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44--EPA WED Boilers - Corvallis and Newport Oregon

Solicitation Number: RFQ-RT-13-00023
Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
Office: Office of Acquisition Management (OAM)
Location: RTP Procurement Operations Division (RTPPOD)
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THIS IS A COMBINED SYNOPSIS/SOLICITATION FOR COMMERCIAL ITEMS PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FORMAT IN FEDERAL ACQUISITION REGULATION (FAR) SUBPART 12.6 "SOLICITATION FOR COMMERCIAL ITEMS", AS SUPPLEMENTED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS NOTICE. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CONSTITUTES THE ONLY SOLICITATION. QUOTATIONS ARE BEING REQUESTED AND A WRITTEN SOLICITATION WILL NOT BE ISSUED. This solicitation number is RFQ-RT-13-00023 and the solicitation is being issued as a 100% small business set-aside competition Request for Quotation (RFQ) using FAR Part 12 Commercial Items and FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures. The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular 05-55, effective February 2, 2012. The associated North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors, which has a size standard of $14.0 million, is applica ble. A firm fixed-price contract is anticipated to result from award of this solicitation. This procurement is for: 1) - the purchase, supply and installation of two high efficiency, condensing boilers, 2) - the installation of four (4) previously purchased Government furnished boilers, and 3) - the removal and disposal of existing boilers in accordance with the Statement of Work. See the SF-18 (Attachment # 1) for a list of contract line items.

A. BACKGROUND - The US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Western Ecology Division (WED) Plant Ecology Laboratory building in Corvallis is a one story structure with a mechanical penthouse constructed in 1984 and is served by two 750mbtu Burnham PF504. Boiler #2 has been removed. Rather than expending the cost of repair, EPA WED has elected for replacement with high efficiency condensing boilers to conserve energy.

EPA's WED Corvallis laboratory building is a two story structure constructed in 1966 and is served by two 3,000mbtu Hurst boilers. Boiler #1 needs to be re-tubed. Rather than expending the cost for repair, EPA's WED has elected for replacement with high efficiency condensing boilers to conserve energy.

The EPA WED's Newport Laboratory building was constructed in the 1994. The original HVAC heating design utilized heat pumps and was replaced in 2005 with three hydronic natural gas fired boiler units that service the 38,000 sf main building. These units are RBI model DB1500's each and are control automated. The existing units reside in a small detached concrete block structure. Because of the size of the existing horizontal units, it is not possible to remove a unit through the 48" door without first removing the center unit that blocks the door. The current exhaust stack and piping will need to be isolated so that the remaining unit will continue to provide service. Contractor shall ensure that the remaining boiler in the Newport facility provides heating and shall also provide a temporary boiler for heating until the new units are fully functional and can provide heating.

B. SCOPE - Boiler replacement and installations at US EPA's Western Ecology Division (WED) requires installation at two locations and in three separate buildings. This project is to supply two (2) 1,000mbtu high efficiency condensing boilers for the Plant Ecology Building. This project is also to install and commission a total of six (6) boilers: 1) - Two (2) Lochinvar Crest FBN 2000 Government Furnish Equipment (GFE), 2) - Two (2) Lochinvar Crest FBN 1500 boilers Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), and 3) - Two (2) 1,000mbtu high efficient condensing boilers that shall be purchased and supplied by the contractor. This project also includes the removal and disposal of: one existing boiler at the EPA WED's Plant Ecology Building; two boilers at the EPA WED's Corvallis Laboratory facility; and two boilers at the EPA WED's Newport Laboratory facility. Lastly, the project requires commissioning and testing of all six boilers as required by Oregon State Code. See Attachmen t # 3, Statement of Work, for the full scope of work for this requirement, Government and contractor responsibilities, deliverables, acceptance criteria, and the projected period of performance. See Attachment # 4 for facilities & boiler sheets and floor plans.

C. TERMS AND CONDITIONS - The Statement of Work (SOW), Evaluation Criteria, Pricing Sheet and any other information pertaining to this requirement can only be found at the EPA website listed at the end of this synopsis/solicitation. The evaluation factors for this requirement are: 1) - Past Performance; 2) - Technical Capability; and 3) - Price (See Attachment # 2, Provisions and Clauses, FAR 52,212-2, Evaluation - Commercial Items for details). Note: Installation of the four Government-furnished boilers has a higher priority over the delivery and installation of the two boilers being procured. If the awarded contractor cannot simultaneously install all six boilers, then installation of the existing four GFE boilers shall commence at the earliest time possible. In accordance with FAR 52.204-7(b)(1) Central Contractor Registration, all prospective awardees shall be registered in the System for Award management (SAM) database prior to award, during performance, and throug h final payment of any contract or purchasing agreement resulting from this solicitation. All offerors are to include with their offers a completed copy of provision 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications -Commercial Items. In addition to FAR 52.212-3, clauses 52.212-1, 52.212-2, 52.212-4 and 52.212-5 apply to this acquisition. See Attachment # 2 for a listing of these provisions and clauses and all other FAR provisions and clauses applicable to this acquisition. Any applicable wage determination will be made a part of the resultant contract. As of October 31, 2012, Wage Determination No. 2005-2439, Revision No. 13 (See Attachment # 5) is the applicable wage determination and will be made a part of the resultant contract. If the wage determination is revised prior to award, the wage determination will be updated.

For this solicitation, all evaluation factors (see FAR clause 52.212-2 of Attachment # 2) other than cost or price, when combined are significantly more important than cost or price. The EPA will make award to the responsible offeror whose offer conforms to this solicitation and is most advantageous to the Government, cost or price and other factors considered. Offerors should review any other information posted with this Request for Quotation on EPA's website at the following address: Arrow down to the CURRENT SOLICITATIONS section and click on the solicitation. ALL FURTHER INFORMATION RELATED TO THIS SOLICITATION WILL BE LOCATED AT THE EPA WEBSITE. Please submit an electronic copy of the technical and price proposal marked "RFQ-RT-12-00023" to . All offers are due by December 5, 2012, 12:00 PM (noon), Local Time. No telephonic or faxed requests will be honored.
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