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U -- Capacity Development for the Ministry of Oil

Solicitation Number: W91GXX-06-N-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: CENTCOM - Joint Theater Support Contracting Command
Location: RCC KABUL
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Added: March 2, 2006
The Government intends to issue a solicitation for an unrestricted Firm Fixed Price procurement with a period of performance of two years. The purpose of this contract is to allow any organization or entity to support IRMO (U.S. Embassy Baghdad) to deliver an effective capacity development program utilizing predominately U.S and European firms, universities, institutes and professional organizations for personnel within the Iraqi Ministry of Oil that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Oil.

This capacity development shall encompass the following types of training in technical skills, business skills, including business management, and information technology;

a) Participating in development programs offered by US Government agencies in technical matters pertaining to the Oil and Gas sector;

b) Participation in short- to medium-term development programs offered by specialized private institutions, private companies, and professional organizations;

c) Long-term development at various universities, organizations, and commercial training entities in the United States and Europe for Oil and Gas specialists from the Ministry of Oil and/or for Iraqi specialists serving as instructors in Iraqi institutions of higher learning;

d) Assisting in capacity development through joint government-industry activities, faculty and student exchanges and tours, and exploration of ways to promote transfer of skills and technology to support human resources development, policy development, and institutional infrastructure; and

e) Such other forms of capacity development as the Ministry of Oil and IRMO may mutually determine (i.e. feasibility studies, surveys, etc).

Due to space contraints, more information is available (e.g. draft SOW) on the website under W91GXX-06-N-0001

Department of the Army, Project and Contracting Office, Joint Contracting Command-Iraq, PARC Reconstruction, US Embassy Palace APO, Baghdad, Iraq, AE, 09316
TBD per contractor's proposal. Expected solicitation issue date of 17 Mar 06.
All questions should be addressed to reference
Eddie Sexton, Contracting Officer, Phone 7035446590, Email