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A -- Enterprise Training Management and Delivery System (ETMDS)

Solicitation Number: SPAWAR_Headquarters_MKTSVY_6FA8A
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR HQ
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Sources Sought
Added: Mar 13, 2009 2:20 pm


The Space and Naval Warfare Systems

Command (SPAWAR), in support of the

Sea Warrior Program Office (PMW

240), is seeking information regarding

the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)

or Government Off The Shelf (GOTS)

options to replace the Navys existing

eLearning capabilities, possible

approaches to implement the

remaining Enterprise Training

Management and Delivery System

(ETMDS) Functional Area Description

Document (FADD) requirements, and

respondents capability to successfully

meet all ETMDS FADD requirements.



This RFI is issued solely for

information and planning purposes it

does not constitute a Request for

Proposal (RFP) or a promise to issue

an RFP in the future. This request for

information does not commit the

Government to contract for any supply

or service whatsoever. Further, the

Navy is not seeking proposals at this

time and will not accept unsolicited

proposals. Respondents are advised

that the U.S. Government will not pay

for any information or administrative

costs incurred in response to this RFI;

all costs associated with responding to

this RFI will be solely at the interested

partys expense. Submissions will not

be returned. Small Businesses having

the capabilities to perform the tasking

below are encouraged to reply to this

RFI. Failure to respond to this RFI

does not preclude participation in any

future RFP, if any is issued. If an RFP

is issued, it will be synopsized on the

Federal Business Opportunities

(FedBizOpps) website at and the SPAWAR E-

Commerce Central website at https://e- The

information provided in this RFI is

subject to change and is not binding on

the Government. It is the

responsibility of the potential offerors

to monitor these sites for additional

information pertaining to this



Navy eLearning provides access to

training, education, and professional

development information services to

authorized users. These authorized

users include Department of Navy

(DoN) active duty and reserve

component personnel, Naval Academy

midshipmen, delayed entry program

personnel, Navy Medal of Honor and

disabled American veterans (disabled

status must be in DEERS), DoN civilian

employees (civil service), Navy and

Marine Corps military retiree personnel,

and qualified family members

(dependents in DEERS) of DoN active

duty, reserve and retiree personnel.

In order to execute eLearning, the

Navy currently uses a COTS Learning

Management System (LMS) called

TrainingServer, Version 5.3.1, originally

developed by THINQ Learning

Solutions (now SABA Software, Inc.) to

manage and track self-paced computer

based training.

The LMS provides the vehicle and the

means for DoN personnel to access

training content anywhere there is an

Internet connection. Training includes

recruit, specialized skills, pre-

commissioning for officers, warfare

specialty, and fleet individual and team


The current system architecture is a

network of training components that

provides a functional and interoperable

means for training internally from the

Navy Non-Secure Internet Protocol

Router Network (NIPRnet), as well as,

externally from the Internet.

The LMS environment is for operation

within the CONUS. System components

are located in existing computer

facilities within the CONUS. The

enterprise hub of the entire network

resides at the Saufley Field Data

Center, Naval Education and Training

Professional Development and

Technology Center (NETPDTC),

Pensacola, Florida.


It is anticipated that the ETMDS will

reside at a Defense Enterprise

Computing Center NAVY (DECC-N).


Phase I requirements, described in the

attached ETMDS FADD (Attachment A)

and Matrix (Attachment B), are

anticipated to be delivered in

accordance with the attached draft

ETMDS Phase I schedule (Attachment

C). Complete implementation of the

remaining ETMDS FADD requirements

are anticipated to be delivered as

funding becomes available, projected

to be no sooner than FY12.


3.1 Interested parties are requested to

respond to this RFI with a white paper.

3.2 White papers in Microsoft Word for

Office 2003 compatible format are due

no later than 3 April 2009 17:00 EST.

White papers shall be limited to 35

pages, less than 10MB in size, and

submitted via e-mail only to Darrell

Dodds, PCO,

Proprietary information, if any, should

be minimized and MUST BE CLEARLY

MARKED. To aid the Government,

please segregate proprietary

information from non-proprietary

information in your response. Please

be advised that submissions will not be


3.3. Section 1 of the white paper shall

provide administrative information, and

shall include the following as a


3.3.1. Name, mailing address,

overnight delivery address (if different

from mailing address), phone number,

fax number, and e-mail address of

designated point of contact.

