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Statement of Work for Actuarial Consultant Services

Solicitation Number: PRC_SOW_031610
Agency: Postal Regulatory Commission
Office: PRC Office of Administration
Location: PRC HQ
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
Added: Mar 16, 2010 5:22 pm


The PRC requires actuarial consultant services, using the OIG report as background, to review the method selected by OPM to allocate CSRS obligations associated with USPS employees' POD-era service between the Postal Service and the federal government.


The actuarial consultant shall provide reports, documentation and deliverables in verbal, written or electronic format (as appropriate) and shall provide weekly written progress reports.

Project Details

The actuarial consultant shall:
 Review the method employed by OPM to allocate CSRS liabilities incurred during employment by the POD and during employment with the USPS between the Postal Service and the Federal Government for the purpose of assessing  the advantages and disadvantages of this allocation method

 Advise as to any alternative methods that should be considered, including (but not limited to) the method suggested in the OIG paper 

 Provide an assessment of how an allocation would be structured if all parties had negotiating power similar to that involved in acquisitions in the private sector

 As applicable, provide recommendations typically made in similar situations for estimating the allocation of pension liability between a parent company and subsidiaries, particularly if those subsidiaries are divested

 As applicable, compare OPM's current method of allocation to standard or typical allocation methods used in a spin-off by other semi-government, government bodies or private sector entity undergoing a similar restructuring

 Meet with OPM, USPS and USPS OIG actuaries, as needed, to discuss and to apply methods and results.

 Support PRC staff members in identifying and assessing  appropriate allocation methods

 Provide related supporting data and, to the extent practicable, models or description thereof, to PRC staff

 Address the appropriate level of funding for a Retiree Pension fund, including standard or typical practice, risks of overfunding vs. underfunding, volatility of funding assumptions, and any other important issues



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Statement of Work

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Statement of Work
Posted Date:
March 16, 2010
Description: Postal Regulatory Commission Statement of Work for Actuarial Consulting
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