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NATO International Competitive Bidding (ICB): Provide Data Loss Prevention (DLP) of the ISAF Secret Network

Solicitation Number: IFB-CO-13529-OPL
Agency: Department of Commerce
Office: Bureau of Industry & Security
Location: Department of Commerce
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Added: Aug 27, 2012 2:00 pm
The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) intends to issue an Invitation for Bid (IFB) for the procurement of consultancy support and software for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) of the ISAF Secret Network.

NCIA has been authorized to use the Alliance Operations and Missions (AOM) International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedure. The successful bid pursuant to the IFB will be that bid that is the lowest price and technically compliant in accordance with evaluation criteria.

The reference for the IFB is IFB-CO-13529-OPL. The Department of Commerce will be using the same reference.

It is planned to place a single contract for the entire scope of work. No partial bidding will be allowed.


There is a known lack of information (classification or content) about the data being transferred across and out the ISAF Secret Network from individual systems via Removable Storage Media (RSM) and through network boundaries.

NATO has decided to deploy on the ISAF Secret Network the McAfee Total Protection for DLP products to mitigate the current lack of knowledge ISAF has about the movement of its information across and out of the protected network in order to make informed decisions on the best way to protect its information. It will also allow ISAF to prevent certain types of data loss and better protect all information on the network due to the host based and network based solution provided.


The objective of the procurement of DLP consultancy support is to deliver the strategy, design and architecture for the deployment of the McAfee Total Protection for DLP products on the ISAF Secret Network, which is comprised of the CISAF network managed by the CISAF Contractor and the IOC network managed by NCIA/Service Delivery.

The DLP Consultancy Support is expected to be required during the 1st Semester 2013 and to be provided by two consultants working in the NIATC (NATO Information Assurance Technical Centre) premises in Mons, Belgium.

3 major deliverables are required:

DLP strategy, design and architecture including: Prevention strategy and rules establishment; Controls for data tagging and information classification; Device and port control; Logs policy and mechanisms; Design implementation and migration plans on the ISAF Secret Network.

DLP integration and interoperability, in close cooperation with the CISAF Contractor, including: Integration and interoperability mechanisms with existing CISAF architecture (e.g. Active Directory, ePO, NIP, virtualization environment); Migration process from current host based deployed tools to the new DLP solution.

Delivery of McAfee DLP COTS software (current estimated quantity is 10,000 including one year Gold support).


Only facilities located in NATO member nations may participate in NATO ICB, which requires that the NATO member governments nominate to the bidders list those firms that are located within their borders. Before the U.S. Government can nominate a U.S. firm to the bidders list for this ICB procurement, the firm must be approved for participation in NATO ICB. Firms are approved for NATO ICB on a facility-by-facility basis. U.S. firms will find a copy of the U.S. NATO ICB application at the following website:

The NATO ICB application is a one-time application. The application requires supporting documentation in the form of 1) a company resume and 2) an annual report or set of financial documents indicating compilation, review, or audit by an independent CPA. The application and supporting documentation may be submitted as e-mail attachments. If, when submitting the application, your firm is interested in a specific NATO ICB project, please include the following in the text of your email:

- the title and/or solicitation number of the project
- the name/phone/FAX/email of the point of contact for the bid documents

After approval of your one-time NATO ICB application, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) will then know to follow up by issuing a Declaration of Eligibility (DOE) for that project. NATO-member governments use a DOE to nominate an approved firm to the bidders list for a particular NATO ICB project.


- Request from DOC that a DOE be issued (and, for firms new to NATO ICB, submit a completed one-time NATO ICB application): no later than 18 September 2012

- IFB planned to be issued September 2012

- Bid Closing planned for October 2012

- Contract Award expected to take place in December 2012

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