3.3.2 Business type (large business,

small business, small disadvantaged

business, 8(a)-certified small

disadvantaged business, HUBZone

small business, woman-owned small

business, very small business, veteran-

owned small business, service-disabled

veteran-owned small business) based

upon North American Industry

Classification System (NAICS) code

541512, Computer Systems Design

Services. Small business concern

means a concern, including its

affiliates, that is independently owned

and operated, not dominant in the

field of operation in which it is bidding

on Government contracts, and qualified

as a small business under the criteria

and size standards in 13 CFR part 121.

A small business concern for the

purposes of this procurement is

generally defined as a business,

including its affiliates, averaging no

more than $25.0 million dollars in

annual receipts. Annual receipts of a

concern that has been in business for 3

or more complete fiscal years means

the annual average gross revenue of

the concern taken for the last 3 fiscal

years. Annual receipts of a concern

that has been in business for less than

3 complete fiscal years means its total

receipts for the period it has been in

business, divided by the number of

weeks including fractions of a week

that it has been in business, and

multiplied by 52. Respondents are

cautioned, however, that this is a

general description only. Additional

standards and conditions apply.

Please refer to Federal Acquisition

Regulation FAR 19 for additional

detailed information on Small Business

Size Standards. The FAR is available


3.3.4 The facility security clearance

level of the respondent.

3.4 Section 2 of the white paper shall

address the following topics:

a) Corporate experience with

deployment of DoD or federal Human

Capital Management solutions with

demonstrated usage of 100,000

registered users and evidence that the

system could scale up to a minimum of

850,000 registered users, with

concurrent usage ranging between

5,000 and 8,000, AND large scale

eLearning Systems Integration and

Deployment on a nationwide or global


1) The respondent shall succinctly

describe their demonstrated

experience in accordance with both of

the above listed criteria and provide

following information to substantiate

their experience:

(a) Contract Numbers and Award Dates;

(b) Procuring Agency/Commercial

Activity Name;

(c) Procuring Agency/Commercial

Activity Point of Contact and

(c) Dollar value of the contract

b) Description of the COTS/GOTS

product that will meet the requirements

of ETMDS Phase I and how it is capable

of future expansion to meet remaining

ETMDS FADD requirements as identified

in Attachments A and B. Respondents

shall include, as part of their white

paper, an annotated copy of

Attachment B (Matrix) indicating which

ETMDS Phase 1 and Phase 2

capabilities would be satisfied via their

proposed solution. This annotation

shall be based on the capabilities

inherent to the existing, unmodified

version(s) of the application(s)

identified as part of their proposal.

c) COTS/GOTS software license pricing

structure for all license types,

COTS/GOTS software maintenance

pricing structure, published price lists

for commercial technical and systems

engineering support labor, and

COTS/GOTS software customer support

policy .

d) Proposed approaches to implement

ETMDS FADD Phase I and the

remaining ETMDS FADD requirements

as identified in Attachments A and B.


SPAWAR representatives may or may

not choose to meet with respondents

to this RFI. Such discussions would only

be intended to get further clarification

of the information provided.


Questions regarding this

announcement shall be submitted by e-

mail to the Contracting Officer at Verbal

questions will NOT be accepted.

Questions will be answered by posting

answers to the SPAWAR E-Commerce

Central website; accordingly, questions

shall NOT contain proprietary or

classified information. The Government

does not guarantee that questions

received after 25 March 2009, 1700

EDT will be answered. To access the

SPAWAR E-Commerce Central website,

go to https://e- Click on

Headquarters, then Market Surveys to

view other important information

related to this RFI. Interested parties

are invited to subscribe to the SPAWAR

website to ensure they receive any

important information updates

connected with this RFI. To subscribe,

click on https://e-



(RFI) ONLY to identify potential sources

that may be able to provide future

Navy ETMDS requirements. The

information provided in the RFI is

subject to change and is not binding on

the Government. The Navy has not

made a commitment to procure any of

the items discussed, and release of

this RFI should not be construed as

such a commitment or as authorization

to incur cost for which reimbursement

would be required or sought.

Submissions will not be returned.
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