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iPhone Service

Solicitation Number: HSCETE-12-Q-00224
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Location: ICE-OAQ-TE
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Fair Opportunity / Limited Sources Justification
Other Statutory Authority
September 28, 2012
Added: Oct 17, 2012 5:43 pm
ICE is procuring iOS services from various cellular carriers via Apple iPhone devices bundled into monthly plans for cellular phone service, Internet access for domestic and international coverage, and text messaging capabilities. The devices provide critical, mission support services for ICE personnel and provide modern communication and personal computing services. Examples are: call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling, caller ID, voice mail messaging, geospatial services, and picture/video capabilities. The iOS services will be used by a variety of agency personnel, including, but not limited to, Homeland Security Investigations, Enforcement and Removal Operations, and Office of the Principal Legal Advisor employees. The iPhone services will allow these individuals to leverage reliable, mobile technology on a secure and manageable platform in furtherance of the agency's mission.

ICE is intends on procuring the iOS-based devices/iPhone services for 17,676 users.

The salient characteristics and critical functions required by ICE for mobile technology services are as follows:
Attribute Utility
Commercial Viability Services must be derived from a commercial product that has significant market share to ensure product enhancement, support, and interest by third-party vendors to spur innovation and utility.
Operating System modification detection Ensures uniform deployment and identifies security threats.
Product uniformity and predictability Ensures supportability, training, and security management
Voice and data communication support Basic need for a mobile communications device.
Digital certificate and Identities management Ensure unique identity of device and end user for secure operations.
Email and Directory service support Basic need for mobile computing.
Microsoft Exchange integration with ActiveSync Ensures proper integration with ICE's enterprise messaging infrastructure.
Virtual Private Network support Basic need for secure communications with mission applications.
Remote management capabilities Supports field users and ensures consistent operational posture of the device.
Device use and operating characteristics managed using centralized policy management and manual configuration Essential for secure and consistent operations. Enforces agency standards for service use.
Secure backup of device data and configuration support Basic need to support reliability, repair, and end user support
Managed application distribution Basic need for consistent delivery of services and security.
Application development tools Needed to develop custom mission support applications. Promotes commercial viability of services and devices.
Signed application enforcement Ensures applications on device are from legitimate source and/or meet agency policy controls.

Business Requirements

• Training and Standards of Conduct - In coordination with the ICE Office of Training and Development (OTD) and the ICE Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), establish and provide training on the use of mobile computing devices that are enforced using the operating system policy that can be remotely managed and monitored.
• Promote the use and standardization of commercially established mobile and web-based applications for mobile computing.
• Identify scanning capabilities for the mobile computing environment needed to support the ICE missions (either built-in, or as an accessory add-on for ICE law enforcement (LE) and non-LE use). Examples include:
o LE - biometrics fingerprint and retina scanning for immediate identification of an individual
o LE - biometrics for facial recognition identification of an individual
o LE - scanning of data card magnetic strips and embedded chips for LE purposes (e.g., state drivers licenses and ID cards; passports and other type of cards such as debit cards requiring magnetic strip scanning)
o LE - other TBD
o Non-LE - barcode scanning for property/inventory management
• Product consistency and uniformity simplify management and training. Products used by enterprises must balance the pace of innovation with the ability of the organization to adapt to those changes. ICE's paramount need for security and maintainability presents unique challenges that many consumer-oriented products ignore due to the complexity of implementation and low returns on investment.

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Limited Source Justification

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Limited Source Justification
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October 17, 2012
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