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Research & Development and Mitigation Techniques in Advanced High Frequency Analog / RF Semiconductor Technologies.

Solicitation Number: NTS139926578
Agency: Other Defense Agencies
Office: Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Location: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (Headquarters)
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Sources Sought
Added: Nov 28, 2012 9:18 am
This is a SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE; there is no solicitation available at this time. No response will be provided to requests for solicitation. THIS SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE IS PUBLISHED FOR MARKET RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency has a requirement as follows:

(1) To develop radiation test structures, perform radiation testing, and develop modeling & simulation capability to assess analog / RF performance of high frequency advanced semiconductor technologies (e.g. strained RF-CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, SiGe HBTs) for both Single-Event-Effects (SEE) and Total Ionizing Dose (TID) radiation environments.

(2) To develop advanced modeling, simulation, and Rad Hard by Design (RHBD) mitigation techniques for < 90nm SiGe BiCMOS and SiGe HBTs in the analog / RF regime from both device and circuit perspectives at < 90nm. Specifically, quantitative evaluation of off-axis (rotated wafer) orientations in the context of SEE and TID radiation exposure compared to traditional scaling from both a BiCMOS and SiGe HBT and perspective are required. Relevant experience with 4th generation 90nm SiGe BiCMOS with best in class SiGe HBT performance on the order of 300/350 GHz ft/fmax is desired.

(3) To develop advanced modeling, simulation (e.g TCAD, Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Mixed Mode Compact Models) and Rad Hard by Design (RHBD) mitigation techniques to support the design and development of advanced strained silicon on SOI (e.g. RF-CMOS) at < 45nm (e.g. 45/32/22nm) radiation hardened microelectronics and photonic devices and materials for present and future DoD system applications.

(4) (optional) High frequency power generation is an enabling technology for advanced analog / RF semiconductor technology. DTRA has an emerging requirement to develop and demonstrate characterization and mitigation of single-event effects (SEE), total ionizing dose (TID) radiation in state-of-the-art and GaN HFET power devices. Reliability, damage mechanisms, and aging under RF stress are key concerns. Experience with Raman spectroscopy to determine the impact of radiation exposure on thermal and electrical properties of GaN is desired.

(5) Advanced Radiation hardened microelectronics (RHM) are required to support present and future DoD satellite and missile systems requirements. These requirements are captured in several DoD Directives including (a) DoD Instruction 3150.09; (b) National Security Presidential Directive-28 (NSPD-28); (c) and National Space Policy dated 28 June 2010.

Sources having the capability and/or concept to meet these requirements are invited to respond to this notice. Responses should be limited to a two (2) page white paper in 12 point Courier New font for any given concept, not including cover page, cover letter and table of contents. Any proprietary concepts of information should be clearly identified as such. Submitted data and information will not be returned. Any information submitted in response to this Sources Sought Notice is strictly voluntary. This notice is for information planning purposes and the Government will not pay or otherwise reimburse respondents for information submitted.

Electronic responses are required and shall be submitted to Ms. Debra Mudd at All emails should include in the subject line the RFI number and the submitting organization's name. All documentation shall become the property of the Government.

Unless otherwise stated herein, no additional information is available. Requests for same will be disregarded. There is no commitment by the Government to issue a solicitation, to make award or awards, or to be responsible for any monies expended by any interested parties in support of any effort in response to this Sources Sought Notice. Information provided herein is subject to change and in no way binds the Government to solicit or award a contract.

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