0005
Agency: General Services Administration
Office: Public Buildings Service (PBS)
Location: FMSPD, Contracts Section (9P3PMFC)
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Added: Jun 20, 2011 5:01 pm
DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE: Conduct a fire protection survey of the GSA Facilities described in the attached by a registered fire protection engineer. All areas of the facility shall be surveyed, including building services (mechanical, electrical, telephone and storage spaces) and common spaces accessible to building tenants. The purpose of the survey is to verify compliance with the latest NFPA and UBC standards and codes and document non-compliant items as well as exemplary fire protection systems maintenance and testing practices. The survey shall include a review of the facility's Occupant Emergency Plan.

GSA's Safety and Environmental Branch will use the report generated from this survey to correct non-complying items and to improve the maintenance and upkeep of the fire protection systems. The report shall address all findings during the survey including life safety code violations, testing results, review of the findings from the last fire protection survey, review of the recent (yearly, quarterly and monthly) fire maintenance and test reports generated by the building maintenance staff or their contractor.

LIFE SAFETY AND EGRESS. Identify all areas in the facility which do not comply with the NFPA 101 and the International Code Council building codes. Provide a listing by location of all non-compliant door hardware and delayed egress locks. Identify if proper signage are provided next to delayed egress locks.

The fire protection systems drawings are kept at the maintenance and operations' (M&O) office in the building. Electronic copies of previous fire survey reports will be provided after award of this contract.

DRAFT REPORTS are to be submitted for each building at 95% completion no later than ten (10) weeks after Notice to Proceed is issued by the Contracting Officer, Deborah Bernsdorf. All reports are to be in MSWord format

FINAL REPORTS, in MSWord format, shall be sent within two weeks after incorporation of review comments, from GSA, (if any) and approval of the report, by GSA. One final hard copy and one electronic copy (via email) stamped and signed report shall be submit a to the Contracting Officer. Schedule will be strictly enforced.

1) Provide a summary of all corrective actions completed on previous fire survey findings in the fire survey report.

2) Using the ITM guidelines listed in NFPA's 10, 13, 20, 25, 70, 72, and 101, assess the completeness and accuracy of the latest monthly, quarterly and yearly inspection, testing and maintenance reports. Check fire protection systems records to determine if they are being inspected, tested and maintained per NFPA frequency schedule. Include copies of the maintenance contractors ITM records for the recent 12 month period in the appendix section of the report. Provide review comments on the thoroughness and accuracy of the inspection, test and maintenance reports.

3) Schedule the survey during the next fire alarm contractor's visit to the site and witness testing.

4) All deficiency findings shall be itemized with specific locations (for each finding), a budgetary cost estimate of each finding, referenced Life Safety Code sections, and a corresponding recommendation to correct deficient items. List RAC 3 findings first. Provide photos of significant findings.

5) Risk Assessment Codes (RAC) shall be assigned for each corrective measure. Refer to Exhibit 2 for guidance in determining RAC numbers. Note that RAC's 1 and 2 are used only when there is imminent danger to the occupants. If an Imminent Hazard (condition with Risk Assessment Codes 1 or 2) is identified, the condition shall be reported to the Property Manager and Senior Property Manager immediately for corrective action.

6) Provide an analysis of the building conditions affecting life safety in accordance with the procedures outlined in NFPA 101A, Alternative Approaches to Life Safety. Results shall be reported as indicated in NFPA 101A.


All proposals must be received by the Contracting Officer on or before the date and time in solicitation.

 Proposals must be hard copies in MSWord format and must include the services you are to to perform and the cost of each building separately.  All conditions in the scope of work must be included in the proposal to be considered.

 Contractor must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) to be awarded the Contract.  Contractor must provide GSA with their DUNS Number and Tax Payers ID Number with the proposal.  To register in CCR go to


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June 20, 2011
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June 21, 2011
Description: Building Listing for surveys
450 Golden Gate Avenue
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United States
Various locations in the state of California

United States
Deborah J. Bernsdorf,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 4155223398
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