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Bldg 1330 AFFF Fire Supression

Solicitation Number: F3F3CE8190A001
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Combat Command
Location: 366 CONS
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Sources Sought
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Request for Information
(i) Request for Information (RFI) (F3F3CE8190A001 Bldg 1330). All interested firms or individuals responding must be registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR).
(ii) CLIN (0001) Performance of visual and hydrostatic testing of foam tanks, removal/ replacement of foam bladder, including all necessary related work for a complete testing/ maintenance process in order to ensure that the AFFF fire system is reliable in case of use.

(iii) ***This requirement is currently UNFUNDED.***
The government does not presently intend to award a contract, but does want to obtain information in the event that funding is obtained. The government may or may not award a contract for some or all of the items in this request.

The purpose of this sources sought notice is to identify the availability of qualified sources. The anticipated contract type will be firm fixed price. If your company is able to provide item(s) requested and are interested in this acquisition please submit the following:

1. Point of contact, including a phone number, physical and e-mail address
2. Size status and or SBA certification program of your company.
3. Cage Code for your company.
4. An estimated cost for item(s) requested that includes FOB shipping terms, and an estimated delivery date.

***FYI...366th Contracting Office will most likely be awarding contracts up until midnight on 30 September 08, for Fiscal Year End. Please inform us if your company, or a company representative, will be available to obtain firm quotes on that day.***

(iv) FOB-Destination for delivery to: 366 CES/CECO, Mountain Home AFB, ID 83648. Responsibility and Inspection: Unless otherwise specified in the contract or purchase order, the supplier is responsible for the performance of all inspection requirements and Quality Control (QC).

All information must be emailed to Donovan Wall at, or faxed to (208) 828-6486.


QYZH070032 - Repair AFFF Fire Suppression, Fac 1330

Purpose: Inspect and test aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) system within Facility 1330 in accordance with UFC 3-600-02, Table 2.9.

1. Inspect and verify that all eleven Control Valves (unsupervised and unmonitored) function properly by operating valves through their entire travel distance and that they are returned to their proper (open) position.

2. Inspect the proportioning system for proper valve alignment and system condition.

3. Inspect the proportioning valve and ensure blow down valve is closed. Clean and lubricate the stem.

4. Verify operability of manual actuators.

5. Inspect piping hangers, heads for obstuciton, piping for leaks, riser condition, and nozzles for condition and location.

6. Flush balancing valve to prevent concentrate build-up on diaphragm. Inspect the water supply strainer (1) and clean if necessary.

7. Ensure that panels are secured and indicator lamps functional, notification appliances are in place, manual stations (about 12) in place and unobstructed, and that sprinkler spares are available and undamaged. Control Panels consist of the following:
• Monaco Transmitter
• Notifier AFP-200 - (Preaction Panel)
• Notifier RP-1001 - (Building AFFF Panel)
• Notifier RP-1001 - (Paint Booth AFFF)

8. Drain AFFF from foam concentrate tank, flush foam tank. Remove foam tank bladder and perform internal inspection of tank for corrosion and cracks. Perform hydrostatic test on tank. Replace foam tank bladder with new bladder. (Tank is Part # CCS3-1206HA, manufactured by Arrow Tank and Engineering Company.)

9. Refill foam concentrate tank with 3% AFFF solution that meets MIL-F-0024385E(SH). (1200 gallon tank)

10. Conduct full AFFF flow test to ensure proper system function and AFFF solution mixing. Verify nozzle (head) coverage during the flow test. Adjust nozzle head position if coverage requirements are not met. Take test sample of discharged AFFF solution and have it tested to verify solution is not less than 3% AFFF. Refill foam concentrate tank with 3% AFFF solution to replace amount lost during test. The length of foam test critical in determining amount of foam necessary for replacement. Coordiante flow test time and duration with Fire Department (366 CES/CEF), Civil Engineering (366 CES/CEPM), Environmental Engineering (366 CES/CEAN), and Facility 1333 Building Manager.

a. Hangar 1330 has 20,000-ft² of AFFF coverage. The system sprays from fixed in place ground mounted foam cannons in a pattern along the floor. Check that coverage is properly configured for F-15 aircraft and adjust as needed.

b. The building roof is at an angled slope and the height varies from 22-ft up to 48-ft.

c. Hangar has trench drains in the center of the floor to capture the foam and pump it to a containment pond.

d. There are test headers inside hangar.

e. It is suggested to prepare for the foam test and clean up by covering the support pillars, walls, and electrical boxes with plastic wrap to prevent water damage then use push brooms or squeegees and push the foam and water solution towards the drains. The foam can also be washed down using a regular garden hose and hand held nozzle.

11. Clean up area of hangar affected by AFFF discharge test.

12. Provide a list of all inspections, test results and corrective actions to Contracting.




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Floor Plans

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Floor Plans
Posted Date:
September 24, 2008
MHAFB-DV-04821[1].tif (33,624.58 Kb)
Description: Trench Drain Floor Plan
MHAFB-DV-04825[1].tif (33,680.71 Kb)
Description: Mechanical Floor Plan - Corrosion Control Facility
MHAFB-DV-06177[1].tif (11,101.93 Kb)
Description: Plumbing Floor Plan
MHAFB-DV-06179.tif (50,843.83 Kb)
Description: Piping Diagram
MHAFB-DV-06182[1].tif (9,578.14 Kb)
Description: Fire Protection Equipment Room

Revised Statement of Work

Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Revised Statement of Work
Posted Date:
September 24, 2008
Description: Revised Statement of Work for Fire Suppression System in Hangar 1330
366 Gunfighter Ave Ste 498
Mountain Home AFB, Idaho 83648-5258
Donovan A Wall,
Contract Administrator
Phone: 208-828-6485
Fax: 208-828-6486
Andrzej K Wojcicki
Phone: (208)828-3870
Fax: (208)828-4031