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NGA Collaboration Forum Outreach Event

Solicitation Number: U-2012-3216
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Location: OCSE - Corporate Support & Enterprise Operations
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Special Notice
Added: Nov 09, 2012 2:44 pm


The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is pleased to announce an NGA Collaboration Forum Outreach Event to be hosted by Mr. Michael Rodrigue, Deputy Director, NGA. This event will be held at the NGA Campus East (NCE) in Springfield, VA, on Tuesday, 11 December 2012. This large group session will provide an overview of NGA's overarching strategy to collaborate with industry over a sustained period of time - to listen, learn, and improve our business practices.

Note: This special notice is being issued solely for information and planning purposes in support of the NGA Collaboration Forum Outreach Event and does not constitute an Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Request for Proposals (RFP), a Request for Quotations (RFQ), or an indication that the Government will contract for any items and/or services as the result of this notice or outreach session.

NGA Collaboration Forum Information Website Location

All information related to the NGA Collaboration Forum Outreach Event, to include registration information, will be posted on the acquisition website located on the Unclassified IC-ARC at You must access the Unclassified IC-ARC website and register for a new account. Should you have questions regarding the use of the Unclassified IC-ARC, please contact the ACE-IT Support Team at 703-230-6300. Information to be posted on the Unclassified IC-ARC will include POCs, Announcements, Thought Paper Responses, and Registration Instructions.

Registration Information

Registration is required via the Unclassified IC-ARC website by Monday, 3 December 2012 in order to attend. The registrant's badge will be provided on the day of the conference once you check-in at the Visitor's Control Center (VCC). This badge must be returned to the VCC upon departure. After registering, the registrant will receive a parking permit via the provided email address with other detailed information regarding the conference.

Registration will occur on the unclassified IC-ARC ( You will need to create an account to register. Once you log in, please click the "Current IC Efforts" link on the left hand side and proceed to the "NGA Collaboration Forum" website. Actual registration can be completed under the "Registration" tab feature. Should you have any questions regarding the use of the ARC website, please contact the ACE IT Support Team at, 703-230-6300.

Collaboration with Industry

1. General Information

Early and frequent interaction and collaboration with business and industry is increasing in its importance to NGA-and to how NGA can benefit from the innovations and technical expertise available through focused communication with our industry partners. Advance collaboration will improve the way NGA does business and accelerate our understanding and application of emerging commercial processes and technologies.

Many of our shortcomings relate to strategic and acquisition planning, contract administration, and program oversight. These shortcomings directly relate to the competency and knowledge base levels of our integrated acquisition workforce. Other issues of concern include:

• Organizational conflict of interest (OCI) rules are not standardized across the agency
• Risk tolerance is low
• Productive competition is often hampered by unclear, inconsistent policies and cumbersome requirements
• Momentum for integration of our acquisition, engineering, and budget processes is moving too slowly
• Efforts to enhance communications and collaboration are maturing at too slow a pace

NGA's overarching strategy is to collaborate with industry over a sustained period of time -- to listen, learn, and improve. As we move forward, this will involve large and small group sessions targeted toward both traditional and non-traditional NGA contractors. NGA Deputy Director Mike Rodrigue is committed to engaging business leaders in on-going discussions on what NGA might do to improve our business practices and leverage industry expertise in developing innovative solutions to long term issues. NGA recently completed the first in a series of in-house meetings to introduce the concept of business collaboration with acquisition professionals. As a follow-on to that meeting, a large group event is in the planning stages to include both industry and acquisition professionals together in a problem solving session. This will occur on 11 December 2012 and be followed up with multiple small group sessions throughout calendar year 2013.

2. NGA Government-Industry Discussion Questions

In listening to industry partners and professionals across NGA, several themes continue to arise that will serve as initial topics for NGA-industry collaborative discussions:


1. OCI has been a concern for some time now, with profound effects on industry. Given the legislative atmosphere and the way NGA has been addressing OCI, what recommendations do you have for making this issue more manageable?
2. Do you foresee the need for any further corporate restructuring to accommodate OCI?
3. How do you see NGA improving procedures to avoid OCI issues?

Barriers to Competition

4. Does NGA's handling of competitive procurements provide sufficient opportunities for your purposes? What changes can you recommend to improve the process?
5. What suggestions could you provide that would help expand access and remove barriers to increase competition on NGA procurements?
6. How could we allow better access to NGA buildings and decision makers?

Procurement Processes

7. What practices could NGA adopt that would allow for more rapid acquisition of technology and services?


8. What recommendations do you have to enhance the NGA workforce's competencies to handle the award and execution of complex IT contracts?
9. What could NGA do that would better enable it to develop and retain its IT acquisition expertise?


10. NGA portrays itself as an organization with a transformative vision. Does our willingness to accept risk support this characterization?
11. Most NGA source selection decisions are based on a Best Value approach. Do you believe this to be reality, or do you believe that the decisions are driven by the lowest bids?


12. How might NGA balance an increased focus on more open communication with industry on procurement opportunities without increasing exposure to more industry protests?
13. What do you believe we could do to increase communication during the acquisition process (pre/post award)?
14. What can NGA do to minimize its risk to protests by unsuccessful offerors while maintaining its ability to engage with industry in a more collaborative and communicative environment? What can you (industry) do to allay the government's concerns?
15. How satisfied are you today with the level of communication afforded by NGA throughout the acquisition process? Is communication better at sometimes than others? What can we do to improve these communications?

3. Industry Responses [Comments / Questions / Thoughts / Recommendations]

Industry members are encouraged to respond to NGA with comments, questions, etc., related to the topic questions above. NGA will not be posting formal responses to information received, but rather information gained from industry and other sources will be used to help frame out the agenda and discussion areas for the NGA Collaboration Forum. To help NGA build the final agenda and discussion items, responses to the NGA Government-Industry Discussion Questions should be submitted by 28 November 2012 via the Unclassified IC-ARC at:

Responses shall not include proprietary information. Any responses that are marked proprietary will not be considered. No marketing materials will be accepted. Should you have questions regarding use of the Unclassified IC-ARC, please contact the ACE IT Support Team at 703-230-6300.

NGA Point of Contacts (POC)

Questions regarding this event should be directed to the NGA point of contacts for this event: William Clougherty at (571) 558-1521 or Kemisola Lofinmakin at (571) 557-5149, or unclassified email at


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Invitation from NGA Deputy Director Michael Rodrigue

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Invitation from NGA Deputy Director Michael Rodrigue
Posted Date:
November 9, 2012
Description: Invitation from NGA Deputy Director Michael Rodrigue to attend an NGA Collaboration Forum Outreach Event.
Attn: OCSU Mail Stop S84-OCSU
7500 Geoint Drive
Springfield, Virginia 22150
United States
7500 GEOINT Drive

Springfield, Virginia 22150
United States
William Clougherty
Phone: 571-558-1521
Kemisola Lofinmakin
Phone: 571-557-5149