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65 -- Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol Based)

Solicitation Number: Reference-Number-N002593177SS01
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Location: Naval Medical Center San Diego
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Sources Sought
Added: June 26, 2003
Medical Supplies - Potential Sources Sought

Military Hospitals - (Army, Navy, Air Force) TRICARE Regions 9 and 10

Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol-Based) - Standardization ________________________________________________________________

This is a re-announcement. Vendors that already responded to Solicitation Number N002593121SS01, posted on May 5, 2003 need not respond.

Point of Contact: Cindy Ingrao, Clinical Consultant, Tri-Service Regional Business Office, TRICARE Regions 9 & 10, San Diego, CA. Telephone: (619) 532-8517. Potential sources sought to participate in the regional standardization of Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol-Based).

TRICARE Regions 9 and 10, a military integrated delivery network (IDN), comprised of Army, Navy and Air Force medical treatment centers in California are in the process of standardizing Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol-Based).

If your company currently holds or in the process of obtaining a Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) with the Defense Supply Center-Philadelphia (DSCP) for Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol-Based), your company is eligible to participate in the standardization process.

Please respond by Email: and provide your company name, address, point of contact, telephone, fax and E-mail address and answers to the below listed questions no later than July 11, 2003. For questions, please call (619) 532-8517.

1. Does your company manufacture a surgical scrub that does not require the use of a brush or sponge?

2. Are your products available through Prime Vendor, Owens & Minor? If yes, what is your DAPA Number?

3. Under what brand(s) does your company manufacture or distribute your products?

4. Has your product been tested according to the FDA Tentative Final Monograph?

5. Are instructions for use of this product consistent with recommendations for surgical hand antisepsis in the 2002 CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings?

6. Does your product have FDA approval as a brushless surgical hand scrub? If not, why?

7. Is your product hypoallergenic?

8. Does your product contain at least 50% alcohol?

9. Does your product have antimicrobial persistence? If so, what is the ingredient and amount used to achieve antimicrobial persistence?

10. What is the length of time of antimicrobial persistence?

11. Does your product have cumulative activity? If so, what is the length of time needed to achieve cumulative activity?

12. What is the spectrum of antimicrobial protection? Please provide your kill rate data.

13. After application of your product, how long does it take to achieve antimicrobial protection?

14. Does your product require an initial brush scrub before application?

15. Does your product require subsequent scrubs during the same day?

16. How is your product applied?

17. Does your product require the use of water?

18. Does the package allow for easy, hands-free dispensing? What other methods of dispensing the product do you have available?

19. Are your product containers designed to prevent “topping off?”

20. Does your product have a skin conditioner or moisturizer to protect the skin against drying and breakdown? If so, can your company provide data regarding compatibility with a skin moisturizer that is also latex compatible?

21. Does the product dry in less than 30 seconds?

22. Is your product compatible with iodine, CHG, and latex?

23. Is your product compatible with non-latex gloves?

24. Is the product easily cleaned off surfaces and equipment?

25. Does your company have MSDS information available for distribution with your product?

26. What types of educational tools or materials do you have for this product line?

27. What kind of staff training does your company provide?

28. Does your company provide customer service 24/7?

29. Is there any history of backorders and/or recalls for this product group? If yes, please answer:

a. Dates and duration

b. Cause

c. Resolution

Also, please send your product literature on Brushless Surgical Hand Scrub (Alcohol-Based) by July 11, 2003 to:

Ms. Cindy Ingrao, RN, MSN

TRICARE Regions 9 & 10

Tri-Service Regional Business Office

34960 Bob Wilson Dr., Suite 400

San Diego, CA 92134

Department of the Navy, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, NMC San Diego, Bldg 1 38400 Bob Wilson Drive, San Diego, CA, 92134-5000
Ramon Buyson, Senior Systems Analyst, Phone (619) 532-8519, Fax (619) 532-5887, Email