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Preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documentation Package for Sanitary

Solicitation Number: USAID-C-CQS-01
Agency: Agency for International Development
Office: Overseas Missions
Location: Georgia USAID-Tbilisi
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Special Notice
Added: Feb 04, 2013 8:03 am

Georgia has received the  grant from the  USAID  for financing of the  Improved Infrastructure, Economic opportunities, and Support for Internally Displaced Persons  and intends to use the part of this fund for the Preparation of the Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documentation Package  for Sanitary Upgrades, Household Water Supply and Drainage for 11 IDP Cottage Settlements and Provision of Design Inspection Services.

This consultancy assignment aims at preparation of Detailed Engineering Design and Bidding Documentation Package for 11 cottage settlements constructed for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) after the August 2008 conflict with Russia located in Gori, Kareli, Kaspi and Mtskheta Municipalities. The proposed works include Improvement of Drainage, Internal Water Supply Hook-ups and Sanitary Upgrades.

USAID assistance under this program will provide upgrades for nearly 2,000 cottages constructed by the GoG without running water or sewerage for IDPs from the August 2008 conflict. Due to the emergency situation following the war, these houses were often poorly constructed and the GoG is now in the process of improving the overall condition of these houses. Funding will be used to upgrade sanitary conditions and provide each house with a shower, sink, toilet, water taps and other renovation as necessary to improve water quality and drainage.

The sites are located in East Georgia in Gori, Kareli, Kaspi and Mtskheta Municipalities. Consulting services are  required for providing the Detailed Engineering Design, preparation of the Bidding Documentation Package and provision of Design Inspection Services required for the sanitary upgrades, internal water supply and drainage improvements in the settlements of Berbuki, Khurvaleti, Skra, Shavshvebi, Karaleti, Mokhisi, Akhalsopeli, Teliani, Metekhi, Tsilakni, and Frezeti to include site inspection, needs identification, hydrogeological/subsurface field and site investigations, analysis of alternatives, preparation of,  detailed design and compilation of construction bid documents.

The Consultant for Technical and Professional Services (Consultant) will carry out topographic and hydrogeological/subsurface field surveys and site investigations; analyze alternatives; prepare design studies and final designs; complete and submit detailed design drawings; compile technical specifications & schedule of quantities (BOQs); develop O&M plans; prepare site specific environmental management plans; develop inspection and performance test plan;  and assemble bid documents for the construction and rehabilitation of the following proposed engineering works, along with any other works that the contractor recommends as part of the final design in accordance with the purpose of this project:

-Drainage for selected cottage settlements (1 settlement)
-Drainage for each cottage in selected cottage settlements (10 settlements)    -Internal potable water supply connection and installation of water meters for each household in selected (10 settlements)
-Improved toilet/shower facilities (9 settlements)
-Waste Water Treatment and disposal (9 settlements)

Overall management and coordination of rehabilitation works' implementation and supervision is conducted by the Municipal Development Fund of Georgia (MDF).

The tentative duration of the services for preparation of the design and bidding documentation package is five (5) months. Consulting services for design Inspection are expected to cover the period for the Civil Works Contract estimated at five (5) months.

The Consultant  should  have  minimum 5 years of  working experience in similar  field and should have implemented minimum 2 similar projects. Similarity will be defined based on evaluation of experience in the preparation of detailed engineering designs of water supply and sanitation network and related bidding documentation (i.e. technical specifications, BOQs, design drawings). During evaluation of Consultants the preference will be given to the Companies which have working experience in Georgia.

The Municipal Development Fund of Georgia invites authorized consulting companies to express their interest for conducting the above-mentioned service.

Interested consultants should submit the  letter expressing the interest and information/company profile confirming that they are qualified in the field of above-mentioned service (description of similar activity, experience of working in analogous conditions,  booklets, existence of the  qualified relevant  staff, etc.).  Consultants may associate to enhance their qualification.

Consultants will be shortlisted based on evaluation of general qualification and specific experience of the firm (minimum 5 years  of working experience  in similar projects in Georgia and implementation of  2 similar projects in Georgia).

Technical and professional services shall be procured using competitive, technical selection among qualified prospective  consultants in accordance  with USAID policy, by using selection method of "Consultants' Qualification Selection (CQS)". 'The competition is open to all bidders listed in USAID Geographic Code 937, as defined by USAID source and nationality regulations 22 C.F.R. Part  228 (, or 110 (currently the  United States, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan) in effect on the date of acquisition.

Such selection (CQS) shall be based upon evaluation of the submitted information (company profile). Firms having the required experience and competence relevant to the assignment shall be assessed and compared, and the best qualified and experienced firm shall be selected. Only the selected firm shall be asked to submit a combined technical and financial proposal and, if such proposal is responsive and acceptable, be invited to negotiate a contract. Both technical and financial aspects of the proposal may be negotiated. If a satisfactory contract cannot be concluded, with the selected firm negotiations will be terminated with that Consultant and negotiations will be initiated with the next ranked offeror.

Interested Consultants may obtain additional information at the Procurement Division at the address provided below from 10:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Phone number: (+995 32) 2437001 / 02 / 03/ 04, extension 409, Mr. Ioseb Tchonkadze, Head of the Procurement Division.

Interest expressions can be sent electronically, or submitted through courier at the address provided below not later than 19:00 p.m. of February 18, 2013: 
Municipal Development Fund of Georgia, Mr. Elguja Khokrishvili, Executive Director,# 150 D. Agmashenebeli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia, Tel: (+995 32) 2437001 / 02 / 03/ 04, Fax: (+995 32)2437077, E-mail:, Web site:

Please visit the following link for more information: (English version)and (Georgian version).

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Washington, District of Columbia 20521-3180
Elguja Khokrishvili,
Executive Director
Phone: +99532 2437001/02/03/04
Fax: +99532 2437077
Ioseb Tchonkadze,
Head of Procurement Division, MDF
Phone: +995 32 243 70 01/02/03/04 ext 4