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IT Infrastructure Modernization, Database Architecture/Maintenance and Cyber Security

Solicitation Number: HSSS01-10-RFI-0001
Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Office: United States Secret Service (USSS)
Location: Procurement Division
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Sources Sought
Added: Oct 16, 2009 4:16 pm

This is a request for information from interested sources (see attached RFI document) on an upcoming initiative by the United States Secret Service (USSS). The objective of the RFI announcement is to obtain information from industry regarding the anticipated "Block 1: IT Infrastructure Modernization, Database Architecture and Maintenance and Cyber Security" initiative.  Responses to this RFI will be used by the USSS to develop a Request For Proposal (RFP) that is expected to ultimately result in an award of a contract to a single contractor to design, develop, integrate, test, and support a foundational Information Integration and Transformation (IIT) Block 1 capability that meets existing federal and industry standards, and enables future technology improvements and growth.  The final contract awarded as a result of the entire process is expected to be revolutionary to the USSS' IT structure versus evolutionary and is expected to determine the direction of future IT modernizations by the USSS both in the near term and for years to follow.


The RFI allows industry participants the opportunity to provide comments and submit information on potential opportunities for improvement. Vendors are equally encouraged to submit alternative recommendations, which will enhance the success of the initiative and allow the Government to take advantage of advancements in technology and benefits offered from competitive industry trends.


The Government's planned acquisition timeline for this major acquisition is demanding although attainable.  Release of a draft RFP is envisioned for December 2009 with the official version released the following month.  Responses would be due approximately 30 days later with an anticipated award date of March 2009.  Interested industry participants are urged to start establishing teaming relationships in a purposeful manner all the while giving due consideration to their ultimate obligations that will be contained in the small business subcontracting plan.


Responses to this RFI will assist the USSS in refining this requirement and developing its acquisition strategies. This synopsis is for information and planning purposes only, and does not constitute a solicitation nor should it be construed as a commitment of any kind by the Government to issue a solicitation, provide a response to the submission, or award a contract.  Note that this is not an RFP and an RFP is not currently available and the USSS does not intend to award a contract on the basis of responses nor otherwise pay for the preparation of any information submitted. Responses should be identified with HSSS01-10-RFI-0001. Please submit responses to Charles Keeney, Contract Specialist, at no later than 2:00 P.M. EST on October 30, 2009.

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Posted Date:
October 16, 2009
Description: HSSS01-10-RFI-0001 - IT Infrastructure Modernization, Database Architecture/Maintenance and Cyber Security - RFI Instructions to Industry
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