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Solicitation Number: N66001-06-X-2013
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
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Added: January 9, 2006
The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, (SPAWARSYSCEN) San Diego, in support of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) and DoD, is seeking proposals (technical and cost) for research and development in the following areas: 1) electronics, 2) photonics, 3) micro-electro-mechanical systems, 4) architectures, and 5) algorithms. Proposals for research and development that will support the mission of the MTO to exploit breakthroughs in materials, devices, circuits, and mathematics to develop beyond leading edge components with revolutionary performance and functionality to enable new platform capability for the Department of Defense are specifically included. In support of this mission, MTO is pioneering research in Integrated Microsystems as a "platform on a chip" to enable revolutionary performance and functionality for future DoD systems. The core of an Integrated Microsystem is the ability to sense, process, and act on data in the battlespace to give the US warfighter an asymmetric advantage. Sensing modalities extend across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, truly DC-to-light and in addition include biological and chemical sensing. Processing is addressed at the sensor front end and at the backend in the analog, digital, and mixed signal circuit domain. MTO has interest in developing new power sources and conversion technologies matched to the sensor requirements. MTO interests span all five-core technology areas, as follows, with the most revolutionary capabilities resulting from exploiting the interfaces of these areas. Electronics includes the manipulation of electrons in digital, analog, and mixed signal circuits for sensing, processing, and communications. Photonics is the generation, detection, and modulation of photons for imaging, communications, and sensing. MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) is the exploitation of the processing tools and materials from semiconductor technology to build electro-mechanical structures at the micro- and nano-scale. Architectures cover the exploitation of new arrangements of materials, devices, and circuits to increase performance or reduce power. The algorithms area focuses on the exploitation of insights into mathematical constructs for data representation, process control, and discrimination routines by leverage knowledge of Microsystem hardware operation. All of the above examples are expected to further MTO's goal of developing important enabling technologies for the DoD. Proposed efforts should offer the potential for a significant impact on the current technology and have bearing on issues confronting our Defense and National Security. New technologies and approaches to these issues are particularly encouraged. Additional information on the programs and interests within MTO is available within the DARPA MTO web site ( This announcement will be open through January 8, 2007. Awards may be made at any time throughout this period. Such awards will depend upon evaluations described below and availability of funds. The Government further reserves the right to issue contracts, grants, cooperative agreements or other transactions. Award decisions will be based on a competitive selection of proposals resulting from a peer and/or scientific review. The full set of evaluation criteria (listed in order of importance) are as follows: (1) Overall scientific or technical merits of the proposal; (2) potential transition to Department of Defense systems; (3) availability of funds; (4) the Offeror's capabilities, past performance, plan of execution, and facilities; (5) realism of the proposed cost. Proposers are strongly encouraged to submit an initial synopsis/white paper, up to seven pages, inclusive of cover page, as the initial submission. A cover sheet is to be included as the front page with the following information included (1) BAA number; (2) Which primary technical area(s) (electronics, micro-electro- mechanical systems (MEMS), photonics, architectures, and/or algorithms) the submission is related to, (3) Lead Organization Submitting Proposal; (4) Type of business, selected among the following categories: "LARGE BUSINESS," "SMALL DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS," "OTHER SMALL BUSINESS," HBCU," "MI," OTHER EDUCATIONAL," or "OTHER NONPROFIT" (5) Contractor's reference number (if any); (6) Other team members (if applicable) and type of business for each; (7) Proposal title; (8) Technical point of contact to include salutation, last name, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone, fax (if available,), electronic mail (if available); (9) Administrative point of contact to include: salutation, last name, first name, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone, fax (if available), electronic mail (if available), (10) total funds requested, and the amount of cost-share (if any); and (11) Date proposal was prepared. The body of