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Solicitation Number: N00039-11-R-0118
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR HQ
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Added: Sep 30, 2011 9:09 am
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) in support of theNaval Enterprise Networks (NEN) Program Management Office (PMW-205) / NextGeneration Enterprise (NGEN) Program is seeking industry comments on theDRAFT Request For Proposal (RFP) in support of the delivery of TransportServices (TXS) and Enterprise Services (ES) under NGEN.

This pre-solicitation announcement is issued solely for information andplanning purposes. It does not constitute a final Request for Proposal (RFP)ora promise to issue a final RFP in the future. This request does not commit theGovernment to contract for any supplies or services whatsoever. Further, theNavy is not at this time seeking proposals and will not accept unsolicitedproposals. Respondents are advised that the U.S. Government will not pay forany information or administrative costs incurred in response to thisannouncement; all costs associated with responding will be solely at theinterested party's expense. Not responding to this announcement does notpreclude participation in any future solicitation, if any is issued. If asolicitationis released, it will be synopsized on the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO)website and the SPAWAR E-Commerce Central website at It is the responsibility of the potential offerorstomonitor these sites for additional information pertaining to this requirement.

General background information on the Next Generation Enterprise Network canbe located at the publicly accessible website:

***********************************************************************************PLEASE READ THIS COVER NOTICE IN ITS ENTIRETY***********************************************************************************The draft RFP release consists of DRAFT Sections A through M, DRAFT programattachments and DRAFT Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs). In order toaccess the program attachments, all companies must have a fully executed(signed) NGEN Government Purpose Rights (GPR) Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) on file with the NGEN Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO).

To request access to the program attachments, send an email with subject line "NDA on File, NGEN DRFPRequest". Once the PCO support staff has validated that a GPR NDA is on filethe requestor(s) will be provided a link and Personal Identification Number(PIN)/ password to access the data. All requests must list the company nameand corporate email address of each individual requesting access. Please notethat the link is only active for two weeks; after two weeks please to request a different link.

* If the NGEN (or NGEN) GPR NDA has already been executed for previousindustry days or receipt of documents it is not necessary to submit anotherNDA.

** Once access is granted, the requestor(s) will automatically receive a newlinkand PIN when the DRFP are ready for review.

If an NDA is not on file; an NDA will need to be executed by an individual whoisauthorized to sign on behalf of their company and return it to the NGEN PCO (E-mail; Fax 202-433-7619), along with an e-mailaddress. Once the PCO support staff has processed the NDA, the requestor(s)will be provided a link and PIN to access the data. This NDA is in accordancewith DFARS 227.7103-7.

Interested parties are requested to respond to this announcement by providingquestions or suggestions to the documents. All submissions should bereturned to the PCO via the spreadsheet provided with the release and are dueno later than 30 October 2011. Responses shall be submitted via e-mail onlyto NGEN Procuring Contracting Officer, CDR John Windom, Responses to this announcement shall includethe following:

a. Name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail of designatedpoint of contact;

Proprietary information WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The Government intends touse various military and civilian Navy and Marine Corps personnel in reviewingand evaluating any responses to this announcement. The DON contracts witheach company include the appropriate organizational conflict of interest andnondisclosure agreements.

Questions regarding this announcement shall be submitted by e-mail to theContracting Officer, at Verbal questions will NOT beaccepted. Any Government answers, responses and/or comments will beposted to the NGEN Reference Library. Accordingly, questions shall NOT containproprietary or classified information.**********************************************************************************LETTER FROM THE NAVY ENTERPRISE NETWORKS (NEN) PROGRAM MANAGER:

September 30, 2011

Prospective Offerors:

It gives me great pleasure to release the draft Request For Proposal (RFP) insupport of our acquisition objectives for Transport (TXS) and EnterpriseServices(ES) under the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) Program. This isanticipated to be our final major document release in advance of the final RFPwhich we plan to post on 21 December 2011. During the last few months, wehave exposed you to our development process through the AcquisitionConcepts (ACs) that were released in June, July and August 2011.

First let me thank you for the exceptional feedback to the AC's and to themyriad of general and targeted Requests For Information (RFIs) released byPMW-205 in support of both NGEN and the Department of the Navy (DON) ChiefInformation Officer (CIO) objectives. As part of those RFIs, the DON was veryspecific about the goal to reduce the non-tactical IT (or Business) budget byupto 25%, and requested Industry's best thoughts and ideas as to how we mayobtain NGEN and Navy Network Enterprise (NNE) capabilities in a more costeffective manner.

The draft RFP is our next step in engaging you as we strive to serve our Navyand Marine Corps. As I shared during Industry Day on 18 August 2011, thisdraft reflects the Government's intent to award the ES and TXS services to theLowest Priced, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Offeror(s). While this approachisintended to result in a best value acquisition for the DON we are once againsoliciting Industry's insight and assistance prior to issuance of the finalRFP.

As part of this release I would like to give you the opportunity to communicatedirectly with me. If there are details that you would like to highlight to me,Iwelcome them. I ask that you constrain yourself to one page, single spaced,Times New Roman, 13 pitch font. My intent is to give you a clear path forconcise and direct communication with me on those things you feel are themost important. Furthermore, I would like to have your one page summariesno later than the 20th of October, so that I can review them prior to ourIndustry Day on the 28th of October. My goal in all this is to ensure that youhave an RFP that you can bid to and execute flawlessly. If the draft RFP hasinadvertently specified an approach for the delivery of either the TXS or ESservices that leaves you unable to propose the requisite services to the DON,we want your feedback.

Please do not feel that your companies are constrained to a one-pagedocument. All your feedback is welcome and will be reviewed by the programoffice. The one page submittal is designed to give you the opportunity tohighlight clearly to me what you feel is most important. I promise topersonally read each of these submissions, and will address them at IndustryDay.

There are some areas in the draft RFP where I would like additional industryscrutiny. These include:a. Any recommended changes to the delivery of the approach for ESand/or TXS services, including your technical/operational rationale for eachrecommended changeb. Why this proposed alternative approach is considered low risk andconsequently complies with the LPTA contracting criteriac. Business Case Analysis (BCA) drivers that lead you to recommendthis position, presented in the DON CIO BCA formatd. Price reduction(s) anticipated if enacted or incorporatede. Any contract language or language relief that would be necessary tobetter enable the Government to consider the Offeror's recommendations

We will continue to refine the RFP as we await your responses. We know thatthe draft does not yet fully articulate our final strategy/approach/requirementinthe areas of Government Command and Control (C2), Service ManagementIntegration (SMI a.k.a. Seam Management), Configuration Management (toinclude Data and Asset Management), Technical Refresh Requirements/Planand Performance/Engineering Capacity Metrics. We will release theaforementioned information under separate cover as it is finalized to augmentthe draft RFP. However, your comments in these developmental areas are alsovery much welcome.

In the release of this draft RFP, we have taken a tremendous step toward ourgoal of competing the Navy's IT network. With the support of our IndustryPartners, we look forward to successfully completing our mission objectives. Ican assure you; each of your comments will be taken seriously and respondedto appropriately. Thank you in advance for your attention to this letter andyour continued commitment the men and women who serve this Great Nation.

SHAWN P. HENDRICKSCaptain, U.S. NavyProgram Manager, Naval Enterprise Networks
4301 Pacific Highway Bldg OT4 Code 02, San Diego CA 92110-3127
1325 10th Street SE Bldg 196 Suite 301 Washington, DC
Point of Contact - John H Windom, Contract Specialist, 202-433-7317; John H Windom, Contracting Officer, 202-433-7317

Contract Specialist