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15--Sources Sought for Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH)

Solicitation Number: W58RGZ-09-R-0129
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: Army Contracting Command
Location: ACC-RSA - (Aviation)
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Sources Sought
Added: Nov 07, 2008 4:20 pm

On October 16, 2008, the U.S. Army announced the termination of the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) contract with Bell Helicopter. As a result, the Army is reassessing the ARH performance requirements. Specifically, the Army may procure up to 512 new Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters with the capability to perform a Hover out of Ground Effect (HOGE) at 6,000 ft/95 degrees Fahrenheit and operate in an Armed Reconnaissance configuration with required range and endurance. The ARH will conduct armed reconnaissance to fight for actionable combat information to enable joint/combined air-ground maneuver execution of mobile strike, close combat and vertical maneuver operations across the full-spectrum of military operations.

The Product Manager, Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (PM ARH) seeks your comments and suggestions on how to accomplish the requirements for this new program. Specific information that should be included in your response is in Appendix A. It is requested that you provide your comments and input to the address below no later than 1:00 P.M CST, 5 December, 2008. Information may include hard copies of material along with CDs and DVDs as appropriate. There is no restriction on the types or quantities of material to be submitted. All information will be handled by PM ARH as Procurement Sensitive.

This notice is not a request for proposal. The government will not award a contract on the basis of this notice, or otherwise pay for information solicited by it. Proprietary information should be clearly marked. The requested information is for planning and market research purposes only and will not be publicly released.

Any questions may be directed to the contracting officer, Mr. James Ganoe at 256-313-4266, email The PM ARH point of contact is LTC Barry Higgs at 256-313-4460, email The mailing address for your comments is U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Contracting Center, ATTN: AMSCC-AVM-AR-B/Mr. James Ganoe, Contracting Officer, PEO Aviation Headquarters, Building 5681, Wood Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5280.

Original Point of Contact

Mr. James Ganoe, Contracting Officer, (256) 313-4266, email:

Place of Performance

Address: US Army Aviation and Missile Command Contracting Center, ATTN: AMSCC-AVM-AR-B/Mr. James Ganoe, Contracting Officer, PEO Aviation Headquarters, Building 5681, Wood Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL
Postal Code: 35898-5280
Country: US

Appendix A


1. Describe the aircraft and the following technical characteristics or performance capabilities with supporting data:
a. Basic Empty Weight
b. Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight
c. Provide range and endurance (with 20 min fuel reserve) of the aircraft performing a 6,000/ 95F HOGE at takeoff using the following engine powers during the HOGE:

i. Military maximum or commercial take-off power
ii. 95% military maximum or commercial take-off power

For performance calculations assume 2,300 lbs for the following: Mission Equipment Package (ASE w/ IR suppressor, COM/NAV, cockpit display system, sensor, 7 shot rocket pod & .50 cal gun w/ munitions), crew, ballistic tolerant fuel tank, engine barrier filters, and anticipated structural modifications.

d. When in the configuration of para 1.c above, describe the extent of modifications, if required, to extend the endurance to:
i. 2 hours 12 minutes
ii. 2 hours 40 minutes
e. Expected cruise airspeed when in the configuration and conditions of para. 1.c above.
f. Describe qualitatively the handling qualities of this aircraft and provide a description of your flight control system. If the aircraft has ever been quantified utilizing the Cooper-Harper Handling Qualities Rating Scale, provide the rating and conditions/configuration when measured.
g. Autorotation capabilities at various payloads up to Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight.
h. Flight envelope, CG, and structural weight limits

2. Describe your companys experience in integrating a Mission Equipment Package to include cockpit, avionics, ASE, sensor, and weapon systems

3. Describe the ballistic protection, if any, and vulnerability characteristics of the aircraft.

4. Describe the number of these aircraft that are deployable on a C-17 and C-5 aircraft and minimum times to embark /debark. Include any special tools, equipment, and test flight requirements.

5. Describe the ability of the aircraft to operate in adverse conditions including sand and dust and icing.

6. Describe the crashworthiness capability of the aircraft, and extent of modifications required, to meet the current U.S. Civil or Military crashworthiness requirements

7. Describe your approach to gaining U.S. Army Airworthiness qualification and material release.


1. For the configuration defined in paragraph 1.c, describe the expected timeline for delivery of flyable prototypes and production aircraft following contract award and provide applicable assumptions.

2. Describe the maximum annual production capacity for this aircraft with your existing manufacturing facilities.

3. Describe the additional manufacturing capacity that may be required to meet a maximum production rate of 60 aircraft per year to include achievable production ramp up rates.


1. Provide reliability and maintainability information associated with this aircraft.

2. Provide examples of your companys experience in developing technical publications to include examples of types of technical manuals, Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). Explain your companys experience in developing technical publications for the military.

3. Provide examples of type and amount of equipment, skill level requirements, tooling (common and peculiar), Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Test, Measurement, Diagnostics, Equipment (TMDE) required for your aircraft.


1. Provide the unit cost for the aircraft to include the cost of major components and any other cost associated with delivery of an aircraft. Please explain how this unit cost may be affected by the projected purchase of 512 aircraft at maximum production rate of 60 aircraft per year. If various options are available, please provide a cost for each.

2. Provide operating cost per flight hour of a defined aircraft configuration with a description of all included costs.

US Army Aviation and Missile Command (Aviation), ATTN: AMSAM-AC, Building 5303, Martin Road, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5280
US Army Aviation and Missile Command (Aviation) Contracting Center ATTN: AMSCC-AVM-AR-B, PEO Aviation Headquarters, Building 5681, Wood Road Redstone Arsenal AL
James Ganoe
Phone: 256-313-4266