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Physician, temp service at the White Earth Health Center Ogema MN (IHS)

Solicitation Number: WEPHYMAY3
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: Indian Health Service
Location: Bemidji Area Office
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April 23, 2010
ALPHARETTA, Georgia 30022
United States
Added: Apr 01, 2010 1:47 pm


OGEMA, MN 5656


The mission of the White Earth Health Center in Ogema, MN is to deliver quality care in order to attain

positive health outcomes for all our valued patients with emphasis on cultural sensitivity and human


To meet the mission, the White Earth Health Center requires a trained Physician to support and assist in

temporary duties assigned at the clinic.

Individuals providing services under contract, which involve regular contact with, or control over, Indian

children, are subject to a character investigation in accordance with “Indian child protection and family

violence prevention act” P.L. 101-630. The Indian health service personnel office will conduct these

investigations following award of a contract unless in the judgment of the contracting officer, in

consultation with the personnel officer, investigation may be waived based on prior investigations on file.

Until the Character Investigation has been completed and the contracting officer notified, such individual

should not have unsupervised contact with Indian children.

The contracting officer has the authority to temporarily waive the character investigation of a contractor.

The “Agreement to a Temporary Waiver of Character Investigation” authorizes an agency to hire a

contractor prior to the completion of a background check provided that at all times the contractor is within

the sight and under the supervision of a government employee who has successfully completed the national

agency check with written inquires (NACI)

The need for services is expected to remain constant during the term of the contract period. Therefore, the

contractor shall maintain the continuity of services to the maximum extent possible.

Each contract resulting from this solicitation shall:

(A) Be a fixed-price personal health care services contract under which the contractor is subject to

supervision and direction of a designated gov’t officer.

(B) Allow the government to evaluate the quality of professional and administrative services provided, but retain no control over the medical, professional aspects of the services rendered (e.g.

Professional judgments, diagnosis for specific medical treatments);

(C) Require the contractor to ensure that its subcontracts for provision of health care services contain the requirements of the clause a far 52.237-7 (section i-4), including the maintenance of medical liability insurance.


The Indian health service does not anticipate a need for contractor furnished equipment.


The contract physician will be authorized to use all areas of the medical treatment facility available to civil

service and commissioned personnel in similar positions. The same restrictions apply to the contractor

physician and any other Indian health service personnel to use areas for official business activities only.

Each physician shall be provided with an orientation to the service unit and the Indian community being

served. Clinical personnel shall provide the orientation.

The clinic shall provide all equipment and medical supplies deemed necessary to provide medical care at

the clinic with the exception of those items to be supplied by the contractor as listed.

The clinic shall provide all required blank government forms applicable to the Indian health service.

Clinical personnel will also provide appropriate orientation to the necessity of such forms.

The clinic shall provide an ongoing method of monitoring and evaluation of the quality of services

performed before the level of performance becomes unacceptable. Contractor will be under the direct

supervision of the Chief of Medical Staff or designated representative.


The contractor shall furnish Medical services for the Medical Dept. at the White Earth Health Center in

Ogema, MN and /or it’s satellite clinic in Naytahwaush or Pine Point. The contractor shall perform services compatible with the medical facilities operating capacity and equipment. The contractor shall provide services for Indian health service beneficiaries served by the clinic. Contract performance shall be according to the requirements contained in this statement of work.

The Clinical Director or designated representative will be the direct supervisor for the contractor. The

contractor shall advise his/her immediate supervisor or representative of any problem encountered, or

which may be encountered, in connection with meeting the needs of patients served by the medical dept. The contractor shall report continuing problems of any nature to the I.H.S. Project office officer.


The Contract Physician shall provide emergency and routine general Medical Services for eligible patients (children, adults and elderly) at the White Earth Health Center and /or it’s satellite clinic in Naytahwaush or Pine Point.. The Clinical Director will monitor contractor activity.

Specific Medical services shall include, but are limited to the following:

1. Diagnostic/examination, screening, initial and periodic.

2. Fully participates in medical staff functions.

3. Emergency care-diagnosis and treatment.

4. Maintain medical staff privileges.

5. Records patient provider transactions.


1. Successful completion of a course of study leading to a Degree of Doctor of Medicine.

2. Must hold a current and unrestricted Medical license from any of the United States.

3. Must apply to and be accepted as a temporary member of medical staff.

4. Must apply for and have approved appropriate medical privileges by medical staff.

5. Must possess current basic life support (BLS) certificate.

6. Must possess documentation of continuing medical education.

7. Preference will be given to persons previously credentialed in IHS.


The Contracting Physician will provide service at the White Earth Health Center, Ogema, MN and /or it’s satellite clinic in Naytahwaush or Pine Point..

Duty hours are eight (8) hours per day 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday with a ½ hour lunch

break. Contractor shall work approximately 5 weeks (depending on rate) beginning 3 May 2010, this contract will have a cap of $25,000. If requirement continues there will be a new solicitation and contract.

The Clinical Director or designated representative may extend day schedule of work requires. Overtime

hours are only to be used when absolutely necessary and approved by the project officer.

Scheduled days will exclude recognized federal holidays;

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

New Years Day

M.L. King Day

Presidents’ Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

This contract will terminate when period of performance expires or if funds availability imposes




The Contractor shall submit a signed and approved invoice to request payment on at least a monthly basis.

(a) The Contractor shall submit an original invoice to:

Attn: Accounts Payable

White Earth Health Center

40520 Co HWY 34

Ogema MN 56569

(b) The Contractor shall include the following information on each invoice in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act (5 CFR Part 1315.9(b)):

1. Contractor’s name;

2. Invoice number and date;

3. Entire award number or other authorization number for delivery of goods or services;

4. Description (including dates of service), price, and quantity of goods and services rendered;

5. Shipping and payment terms;

6. DUNS number and Taxpayer Identifying Number (TIN); and

7. Contact name (where practicable), title and telephone number.

Payment shall be made by the Aberdeen Area Financial Management Branch, Room 309 Federal Building, Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401

The Contractor will maintain a log of invoices and balance of remaining contract dollars.

Added: Apr 23, 2010 11:25 am
522 Minnesota Ave NW
Bemidji, Minnesota 56601
White Earth Health Center to include 2 feild clinics within 45 miles of main clinic.

40520 Co Hwy 34
Ogema, MN 56569
Ogema, Minnesota 56569
United States
Todd Sonnek,
Purchasing Agent
Phone: 2189836275