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Request for Information (RFI) - Commercial Sampling and Genomic Sequencing

Solicitation Number: W911SR-13-I-0001
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command, ECC
Location: 410th CSB RCO Miami (PARC Americas)
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Sources Sought
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This notice is a request for information (RFI) and is not a request for proposals (RFP). The government will not award a contract on the basis of this notice, or otherwise pay for information solicited by it. Proprietary information should be clearly marked. The requested information is for planning and market research purposes only and will not be publicly released. In accordance with FAR 15.201(E), responses to this RFI are not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract.

This is a FEDBIZOPPS ANNOUNCEMENT requesting technology information on rapid sample-to-sequence genomic sequencing systems.


The Research and Technology Directorate under Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) is seeking market research and potential sources for available commercial sample preparation and genomic sequencing systems. Platforms of particular interest are those that support rapid sample processing, sequence-ready nucleic acid preparation, and whole genome shotgun sequencing read output, all with minimal human intervention (i.e., "Sample-to-sequence"). The scope of the information being sought covers the processing and sequencing of unknown aqueous clinical and aqueous environmental samples to identify viral and/or bacterial components. This RFI does not support the development of such a system but seeks to evaluate existing capabilities. Submitters may be contacted to participate in an evaluation of their system hosted at ECBC in Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland. Vendors both domestic and international are encouraged to respond. Submitters are advised to include all necessary participation expenses. These will be factored into the selection criteria. Selection for inclusion into the evaluation does not guarantee all expenses can be met.

PART I - Technical Criteria

The system should be able to support the sample processing of unknown clinical or environmental samples through to genomic sequencing and provide sequencing read data that can be used to identify viral and/or bacterial components. This request for information is focused solely on the sample-to-sequence capability and not the subsequent data analysis or assembly software. This evaluation does not require the use of select agents as equipment will be operating under BSL1/2 conditions. Specific information of interest is as follows:

•Candidate systems must support complex sample processing from initial sample addition to shotgun sequencing read output including: nucleic acid extraction if necessary, nucleic acid sequencing preparation, and sequence read generation, all with minimal manual manipulation. Vendors must include an outline of the process from start to finish, the time involved in all processing steps including manual steps, and all components used.

•Description must include existing system footprint, hardware specifications, power requirements, and a detailed description of the manual steps. Smaller specifications for size, weight, and power (SWAP) will be favored. Incorporate a concept for how SWAP could be reduced in future system models including a system footprint reduction to one cubic foot; include an outline/schedule and timeline for a realistic approach for such and all associated costs.

•Include list of logistics, reagents, materials and associated costs. Favor will be given toward systems that have a lower logistical burden (i.e., battery, chemicals, refrigerated consumables, etc) and lower overall cost.

•System may be separated into components that collectively support sample processing, sequence-ready nucleic acid preparation, and sequence read generation.

•A description of how whole genome shotgun sequencing reads could be generated in approximately one hour of complex sample insertion should be included as well as the time involved for the existing system.

•System may contain software and firmware to coordinate sample processing and sequencer activities.

•Sensitivity of system should be optimized to identify organisms in sample at low concentrations, i.e., 10 organisms in one sample.

•Sample processing should support sample inputs of unknown aqueous clinical and aqueous environmental samples potentially containing bacterial cells and/or viral particles.

PART II - Submission of Information

Vendors desiring to respond to this request should provide a white paper as follows:

White Paper:

Limit the number of pages to four (4) total (Times New Roman, Font 12, one inch margins) excluding cover and photos which can be included separately. Interested vendors are also asked to submit a quad chart as a summary template. Describe technology including, at a minimum, the specific information of interest stated in Part I. Other information of potential interest that vendors could include are current and investigational applications of product, future commercial developments, references that document utility of the system or product, and photographs of complete system and components.

To be responsive to this announcement a vendor must supply their information as requested by 31 December 2012 as a Microsoft Word document. The recipient email address is: At least one image of the full system should be submitted as a jpeg file with email file sizes not to exceed 3 megabytes. Vendors are requested to provide the name of Contact Person, telephone number, FAX number, email and complete address with each submission of data.

8300 NW 33RD STREET STE 110
MIAMI , Florida 33122-1940
United States
Kathryn A. Ortel-Thatcher,
Supervisory Contract Specialist
Phone: 4104172167