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A--BAA Topic Number: S0810

Solicitation Number: W15P7T-13-R-A424
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC-APG - Aberdeen Division B
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The following amendment is for Topic S0801 under BAA W15P7T-13-R-A424

The purpose of this amendment is to provide the Questions and Answers that the Government has received in regards to the Call For Proposal under Topic S0801: Radio Frequency (RF) Smart Switch.

Q1. Method of submission; Per the RFP, Offerors are instructed to make two email submissions:
1. Offerors shall submit the Cover Sheet and Cost or Price Proposal via e-mail to the Michael Levy, at
2. The offeror shall submit the full proposal including Cover Sheet, Technical Proposal, Cost or Price Proposal, and Performance Work Statement (PWS) via e-mail.
Are we correct in presuming the destination of requirement #2 is Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI) at, as instructed in the BAA (V. PROPOSAL SUBMISSION): quote mark A. Proposals (white papers if requested) shall be submitted electronically via the Army Single Face to Industry (ASFI). quote mark - or is there another email address we should be using?

A1. Offerors should submit proposals along with any necessary documents to Michael Levy, at The link located at ASFI is for unsolicited proposals.

Q2. Contents of Full Proposal; Per the RFP, Offerors are instructed to provide:
1. Cover sheet
2. Technical proposal
3. Cost or Price Proposal
4. Performance Work Statement (PWS)
Does this cover everything?

A2. The PWS is not required. Contents of the full proposal only include a cover sheet, technical proposal and a cost or price proposal.

Q3. Does 'Cover Sheet' include 'Transmittal Letter' and 'Summary' as described in the BAA (IV, FORMAT)?

A3. Yes.

Q4. Regarding 'Technical Proposal', are we correct in presuming RFP '8.1. General' through '8.4. Program Management and Planning' provides all the topics necessary to describe Exelis' technical capabilities and display experience developing similar RF switch technologies - In other words the 'Technical Proposal'?

A4. In addition to Section 8, the Offeror need to propose all the quote mark shall quote mark requirement statements in the RFP.

Q5. Regarding 'Performance Work Statement (PWS)', please provide clarification as to what exactly this pertains to?

A5. The PWS is not required.

Q6. Will you help me get the 3 listed documents which are referenced for the performance of the effort: Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/EW inTerOpeRabilitY (VICTORY) Architecture, Version A2, 22 February 2013 Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/EW inTerOpeRabilitY (VICTORY) Standard Specifications, Version 1.6, 14 November 2013 VICTORY Standard Specifications Document Appendix: GPS Receiver Device Interfaces, Version 1.6, 14 November 2013.

A6. For any interested vendors that have not received the VICTORY documents please email and provide your CAGE Code.

Q7. What is the preferred type of contract?

A7. Cost Plus Fixed Fee.

Q8. Can a Firm Fixed Price type contract still be submitted?

A8. Yes

Q9. Is there a pre-defined message set to be used by the external equipment
(radio or laptops) and the RF Smart Switch, or is it part of this effort to
define that specific message set?

A9. It is part of this effort to define the specific message set.

Q10. Per the RFP there's a fifty (50) page limit on responses back to the Government for the RF Smart Switch proposal. It isn't clear whether this limit includes both the Cost and Technical submittal, or just the Technical Proposal.
Given the amount of data required to support a FAR compliant cost proposal, Sierra Nevada Corporation requests that the 50 page limit only be applied to the Technical response, or barring that, that Appendices not be counted against the page limit.

A10. The page limit will be 75 pages in total as required with the BAA guidelines.

Q11. In Section 8.4 of the Radio Frequency (RF) Smart Switch RFP dated April 3rd, 2014, it states that the proposal shall not exceed 50 pages; however, Section IV quote mark Proposal Preparation Instructions quote mark of the BAA states that all information provided should not exceed 75 pages.
Can you clarify whether the 50-page limit is for the Technical Proposal only and the remaining 25 pages are for the Cover Letter, Cost Proposal, PWS, etc.?

A11. The page limit will be 75 pages in total as required with the BAA guidelines. This includes everything and it will be up to the offerror to choose the limitations for each section.

Q12. Why has the controller been specified to use Windows 7, and similarly, why has Java been specified as the programming language? We are concerned with meeting real-time performance given these requirements.

A12. The use of Windows 7 and Java are both part of the RF Smart Switch requirements based on the Army current needs.

Q13. There are very specific requirements for how the Java API is to be constructed. How do you envision using the Java API? For instance, will the Java API be used from anywhere other than the Control Processing GPM?

A13. For the RF Smart Switch effort, the Java API will only be used in the GPM for controlling the switch operation via the elemental functions.

Q14. Is the USB-3 interface intended to be a master or a slave interface?

A14. The role of the USB-3 on the GPM normally acts as the host to initiate the handshaking to the connected device. This requires that the USB-3 interface to be the master.

Q15. How quote mark Real Time quote mark do the USB-3/Serial interfaces need to be?

A15. The intent of using the USB-3 is its high speed capability. However, unlike RS-232 or RS-422, the USB interface is a share port where one host can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously. This ability allows the device to communicate with the host in a time sharing manners. Therefore the USB-3 needs to be configured for exclusive control of the switch without time sharing its resources.
Please see the excerpt below from the RFP requirements:
5.3.2. Real Time Control Interfaces
To meet operational requirements, it is essential that the switch respond to the control commands in real time. The commands shall be transferred via any of the Real Time Control Interfaces. These interfaces shall be programmed to transfer the control commands in real time from end to end. If any delay is imminent, it shall be specified.

Q16. What is the phase matching requirement?

A16. The RF signal at the active output ports must be the same phase relative to each other.

Q17. How long must the unit absorb the RF energy when all output ports are disconnected?

A17a. There is no hot switching requirement for this effort.
A17b. The load should be sufficient to dissipate the full input power, at state 0, for an indefinite amount of time.

Q18. What is the tolerance on the Input and Output Impedance specs?

A18. Please refer to the VSWR specification.

Q19. What is the maximum current consumption of the unit?

A19. Assuming that the maximum current is referred to the AC Power of the system chassis rather that the RF Power. Since the RF Smart Switch System is a Laboratory prototype, the unit current consumption shall not exceed the standard AC outlet of 15 Amps.

Q20. Please confirm that the insertion loss spec is independent of the theoretical losses due to splitting the RF signal.

A20. The insertion loss is the maximum total loss of the switch as seen from the output port. I.e. The input RF signal seen at the output port with 3 loads active would be: Pin/3 -Insertion Loss.

Submission are due no later than 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on 02 May 2014.

For all interested parties that have not received the referenced VICTORY documents please email your request to along with your CAGE Code.
Michael Levy, 443-861-4615

ACC-APG - Aberdeen Division B