the synopsis should include a technical description of the effort, a preliminary schedule, identification of risks, and a rough cost estimate. The initial submission (white paper or full proposal) will be evaluated using a reduced set of evaluation criteria from the full set of evaluation criteria: (1) Overall scientific or technical merits of the proposal; (2) potential transition to Department of Defense systems; (3) availability of funds. The white paper is to be submitted electronically. The URL for the SPAWAR E-Commerce Central is (Note that this does not include a "www" prefix). White papers shall not contain classified data. The requirements for the offeror's e-proposal (white paper) are: 1) A "PDF" file readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.01 or greater shall be created and 2) The white paper submission files may be compressed (zipped) into one, self-extracting file entitled "PROPOSAL.EXE" using WinZip version 6.3 or greater (or program using compatible format). Consequently, the offeror will be notified as to possible interest by the government. Upon notification, the offeror will be requested to submit a full proposal. Likewise the offeror will be notified if there is no interest in the proposed ideas represented in the white paper at that time. A debrief will not be available for white papers. If requested to submit a full proposal, this also will be submitted electronically. For the full proposal, the technical volume of the proposal is limited to 50 pages (Eight and one-half by eleven inches), excluding resumes, and management/facilities information. This volume should also include a separate section of specific task/subtask statements of the proposed work so that these could be incorporated into a Government Statement of Work (SOW). It shall also provide a motivation of value and purpose (i.e. if this is successful what impact it would have to the commercial and/or military world?), a concise technical scope and or goal, a contractor statement of work, complete technical details, a schedule of anticipated milestones or checkpoints, discussions of risks, and discussion of related work so as to put this proposed work into context. The schedule should include the milestones and deliverables, both reports and hardware. This volume should also clearly illustrate any technical data or computer software, which will be supplied to the government with other than unlimited rights and should identify other funding agencies for which the proposal has been submitted. The cost volume should: 1) be a separate document which clearly shows the costs of each proposed task separately, by month; and 2) provide Contract Pricing proposal Cover Sheet IAW FAR Table 15-2 (located after FAR 15.408), supported by adequate breakout of cost elements and rates by month for the purpose of cost/price analysis. Proposed subcontractor costs should be proposed in a similar detail. Cost proposals should be valid for a period of six (6) months after the date of submission. The URL for the SPAWAR E-Commerce Central is https://e- (Note that this does not include a "www" prefix). Proposal shall not contain classified data. The requirements for the offeror's e- proposal are: 1) A "PDF" file readable with Adobe Acrobat version 4.01 or greater shall be created and; 2) The proposal submission files may be compressed (zipped) into one, self-extracting file entitled "PROPOSAL.EXE" using WinZip version 6.3 or greater (or program using compatible format); and 3) Cost or Pricing Type Data: All information relating to cost and pricing type data shall be included only in the section of the proposal designated by the Contracting Officer as the Cost Proposal. Under no circumstances shall cost and pricing type data be included elsewhere in the proposal. Any administrative questions may be addressed to Cathy Moore at 619-553-9311 or e-mail to or mailed SPAWARSYSCEN, Attn: Cathy Moore, Code 226, 53560 Hull St., San Diego, CA 92152-5001. Questions of a technical nature may be submitted, by email only, to Dr. Cynthia Hanson, email The answer to the two most frequently asked questions, " Is this of interest?" or "Is this within scope of the BAA?" will be answered by, "An initial synopsis must be submitted in order to answer your question." Proposals may be submitted anytime during the open period of this announcement and should be unclassified. The Government reserves the right to select for award, all, some, or none of the proposals received in response to this announcement. The Government may also only select specific tasks within a proposal for award. This notice constitutes a BAA as contemplated in FAR 6.102(d)(2). No additional written information is available, nor will a formal request for proposal (RFP) or other solicitation regarding this announcement be issued. Interested parties are invited to respond to this synopsis. All responsible parties' responses will be considered.
53560 Hull Street Bldg A33 Rm 1602W, San Diego CA 92152-5001
Point of Contact - Cathy Moore, Contract Specialist, 619-553-9311; Esther E Christianson, Contracting Officer, 619-553-4333

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