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58 -- Battle Force Tactical Network (BFTN)

Solicitation Number: N00039-11-R-0056
Agency: Department of the Navy
Office: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Location: SPAWAR HQ
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Added: Nov 12, 2010 11:56 am Modified: Aug 25, 2011 3:20 pmTrack Changes
DESCRIPTION: The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) insupport of the Program Executive Office for Command, Control,Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (PEO C4I), CommunicationProgram Office (PMW/A 170) plans to award a contract for procurement andintegration of up to 253 Battle Force Tactical Network (BFTN) systems that willoffer Line-Of-Sight (LOS) and Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) networkconnectivity for ships, submarines, aircraft, and naval shore via the HighFrequency (HF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio spectrum. Thesolicitation will also request an estimated 400 engineering support serviceshours for a Senior Systems Engineer to assist PMW/A 170 in the installation ofthe BFTN systems. The contemplated contract type for the procurement andintegration of the BFTN systems is Firm Fixed Price while the engineeringservices will be contracted on a Cost Plus Fixed Fee basis. The duration of thecontract is anticipated to be a base year with four (4) one (1) year options.

The BFTN system uses a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware solutionand Government-Furnished Equipment (GFE) software to provide networkedRadio Frequency (RF) data connectivity over HF (BFTN/HF) and UHF (BFTN/UHF),as an intra-force adjunct for long haul communications. BFTN providesintegration capabilities for robust Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity acrosstheSecret Internet Protocol Routing Network (SIPRNET) and Combined EnterpriseRegional Information Exchange System-Maritime (CENTRIXS-M) systems. Thisconnectivity allows the BFTN system to provide platform (surface andsubmarine) connectivity when satellite communications (SATCOM) links areunavailable.The Request for Proposal will be issused on or around 25 August 2011 and theclosing date for proposals is 25 September 2011.The BFTN specification is to be marked as follows:Statement D: Distribution authorized to DoD and U.S. DoD contractors only(Administrative or Operational Use) (10 MAY 2011); other requests must bereferred to the Communications Program Office (PMW 170), Navy ProgramExecutive Office for C4I.

Access to the BFTN specification is limited to the Department of Defense (DoD)and DoD contractors. All individuals provided access to the specification MUSTbe U.S. citizens. The specification and SOW will be posted the Net-CentricEnterprise Solutions for Interoperability (NESI) site.

In order to gain access each contractor shall have a Primary Point of Contact(PPOC) who is responsible for submitting the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)below. This documentation package shall be submitted to the ProcurementContracting personnel identified below, as a condition of receiving thespecification. The PPOC shall provide the following information via email

(1) The Company's name, company address, company's Commercial andGovernment Entity (CAGE) code, company's Data Universal Numbering System(DUNS) number, the PPOC's name and title, corporate e-mail and telephonenumber,

(2) The name and title, corporate e-mail address, and phone number of eachadditional employee(s) designated to obtain access for the company. ThePPOC must certify that the employees listed are US citizens,

(3) A confirmation that a current Central Contractor Registry (CCR) account ismaintained by the company,

(4) Identify the name of the individual, from the access list provided above,who will be responsible to gain access to the SPAWAR NESI site to download thespecification. Access information to the NESI site will be provided via e-mailafter the verification process is complete.

(5) A signed NDA on company letterhead as provided below:

In the event that the prime contractor determines that their subcontractor(s)require copies of the specification, the Prime Contractor is authorized toreproduce the specification and provide the specification to theirsubcontractorONLY AFTER:

(1) The subcontractor's approved DD Form 2345 and the information at Items1-5 above, is provided to Kate McCoy,

(2) Data release is approved by the PCO. The Prime Contractor is responsiblefor overseeing their subcontractors' use of proper procedures and handling ofmilitary critical technology data that they provide to their subcontractors.

Procedures for use, storage, and disposition of the military critical datashall behandled in full compliance with each company's approved DD Form 2345.

Access procedures to the SPAWAR NESI site will be provided to the PPOC afterthe verification process is completed.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

[Company Name] understands that certain information related to the BattleForce Tactical Network (BFTN) System Specification is considered to besensitive with respect to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations andthatthis information is restricted to U.S. citizens only. [Company Name] agrees tolimit access to the information to its identified employees with U.S.Citizenship.[Company Name] also agrees to not disseminate technical data obtained fromthe BFTN System Specification to third parties.

[Company name] agrees that the documents provided as part of the BFTNSystem Specification may contain technical data whose export is restricted bythe Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec. 2751 et seq.) or the ExportAdministration Act of 1979, as amended (Title 50, U.S.C., App. 2401, et seq.).Violations of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties.Dissemination is in accordance with provisions of OPNAVINST 5510.161, andDoD Directive 5230.25.

[Company name] agrees that these are Unclassified/Limited Distributiondocuments and they shall be handled using the same standard as "For OfficialUse Only (FOUO)" material, and will be destroyed by any method that willprevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document pursuant toDOD Directive 5230.24.

Signature: ______________________ Date: ________________________ (Company Official/PPOC)

Print Name: _____________________

Contractor Affiliation: _____________

Address of Contractor:




The subject procurement will be a full and open competition with a singleawarded contract. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)code for this requirement is 541512 (Computer Systems Design Services). Thesolicitation will be issued without further notice and will be available at theSPAWAR E-Commerce Central website.

Point of contact for this requirement is Kate McCoy, Contracting Officer,(858) 537-8845,
4301 Pacific Highway Bldg OT4 Code 02, San Diego CA 92110-3127
Point of Contact - Kate McCoy, Contract Specialist, 858-537-8845; Kate McCoy, Contracting Officer, 858-537-8845

Contract Specialist